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Saturday, 21 January 2017



In the blink of an eye, I shot her in the legs and the screamed in pain, blood oozing from her legs.. I'm sure she thought I'd hesitate. What nonsense?

"This was not the plan.. She cried.. She dropped the gun and i swiftly moved to pick it up.
I stood in front of her naked, and said " You fucking bitch. You made my life hell.. Did you think for a moment that I'd hesitate to fuck you up? And go meekly with your plan like a fool? After all I've endured under you?! You must be mad to think that, you bitch.

I didn't even waste anymore time on niceties.. I shot her in the heart and brought out my kit.. I kept it safely hidden in my make up bag. I checked the two bodies to confirm their deaths. Then, i cleaned up the gun i used and placed in within the reach of madam. I rubbed her fingers all over it.. I strategically placed the bodies in such a way to match the range of shots.. Oh, i forgot to tell you, I'm studying Criminology/Forensics.. So i know exactly what the police will be looking for.. I cleaned up my kit and returned it. I looked at Edwards body and shook my head, what a pity.. He was just a pawn.

Then I shot myself in the left side of my tummy, just a flesh wound but it hit a major artery which made it bleed fast.. This is the critical time.. I could die if help doesn't get here soon.. I crawled in pain and held the gun.. I'd called 911 before i shot myself.. I went out of consciousness..

I awoke in the hospital room, my husband's friends and body guards surrounding me.. I looked up and screamed convincingly.." Where's ED?! WHERE'S MY ED????!.."
They all rushed towards me but the doctor held them back.. I groaned in pain and they all looked at me in concern.. I started screaming for Edward and I was given a drug to make me sleep.. The last thing I saw was the pain etched on everyone's face..

I was discharged and the police came to the mansion to visit me.. They apologised profusely but, told me they had no choice since i was the only witness to the crime still alive, they need a statement. With a pitiful face and tears streaming down my face, I told them that madam killed Edward and when she shot me, i managed to shoot her in self defence..
I could see I'd totally convinced them with my act.. They fell for my sob story totally..
Investigations were carried out and I was not charged to court for murder since i plead self defence..
The case was in court for almost 6 months.. I stood in front of the jury and stuck to my story. I was cross examined and examined by persecutors but I never wavered. I stood firm..

My story crossed the borders of my country and i began to garner public pity and defence as the woman who lost her husband after the wedding and miraculously escaped death.. My life story as an orphan/whore got out and rather than ridicule, I got pity..
The story was easier to believe because Madam had tried to kill him earlier.. Actually, i also planned that, so it'd be easier for people to believe me when this happens..
I was painted as the "Billionaire widow whose Husband came to a tragic ending".. Awesome.. I mourned him for the customary 5 months and then took over the Helm of his billions..

I chose a new CEO and had effective control over everything.. I gave to charity and made more millions out of his billions..
My goal in life is to destroy prostitution rings and rehabilitate/ give the women better lives.. That im doing.. Beautifully.
I don't have to defend myself to you, but, Edward would have never supported me in the total way i needed.. He doesn't know the value of the money he's amassed.. He needed to be killed for the greater good.. Moreover I'm not interested in Men. They've hurt me badly..
That's how i became a Billionaire Widow..

This is my story. I hope you enjoyed it? Kindly come over to Climax from time to time and disappear into the world of Twists. Bye...❤

The End.


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  2. Poor edward... Thanks for reading enyo!