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Thursday, 19 January 2017


Sparks 1

I blinked at the letter in shock. How did this happen? She broke up with me? Nancy broke up with me? Her text message went thus:

Im tired of being treated like a common whore Ed. You'd fuck me, and just give me money! Do you think money solves everything? Or is money a replacement for love?! You are a bloody workaholic! Your heart is blackened and I don't ever want to have anything to do with you. I hate you! You have other girlfriends and sleep around! I can never get married to you, ans even a whore would never marry you!
Im done with you! Go get a whore and treat her anyway you like! She'd accept it!
Enclosed is your engagement ring.
Fuck you!

I burst into an hysterical laughter. Nobody ever dumps me.. Im Ed smith, the billionaire tycoon. I smiled inwardly.. Does she think id worship her? Is this one mad? If she thinks for a single moment that dumping me will make me chase her harder, she's delusional. I scoffed in derision.. I have forgotten her face and infact, if she comes back begging, i won't accept her back. What nonsense? I called my secretary and asked her to keep the diamond ring. I rolled my eyes inwardly as she jumped up in joy and i started working. I need to close this merger, then call the next pussy to sink into. I have them, plenty in droves.


I'm thinking about what to eat for dinner as I ran the tips of my finger up the zipper of my client.. I opened his fly and brought out his semi-hard dick. I began to work my fingers over it till it became fully hard. I did all this without even concentrating.. I heard his moans and shivered in delight.. That's the only part of this job I like.. And i don't know why.. If it makes me more of a pervert, fine. I love the sounds they make when i have them at my mercy..

He started stroking my body and I laid down, calculating how many minutes of his time is left. "Swallow my dick, he asked gutturally.. I knelt down like an obedient doll and did just what he said. I've perfected the art of deep stroking some few years ago.. I worked my throat on his cock like a vise and he screamed while he came.. Good. I don't have to fuck him.. That's the part I detest. I don't ever enjoy sex.. It's usually annoying: the sweat and slapping sounds.. I stood up with dignity and wiped my lips.. I looked at him in a detached manner and said "you can leave now, your time is up, other clients are waiting" he grabbed his jeans and left. He's going to pay at the counter outside.

I work with an exclusive establishment, owned by the woman that saved my life as a kid.. I remembered that day; she carried me from the streets like a good Samaritan.. I never knew she had her own plans for me.. She adopted me, fed me, enrolled me in school.. and then sold my virginity to the highest bidder when i turned 17years. After that, i had to sign a contract stating that I'd work for her for 6 years, before i get my freedom. That's her payment.. I wish she never found me.. I wish I'd died. The humiliation of doing whatever a man says at anytime kills me. It crumbles a little part of my dignity everyday. Im 20 years, and my 6 year contract is still remaining 3 more years of shame..

The next man entered and ordered me to off my clothes, climb on the bed, lie down flat and close my eyes. He penetrated me immediately and slapped my face asking me to call him "daddy" while he fucks me.."scream like you love it, you bitch" he said.. My mind wandered an escape.. I began to think of how wicked and perverted men are.. How sick all this is making me feel.. I faked a moan and acted like i enjoyed it.. All i wished for was a knife to stab him.

I came back home feeling exhausted.. I heard a ping from my phone and i saw an alert of #150,000.. I guess that's my pay for the night.. I wished my life was mine to control and i can be like every other 20year olds around.. In college, making friends and having fun..  But no, i have to watch everything i eat, drink, use, wear.. I must always go out with flawlessly made up face and exclusive couture's.. I dress and look like a high class whore. Which i am.. On the surface, to everybody and those unsuspecting, the establishment provides escort services for rich men, to events and whatnot.. But this is a cover for the prostitution ring that's going on underneath..

Without Madam's knowledge, i registered with a college online and although it's longer, I'm steadily on course and almost done.. She didn't know I've been getting an education secretly.. That's the only form of rebellion i can muster.. I'm very scared of her..
I yawned in fatigue and went to my bed to sleep.. Today has been a very long one.. I dreamt of stabbing the next man that fucks me..


After seeing the girl off my mansion, and asking my driver to drop her home.. I began to reminisce.. Although, she's good in bed, i did not feel the sex.. It's like a empty thing to do.. I began to wonder if Nancy has cursed me..
All this pussy is feeling the same to me nowadays, its just like the bodies are different but the cuntd are the same. I need something different to spice it my sex life up.. Yes! There's something I've never done.. Fucked a whore..

Yes! A whore.. I need a whore.. I need to fuck a whore like nancy suggested..
 But before then, i wondered at what to do.. I have been invited to a dinner to celebrate a new merger/acquisition with my new partners and I need a date. Nancy has always been available for that, but now, she's gone. Can I take my secretary? I called her, but she told me she's not available but, she knows of an escort service that can provide me with a date.. Good.

My life is just spent working out, going to spa's and keeping my body fresh.. As i result, I'm very sexy and scrumptious.. Perfect for an escort. I'd gotten a ping this evening that someone needs my escort service. Infact, it was madam who called me herself, saying in her deceptively motherly tone "This man is a well known billionaire. Impress him and make him chase after you like a dog. We need his money." She hardly calls me for jobs personally except it's important. I wondered at who he is.. He must be quite important for Madam to call me herself, i thought. The event is a black tie, therefore a sexy formal gown is in order, and I'm going to be picked up at 7pm on the dot..

I rushed into the shower.. I mustn't waste time or displease madam. I'd seen her kill before. She's deadly.

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