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Monday, 9 January 2017

Trigger 2

We fell asleep in each others arms..
I woke up the next day, feeling Good and satisfied. We had sex 2 more times in the midnight. I feel awesome.. I looked down at Daniels sleeping face and felt a crash of tenderness weave through me. I was scared at he feeling. He looked so handsome and young.. His eyebrows has this arch.. Broad, well defined nose, and full sexy lips. They look like plums, i just want to bite them. I tapped him. "Daniel, im ready to leave' he looked at me sleepily and yawned 'stay baby, just a little more time'..
'I have to go get ready for work dear,,' i stood up and belted my coat.."wait, let me walk you home" he got dressed and then took me home.


My affair with daniel continued... We had sex anywhere.. My house, his place.. In between.. He is totally fun.. I got to know him better.. We talked and spent a lot of time together.. We cooked, washed, read, joke and do a lot of things.. It was fun..

Because of her, I've been bar tending for 2 weeks. I took over and fixed my night bartender as a bouncer in the mean time. She never came back.. This fact made me crave her more.. I kept wondering about why she never came back. Im going tho her apartment this night i thought. I have to discuss with her..

I parked in front of her house and climbed the stairs.. Her front light was on and i could see something heavy going on.. I was shrouded in darkness, so, i had no fear of being seen. She is being fucked by a man, right on her doorstep.. I looked on with interest.. They looked so fucking good together.. I studied the man. He's just as tall as i am and with a muscular stature.. A frisson of attraction ran down my spine at his moans.. They sounded so sexy. Ella was being pounded against the door like a slut.. I felt my cock rising in my jeans.. I want the both of them.. Something just clicked in me.

With the man, i can easily fuck ella without thinking twice: his presence is enough to give me a hardon. I will have ella as my wife and fuck her with him. I felt precum dripping from my cock at the thought of the man... So near.. I couldn't see his face, just the outline and he looks so handsome.. I'd think of a way to seduce him later on, but for now, she's my key to having him.


When i came back from work this evening, i saw silver's car parked outside my house. I was wondering, when i got to my front door, i saw him sitting.. He stood up when he saw me
"Ella, good evening, how are you doing?
"Im good, you? This is surprising i hope nothing is wrong?" He was wearing a pair of glasses and he looked so good. That night, i convinced myself his eyes was a trick of light. It looked more stunning in daylight.

I opened the door and ushered him in. We sat on the couch and made small talk.. Then he got his point. He told me all about his mum and her cancer, how he needs to get a wife, how he thinks i would be perfect, a contract marriage and the amount of money he's Willing to pay, i looked at him in shock. I felt so bad for him.. I understand his wish to fulfil his mom's last wish, but i cant do it and i told him so.

" well, I'm not ready for marriage anytime soon. And i know you said We'd divorce after a year, but i don't think i can do it. Im sorry..
"Please consider me ella.. I need to do this and I'm running out of time"
I said "you have to give me sometime to think this over.. I have a lot of things to consider too.
There was a knock on the door. I stood up to get the door.. And it was daniel,,
"Hey baby," he pecked my cheek.
"Come in"

I entered Ella's apartment and did a double take. Or am i being deceived? This is silver! I saw the spark of recognition in his eyes. He was my roommate in college.. We were attracted to each other and actually experimented a little. But then, i realized im firmly into women and we drifted apart..

"Oh, i didn't know you had a visitor, my baby" i said, kissing her cheek and hugging her..
"Meet silver, silver meet daniel, my next house neighbour.." She said with a smile. We both pretended not to know ourselves and we shook hands.

I was stunned. Daniel is Ella's lover? Things just got interesting.. We had a very short affair in Uni.. He was the first guy ever to break my heart by choosing a girl over me. Well I'm done with those old feelings. I'm going to use this to my advantage.

Silver and I exchanged numbers. He asked me to think about it and left. Immediately he left, Daniel said he had to go pick something from his place. They both left.. I took a shower and laid on my bed.. I thought of silver's proposal and his mother.. I felt so torn. He offered to give me a very large sum of money, but that's not the point. I'm hesitant because of daniel. I don't know if we are dating yet, but he means a lot to me. I just can't put him aside I need to discuss it with him first. He's like my closest friend right now.

But i can't deny what i felt when i saw silver today. He looks so good. Images of him and Daniel ran through my mind.. My deepest fantasies is always around 2 men... Touching and loving me. I imagined daniel kissing me, and silver going down on me..

I was jolted awake by Daniels kisses.. I gave him a key when he left earlier.. He made slow love to me and we slept off.

I waited for Daniel inside my car, I watched him come down the stairs.. I knew instinctively that he is going to come.. I opened the door to the passenger seat for him, he slid in and i drove off. We talked about everything and anything.. I just kept on driving aimlessly.. Then i told him about my mom and the proposal asked ella.

He told me how much he loves her already and how's he's getting ready to make her his girlfriend. He rejected my marrying her outright.
"I cant allow that silver, she's mine and im not relinquishing her for you"
I smiled and said "i know, but you know im firmly gay.. It's just for a year.. I want to make my mother happy".. I begged and convinced him to agree.. He asked to think about it. But he's not promising anything.
"You dont need to worry about me fvcking her"
"Actually, i followed you to ask a favour from you. Her greatest fantasy is too make love to 2 men. I've been trying to get a partner i can trust, but to no avail. Since you are gay, i don't have a problem with you fuvcking her just once with me. I really want to do this for her. If you can help me with this, I'd convince her to marry you." Daniel said.

