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Friday, 20 January 2017


S - I feel so empty without you.
      The stars refuse to align.
      please Gimme a sign.
      Coz as hours turn to days, i feel so
      lonely so please stay.
H - You ain't here and am so bored.
      My silence is so loud, yet i miss your
      deafening laughter.
      I miss making plans with you, like
      "bae we gonna crash the after".
S - I still want more and more of you.
      Like a vampire, it's your eyes that
      compel me.
      You and I against the world, there
      was once a 'we'.
      I hate you, I love you... I hate that
      i fvckn love you.

H - My actions gat you confused.
      Your actions gat me confused too.
      We still share memories, of how i
      looked in your eyes and our lips
    got fused.
      But up, up and away our love flew.
S - Ah! my heart melts that you'd
      mention our kiss.
      Savoured like red wine, giving me a
      tingle in my throat.
      Thinking 'bout it almost gives me
      To think that we owned our ship, so
      now that we row our own boats.
H - I'd say this once... ok, maybe twice
      so you know i mean it.
      I'm in love with you and nothing
    can change it.
      But life's cruel, changes happen in a
      second's split.
      Just know, forever in my heart, there
      your love is always lit.
S - You are sexy with words.
      Making me swim in my wetness.
      Your words always cutting deep like
      the sharpest of swords.
      I want you one more time, after,
      you could choose what's next.
H - Tempting offer, but i'd rather pass.
      In my head, you lay in my arms.
      In my head, we fall asleep together,
      my hands loosely on your ass.
      But for now, i want it only in my
      head... we go separate ways, and we
      shake hands.


  1. Awwwwww.. So sweet... Really feeling it on the innermost part of moi..