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Saturday, 7 January 2017



I woke up sporting a crazy headache... All around me, white tiles.. I groaned. The brightness is killing me. I feel good! Not like im in dream land, but im in reality. Finally, i won the battle with my psyche. I stood up from the bed and left the room.. The thought of Tito spurred me.. I know where she is. Sheila is the first person I'm going to meet. I bumped into the doctor who has been taking my pysche evaluation. I demanded to be discharged against medical advice, and I left the hospital.

I called some of my sources about where sheila could be; I traced her to an abandoned warehouse.. Im sure she has Tito- I can feel it. I took some Men along, you can never be too prepared... Once i locate her, im ready to blow the place up.. I went in charging, shooting everyone i found..

We got the exact location where sheila is from a thug whose arm I broke... We charged in, guns blazing. We shot all the Men in the room rapidly. I singled out sheila, i was shocked to see her looking haggard; with a bandage over one eye. "Where is Tito!?, release her to me, damn you"!

Shouting defiantly "She's mine now?!!!! And there's nothing you can do about it!! I hate you!!" She screamed.. "I guess we are doing this the hard way. I cocked my gun and placed in at the back of her neck" Take me to where she is before i blow up your head" I murmured... I'm glad that my suspicion clicked- I knew sheila would have something to do with her absence/escape.

She looked at me murderously and started moving slowly towards a large metal door.. "Tell me the code" "77568"... I punched it in myself and used the gun to push her inside.. We entered and i was shocked by what i saw.. My love.. My Tito... "You", I pointed at a goon..."secure her".. I rushed towards Tito and hugged her.. She is sitting on a chair and looking at me blankly... She doesn't look too bad- i guess she was at least fed...

Her eyes have the vacant look of a junkie... "Do you have my fix?" Give me please" she softly said.. "Its me tito!!,me" Baby, I'm sorry i came too late for you... I love you" I carried her without any problem... We left the room and walked through the compound, heading for the gate.. I love you My dear and Id do anything for you..." She snuggled deeper into my arms..

I carried her to the car and dropped her inside... "Im coming, i need to dispose of sheila for doing this to you" she protested... "No, please don't go,..... Don't leave me alone..." She tried dragging me back.. I gently unclapsed her arms and left the side of the car..

I sauntered towards sheila and my guys and realized something big is wrong! I uncocked my gun and twirled around... Some of her guys who i didn't know were available had stealthily killed all my men; by breaking their necks/maiming since i didn't hear a gunshot.
"Drop your gun and drop down to your knees, she said
"You, go bring that junkie out of the car" she told a very large thug
He ruhed to obey her..

He carried Tito out of the car and dropped her beside me.
"Now im going to kill her. And our punishment is to live without her" she said madtly
I instinctively moved to sheild Tito and got a straight shot the heart.

The last thought i had was "You deserve this....


The gunshot rang in my ears like a bomb.. It woke me up from my haze when i saw leke drop down like a sack.. In that split second that sheila looked shocked.. I picked up the gun leke dropped and shot her in the brains,,, Her thug made no move to stop me.. I wonder about that til now- i guess i deserve some mercy....

I dropped the gun and continued screaming...

2 years Later

I continued my life,.. Starting anew... Taking my rehabilitation and life slowly... My life was a drama book before fate intervened and restored me... Im ready to take charge of me life and build it anew...

It was an awful time; overcoming my addiction to hard drugs.. But I give glory to God...

I was put in therapy and slowly i recuperated... I was psycho analyzed and taught that falling in love was the only route i could follow psychologically because i started to blame myelf for loving a violent man who hurt me that much.. I had to love him to cope with the emotional and physical trauma/tender comforts i experienced.. The process was long, painful and tedious.. But my parents were with me every step of the way with their prayers, love and encouragement..

It was an intense roller coaster.. Im finally ready to pick my pieces and start afresh..

My shooting Sheila was based as self defence and i was freed on that account.. I resigned from my job at Royal Cooperation and started doing what I loved most; Reviewing books.. I also became a motivational speaker and i launched a program that's a safe haven for Raped and abused women.

I end my story...




  1. thank you very much.. highly appreciated

  2. This is flawless,captivating and educational...woah