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Sunday, 22 January 2017

HOW I FEEL (featured poem of the week)

*How I Feel*

Everyday seems so hard,
Seeing you I feel so bad..
I try to cheer up with a song,
But all i do is just so wrong.

What is it that i can say,
If it can be bought i would pay..
I try to say how i feel,
But its not that strong a will..

I can't bring myself to say it,
All i can do is to feel it..
Even if we are miles apart,
You will always be in my heart..

It hurts like i'm blind,
'Cos i can't read your mind..
I never knew if you felt the same,
Yet, I'm still to blame..

I wish i can just say it,
But i don't know what to name it ..
Sadness and emptiness is all i feel,
'Cos no one knows how i feel!!! 


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