I smiled. This just go better. I thought i was going to use ella to get daniel, but its looking like the other way around. He's giving me exactly what I want on a platter of gold. I pretended to consider it. "Ok, I'd do that, but just once'. He agreed and we made plans.


Today is Saturday and im relaxing with candy crush.. Daniel came inside.. I was so happy to see him.. I missed him all day.. I jumped into arms and he started kissing me.

I slid my finger's under her little skirt..she was bare...i really wanted a taste of her pussy. My mouth watered, and i sank to my knees on the ground, and pulled her skirt off..Her pussy was covered with fine curls, and he couldn’t resist touching her.  

Sliding a finger between her slit, i found her clit, and moaned as her cream soaked my digit. She was soaking wet. Ella opened her thighs, giving him better access...i covered her clit with his lips, and sucked in deep. I kept her upright as her legs collapsed. Spreading her open, i tongued her clit, sending her higher to her climax. Her cream covered his lips, and he lapped up her juices.

  “Oh, wow, I need, oh God,” she said, screaming.    She ground her pussy on my face as her orgasm rushed through her. I am not done with her yet. I wanted her screaming, begging for me to stop...

I closed my eyes as the rush of orgasm flooded me.. His mouth was still on me and i felt myself spiralling to another peak.. As i crashed the wave, i felt lips biting me and someone cocooning me in their arms from behind. I snapped into attention. Daniel stood up and pressed his chest against mine.. I tried to leave, but no avail.
"Its me ella, and we are going to fulfil your deepest fantasies".. I heard silver's voice whispering into my ears and i melted. My arousal tripled.. I moaned between them as daniel carried me to my room and silver followed.

Daniel and i took turns kissing her and i fucked her first..The flood of arousal washed over the head of my cock. I gritted my teeth, at how fucking wet and tight she is. I tore into her pussy, and fucked her deep. Jeez.. I never expected to love this.. I didn't even need Daniel to inspire my erection, this was all her...

I groaned, thrusting inside her to the hilt. Her pussy tightened around me. Ella started thrusting up against me, taking me deep inside her. “It feels so good.” she moaned.
 She reached out, taking hold of Daniels length, and started to work his dick." I can feel you."...she said, arching up. She offered daniel her breast's and he suckled them as I fucked her. Im loving this too much.. She's so different from others, so wet, so  deep, so ''aaarrhg'' i groaned.. Her pussy clenched around me in the most Delicious way.' Wow.. I think she can deliver me from cock..' I thought in my hazed out mind...

Daniel knelt over her face and started fucking her mouth.. She moaned around his cock and moaned... Needless to say, we oiled her hard and good.

I agreed to silver's proposal and continued to fuck both of them.. It is the most glorious part of my life.. We had a small wedding with just I, Silver, Daniel and silver's mom present. It was beautiful. I signed a prenuptial contract and I moved to silver's Mansion..

I continued fucking Daniel and falling deeper in love with him. That was the agreement.. And Silver was not allowed to fuck me without Daniel.. That's how its supposed to be, until the game started to change.

I fell in love with her. What's there not to like? I totally forgot about men and her all my focus. She's a good woman who also became mom's best friend before she died. I guess my mom's death sparked the change. She was always readily available to comfort me. I get home from work and meet good delicacies all the time.. But we had separate bedrooms and we never had sex without daniel..

She would talk to me, ask about my day and play with me. It was like a real marriage; she started making me yearn for more. She was a thorough support throughout my traumatic experience.

I began to really see her and get possessive. After all, she's my wife i began to think.. I own her.. Im married to her.. She's mine.. Daniel's visit to the house became less frequent.. And instead of complaining she'd say she understand that he's busy. I began to think that he didn't care of her anymore? If i had my woman married to another man, i can never let her go. Infact, i won't even accept the proposal in the first place..

His visits dwindled and began to get ella down. She would complain about how he doesn't call,visit and how she never meets him at home whenever she goes to visit him.. I planned my move.

On her birthday, which was about 9 months we got married, i took her out specially to give her a treat..she was so happy and when she got drunk, she started telling me stories of how she's sex starved.. I seduced her that night and finally fucked her like she deserves...

Since then, we lived blissfully in our cocoon of love. I decided to tell her all about Daniel and I, and how she converted me back to a pussy lover.. She was angry at first and then after placating her, she accepted my apology...

We fell deeper in love and did everything together.. We started dating all over.. We went everywhere together and I made her my official Lawyer.. She resigned for her job and took charge of the legal aspect of my business..


I thought daniel and I understood each other.. Until he fvcked up. He broke my heart thoroughly with his indifference.. I loved him deeply and married silver just because he convinced me too. Silver was there for me throughout his nonsense and I proceeded to forget all about him..

Silver proposed to me again- for real this time, and we planned to get married on the day we are supposed to get divorced. We planned for it to be on the beach, beautiful and serene..

It became the worst day of my life. Daniel broke into the wedding like a crazed person and we were totally shocked to see him... Like a nightmare, he shot Silver. It was shocking. I never suspected that would ever happen... He was captured and jailed for attempted murder.

Daniel did not die, but had amnesia from hitting his head when he fell.. It was brutal. I had to start all over again with him... The worst thing that can happen is the person you love having no memory of you..That was my punishment. For what? I don't know..

We picked up the pieces of our lives.. And moved on.

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