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Friday, 6 January 2017

Bonus Sex Scene... (Tito and Leke)


Maybe with sheila: i dont know..

My memories of leke are the only thing keeping me right now... Im usually in a cloud of high, not understanding anything.. I don't even know where i am...

I remembered the first time we made love after the waxing session...

"Do you want me, leke?" I asked, pressing my body against his, flattening my soft breasts against his hard chest.“Fucking hell, Tito.” He exhaled sharply.I pulled back from him a bit, my eyes never leaving his, as I ran one hand down his body, strumming my fingers across his chest then moving lower.

My fingers danced down the length of his already-hard cock, and I grabbed him through the fabric of his boxers. As soon as I had my hand wrappedfirmly around him, everything he had been so carefully holding back broke loose.He groaned, grabbing me by the back of my head and crushing his lips against mine, his tongue breaking past my lips to taste me. His free hand dropped down to my breasts, pinching my nipples through the wet material of my shirt. I ached between my thighs, wondering what it would feel like to have his cock not just in my hand, but inside of me, filling me up completely.“Yes, yes, of course I fucking want you, Tito,” he whispered against my lips. We wrapped our arms around each other, stumbling towards the living room, falling onto the couch in a tangled embrace. I climbed on top of his lap, straddling him as he sat. I held his face in my hands..

I kissed him, rolling my hips in slow circles against his crotch.. I moaned, tilting my head back.“You are so beautiful, he breathed, fingering the neckline of my shirt. “Let me see you.”He held my waist in his large hands to steady me, and I grabbed the bottom hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head. He looked at my bare breasts, seemingly stunned for a moment, not saying anything as he looked from one to the other. Then he leaned forward, softly kissing my nipple before taking it into his mouth and suckling. It’s like my nipples were directly connected to my clit, because my little nub immediately began throbbing.“Oh god.."

 I bit my lip, overcome by the sensations coursing through me as he took turns
sucking and pinching my nipples. I held onto his strong shoulders, grinding against his lap, his hard cock roughly stimulating my clit as he worked miracles with his wet tongue.He bit my nipple, grasping it between his teeth, and the pleasurable pain made me cry out, forgetting to be quiet. I needed him badly, needed to touch him, feel him, and not with any clothing separating us. I pulled back from him and slid off his lap and down to the floor, kneeling between his thighs. I kissed his legs before grabbing his boxers...

I pressed my lips against the base of his cock, kissing him and inhaling the musky, masculine scent of his crotch, which turned me on even more. Spurred by lust, I kissed my way up the steel length of him, watching his face the whole time. It was dark in the living room, but I could still make out the look of utter concentration on his face.I flicked my tongue around the ridge, licking him the way I would an ice cream, before slowly sliding the tip of him into my mouth.“Oh fuck, Tito" leke groaned, his hips moving off the couch to press his cock farther into my mouth.He fisted his hand in my hair, guiding me down his rod until it hit the back of my throat, making me gag a bit.

I couldn’t fit him all the way in my mouth, so I grabbed the base of him in my hand, pumping his cock as I bobbed my head up and down, swirling my tongue around him occasionally as I sucked.I found a rhythm, sucking in my cheeks so I could grip him as snugly as possible, loving the feeling of his thick cock inside my mouth. His thrusts upward into my mouth became faster, more erratic, and I could hear his breathing grow heavier. He tugged me down by my hair, hitting against my throat repeatedly, making my eyes water.

My pussy got wetter and wetter as he fucked my throat, he growled, roughly yanking me off his cock by my hair.I looked up at him as he sat there, inhaling and exhaling deeply, his legs spread wide apart. I reached out tentatively to grab his cock, wanting to taste him again, but he jerked my head back, making me drop my hand.“Don’t,” he said, his voice a low warning. “If you do, I’ll come right now.”“And you’d rather fuck me first, right?” I asked, climbing back onto his lap, feeling his bare cock, slick with my saliva, pressing against me through the fabric of my shorts.

He pulled off my shorts and licked my clit.. It was like I couldn’t control my body anymore. All I could think of was how wonderful his tongue felt on me. I tingled all over, hot sparks of pleasure dancing through me from head to toe. I almost forgot to breathe, only concentrating on the sweet release that was drawing nearer and nearer as he licked me.

He held onto my thighs as they began to shake hardcore, quivering as sexual energy built up inside me to the point where it had nothing left to do but burst. I erupted, my head spinning, my legs quivering uncontrollably as I called out his name.“leke! Leke!  fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck, fuck!”I breathed in deeply, feeling dizzy and lightheaded as I finally came back to reality. He gave my clit one last kiss before moving up so that he was over me again.

Ohhh!” I cried out as he entered me, surprised by the searing pain of his cock breaking into me and stretching me open around his thickness. I clutched his back, digging my nails into his skin as he pressed deeper into me" Oh god, Tito. You’re so fucking tight. Your pussy is so fucking tight and wet for me"

He continued pressing forward until he was buried to the hilt inside of me.. I felt full, fuller than I ever had before. Slowly, he eased up, retreating a bit before plunging back into my wetness. As he began to move in and out of me....

I ran my hands over his back as he thrust into me more quickly, feeling his skin, damp from the sweat that was beginning to form as he fucked me. “Play with yourself,” he whispered into my ear, sliding his hand off my mouth. “Rub your clit.”My clit was still tender from the orgasm he gave me with his mouth, but I obeyed him, slipping a hand between us and down to my nub. Slowly, I began to move it in little circles. At first it was too much, and I felt overwhelmed with sensation, rubbing my sensitive clit as he moved inside me, stretching me open. It felt good, damn good, and I eventually settled into the feeling, giving in and letting my instincts take over.I moved back against him, rocking my hips upward to meet his thrusts...

His thrusts changed to a deep, rolling grind- slower, but no less insistent. He suckled on my breasts hungrily, taking turns giving them attention. “please, please,” I moaned, rubbing my clit faster as my walls clenched and released around his cock, massaging him as the familiar feeling of orgasm built in me once again. This was stronger than before, though, stronger than anything I had ever experienced, and I felt like a wild woman, hungry for release.

please,” I repeated, not sure what I was asking for, just knowing that I needed him to keep fucking me like he was fucking me- wild, hard, raw. I was so close, so close, right on the edge, and each time he drove into me, he pushed me towards getting what I wanted so badly.“Oh fuck, Tito, I’m going to come.”“Come inside me, please,” I begged, the words springing from my mouth without really thinking.

A tidal wave of pure pleasure exploded within my core as he came and filled me up....

I snapped back to reality when i felt the feelings of withdrawal biting into my skin... I strted begging for mercy. Begging for more drugs... I heard a familiar laughter.. But i couldn't place it...

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