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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Journey to the climax (featured poem of the week)

To make you climax
I'll take you on a trip
Make circling tracks
With my tongue round your nips

Rise up to invade
Your longing wet mouth
Feel the pleasures cascade
As I dart in and out

I can feel you are soaking
And wanting a ride
Your muscles invoking
I am needed inside

Lie you down to connect
Move gently with intent
Into you I erect
My love's monument

Dynamite uncovers
Your slippery hollows
Lucidity hovers
Fluidity follows

I lean down again
To your glistening face
You request with a grin
A changing of pace

My stinger's release
From your nectar-filled flower
Prompts you to your knees
Raise your hips to my power

I start tilling your field
With my rigid steel plough
You bend and you yield
Turn your head, raise your brow

One hand on your side
The other gripping your shoulder
We crash- we're the tide-
We're cymbals- we're boulders!

With us both fully knowing
Where this is headed
We change without slowing
Now I'm the one bedded

Sliding up sliding down
Grasp my chest for traction
You start to clamp down
I thrust hard in reaction

I raise myself to embrace
In this shared endeavor
Open eyes see your face
We are coming forever


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