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Friday, 6 January 2017

GONE (part nine) flawed


Location: In the arms of my Man

I couldn't sleep!!! At all! Im so excited about this today....I can't wait to leave and see the outside world. It's been months!.. I shivered in happiness. "Let's go have our bathe baby, we have a long day ahead of us" leke said.

At exactly 5:10pm, We were ready to leave.. Leke gave me short yellow gown that softly wrapped around me. I used pearl earrings and chain. I had loosened my attachment a long time ago. Leke relaxed and permed my hair this morning. "Is there anything he can't do?" I thought. He wore a red tuxedo and he looks so delectable. I still have a massive crush on him. For the first time, i am allowed into the garage. There were so many beautiful cars parked inside.. "Wow, i see you are truly an avid collector of vintage cars" i said. I'd been begging him to allow me see the cars ever since he told me about them; but he refused. " Yes, dear, So you see. Come, stop staring and lets go" he said with a smile.

We entered a beautiful convertible corvette and drove out.. The massive gates were voice activated.. I was shocked. He looked at me and winked.. I smiled in happiness. The breeze felt good on my face..and the taste of freedom is sweet.

We parked at the restaurant and he rushed out to open my door for me.. I got down from the car and looked around hungrily.. The sights, smell of people... I missed it. Yow won't believe that escaping never crossed my mind. Shocking. We entered the restaurant and sat. The ambience is great.. It has the eclectic feel to it.. Beautiful. Our table is in a cozy alcove and safe from the prying eyes of others. The table had candle light and roses al over it..

The waiter came and took our order. It was all so romantic.. We talked about a lot of things and he is sooo into, me. I can feel it.


The moment they drove into the restaurant, i was alerted. Wow! My plans just got better. I don't have to tail leke to his house, i will just snatch my baby from him! Luckily for me, i have someone working a shift in the restaurant. I called my boy and told him exactly what to do. Tito will get to the restrooms this evening. I promise.


Everything was going so smooth until our wines were brought by another waiter. He served leke without a hitch. As he was serving me, i didn't know how it happened, but the wine in the bottle tipped onto me. It was blood red and awful.. Leke stood up and rushed to my side, i was dabbing the spreading stain with my napkin. Leke snarled at the waiter" look what you did you incompetent fool!!" The waiter looked shamefaced and was blubbering apologies.
"Im sorry, ma'am.. It was a mistake" he said.. Leke looked thunderous.. I was afraid this will trigger wicked leke and i tried to pacify him" it's okay dear, let me go to the restrooms" .. The waiter scurried off.. "I'd go with you" he said.. Looking at my ruined dress in so much anger,, "if he goes with him, he'd just get more angry"  i thought. "  Don't worry, I've got this", i said. My panties were totally soaked and i looked lika pint of blood has been dumped on me.. This beautiful dress is totally ruined..

"Im going with you, he insisted. "Lets go now, im not letting you out of my sight"..  I laughed and we held hands and went to the restrooms.. We got to the door and he leaned against the wall beside it.. " be fast, i wished i can enter with you".. I smiled at his possessiveness and entered the rest room.

I rushed towards the sink and looked into the mirror.. I saw sheila behind me and i almost screamed! "Shh, she said.. I turned around and jumped into her arms.. I missed her so much. The sight of her sent homesickness running through me.

" how have you been?" She whispered.." I hope that bastard didn't hurt you she said with so much concern.. " uhm, uhm, he did at first; but now he's... "We have to escappe now, while we have the chance"
"How did you find me? How did you know i was here"? I asked
"I'd explain later; what we need now is to escape from that demon who took you"
"He's not a demon, i exclaimed
"Keep your voice down and quit defending him. We need to leave now, we're wasting time" she said
"I'm going nowhere! He's waiting outside the door!"
" your father is on his death bed asking for you and you said you are not going? You are a selfish woman. Your father fell sick with hypertension thinking and looking for you".
My heart dropped down to my chest and i felt pain engulf me.. Ive been busy enjoying while my father fell sick and is dying...
My hatred for leke grew... He took me and made my father sick. Im leaving..

"Lets go sheila, take me to my father" i said

We left through the window.

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