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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sorry, Not Sorry

Forgive me my queen, it ain't even like that.
I probably made you fall for me, cheese traps for rats and mice.

When i myself ain't got a heart, the undertaker... My Face masked by the big black hat.
I bet you thought the odds of falling for a nigga like me was slim, like getting two sixes at the throw of a dice.

I bet u never thought you'd experience so much hurt and pleasure from someone you got the hots for.
But the fact is... i did 4 times the usual to make you my number one, but u always slide to 4th exactly like arsenal do.

I tried to reverse-engineer a heart incapable of falling in love just for you.
Maybe the standards i set were too lofty.
Maybe yours were too acidic for my taste.

Excluding the fact that you act up for no reason... replicating the scenes of a wacked up nollywood movie.
I myself ain't no saint, so you could call me sinner.
Probably i sinned by leading you on.

Probably i sinned by not reciprocating your emotions.
It's all in the past now, the clock can't count back from 21;00 to 20;56.
Hence am sorry for the filthy sixes you caught me hanging with.
Am sorry for keeping a straight face, i guess it's coz i felt no guilt.
You were so sleek, i guess it's a shame that i never actually fell for you.
Only Time would tell if i made a mistake.

Only time would tell if i'll ever understand why you feel so blue.
But Atleast who knew?, that a nigga would get within touching distance of trying.
Who knew?, that amidst the new school of heart breaks and vibing, that the professor would get within touching distance of retiring.

Who knew? that it coulda been you, that he be hiring.
Till you come along in a Deja vu when am ready for love, i gat myself split into hocruxes... i bet i put a smile on lord voldemort's face.

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