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Friday, 6 January 2017

MISERY (part 10.5) flawed

I woke up feeling groggy. I feel so embarrassed that you witnessed me being kidnapped twice. What’s it about me that stimulates kidnapping? I’m so angry at myself. Unlike the last time, I wasn’t trussed up like a turkey. I realized I’m on my back. I remember every single thing that’s happened to me. It’s obvious now that Sheila lied to me to gain my trust and cooperation. I hate her so much. I should have gone with my instinct and insisted on staying. I gradually opened my eyes to take in my surroundings: id keep pretending to be unconscious..
‘’I know you are awake, quit the games’’
I felt cold water dumped on me. I sputtered and sat up. ‘’you fucking bitch! You lied to me!’’
‘’bravo on figuring that out’’
‘’I hate this! What is the point of all this?’’
‘’to take you away from doom of course! You are obviously brainwashed.
‘’I’m not, you silly girl’’ I stood up and took in my surroundings.. we are in some kind of warehouse. ‘’why aren’t we in your house?” I asked.
Sheila started crying ‘’ I did everything for you, tito.. I thought you were brainwashed and you were being tortured.. I missed you so badly.. I didn’t know what to do to get you to leave with me. Your parents are hale and hearty’’ she sobbed..’’I spent a lot of money, effort and time to find you. Im your best friend!! I can’t believe you will think ill of me.. i'm sorry! Forgive me for wanting to save you.. she cried. I felt so bad for misjudging her.. I guess she meant well right? I moved to her and hugged her tight.. ‘i'm sorry, Sheila, for speaking to you harshly..’
I feel so bad for leke. I wonder what he'd think of me now after I vowed never to leave him.. as soon as I tell Sheila how much I love leke and explain everything to her, id go look for him. I miss him so much. I’ve gotten so used to him: his absence is like the loss of a body part.
As I was petting her, something shocking happened. Her hands started running up my body. At first, I thought it was because I was hallucinating, but when she grabbed my breast and started kissing me, I knew something is very wrong. I pushed her away. ‘sheila, what’s wrong with you?!.  You can’t do this, it’s totally nonsense!’’ I shifted back. she grabbed me again an kissed me. He lips melted tenderly on mine and i felt a frisson of attraction run through me. I kissed her back and she gently pulled down the strap of my gown and started licking my neck and breasts.. i felt myself melt and fell into he arms... leke flashed though my head and I lost interest.. i stood up.
‘’please tito , i love you! I’ve always loved you! I get jealous when I saw that leke had interest in you! I want you!!’’
I looked at her like she’s mad. ‘’ im leaving,  sheila’’.
She ran towards me and grabbed my feet. She knelt down and was crying… ‘’I loved the way you had no male friend!! I never encouraged you because, I wanted you to be exclusively mine’’ I looked down at her and saw a mad person..  ’’let go of me this minute!! I don’t even know who you are anymore. I thought you are my friend’’!
‘’I love you! I supported leke’s kidnapping because I know how evil he is and how much he’d break you!! And when you came back broken!! You were going to be mine!!”
I was dumbfounded…’’you knew about my kidnapping all along?! Everything you said about saving me was a lie?’ I screamed so hard. I looked around frantically.. I need to leave this nightmare. I can’t cope with this overload.. I’m leaving!
I dragged my feet and stomped towards the door. She ran after me and pulled with back with a kind of stenght I never knew she had. “if you can’t be mine, id make sure you are no one elses’!! i'm going to destroy you and leke!! And when I’m done with the both of you!! You’d regret rejecting me!!
She stalked angrily to the door, jabbed in series of codes and the door slid open. I pushed her away and tried to run out of the door but I hit a brick wall..of a man. He caught me like a rabbit and carried me back inside. The door clicked shut and I screamed in frustration!! I need to leave but see what happened. I looked at her and shouted ’you bitch!! Let me leave!! Im not interested!! I only love leke!!! Let me get to him!! Release me!!''
Her eyes shining with malice, she said ‘I’d release you alright, to sex traders!! You’d  be fed crack for the rest of your life!! And you’d be so addicted to heroine, your life will be destroyed! Im not going to kill you! No! but im going to make you regret you ever lived.
Fear crawled up my spine!! What is she saying? I don’t believe this! ‘noooooo! Please, don’t do this to me!!’ she cackled and said “you have already been sold”. I was sure you’d never see things my way…im going to destroy you. Look at this” my eyes focused on a needle she was holding. It glinted wickedly in the light.’ 
This contains your first dose of heroin. Soon, you’d be useless without it. You will do anything for it. You will beg for it..heehehehheh’ she laughed. I stared at her and wondered how I was so blind to her wickedness. I could not believe Sheila is this eager to sell me off and turn me into a drug addict. I was soo blind and clueless.
I felt rage consume me! After all I’ve been through?! She’s going to continue with all this nonsense?! Im not going down without a fight!!! I didn’t know where the strength came from.

I jabbed my elbows into the neck of the man and he bellowed in pain and dropped me. i ran to sheila and we started grappling for the injection. it fell and i picked it up. she tried to squeeze my neck and i jabbed the needle into her eyes... i didn't  mean to! she screamed in pain and i felt something jab into my neck. i totally forgot about the man... they had another needle filled with heroin but in the meantime, sheilas eyes are bleeding and i felt deeep and immense satisfaction before i blacked out.

The misery of my life just began.

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