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Thursday, 5 January 2017

LOVER BOY(part six) flawed


Ikoyi, lagos

A lot of you might think im wicked... But the truth is; i am I love making her scream.. Her pain gives me joy. It's something i really love. She's a good girl anyway, but the first time i saw her skin, i knew they were made for marking. you might think im a bastard and i had a traumatic childhood, blah blah blah, my father was a drunk and abused me, blah blah... And thats why i love inflicting pain... Yes!!!! The rich bastard brutalized I and my brother. He beat us and raped us. Ahem, that's the only tidbit you're getting from my childhood. Bye to that memory.

I love slapping her and spanking her.. The best moments are when she screams, it completes something inside of me. Whatever.


I only catch glimpses of the woman i desperately love. I've been watching her for a long time without her knowledge, even without my brother knowing; as close we are. The first time i saw her was some few days after she resumed her work at Royals. I fell in love with her immediately... Im a shy guy, so i tried my best to find the sweetest and least intrusive way to woo her.. I had a lot of money in my disposal, but, i didn't know what to do.

Sure, i dated a lot of women, but i sincerely fell in love with miss bolatito.. She's the highlight of my life... I waited and planned on asking her out ( i got my courage after 4 years, but someone beat me to it.

I still remember gazing upon her beautiful face and smiles... I'd definitely fight for my love. I'd find tito and bring her home to me.. I'd give her all the love she deserved. I have a strong feeling she's not safe wherever she is. Im going to be her strenght and guide her through life... Im going to be her pillar of support.

I'm going to find her and bring her home. She's my muse. There's nothing i can do without her in my life.. She's the reason i breathe,.. Something is not right... Don't worry my ove! Im going to save you from the clutches of evil...


Hmmmm... I don't know what to say anymore... Nor do... His fit of rage is reducing drastically and the pains are almost a non existent part of my life... He treats me kindly now even when we are not having sex. He caters for me every need and pets me.. He cooks, cleans and talks with me...

We talk about everything and I realized we have a lot in common... Music, books, movies, poitics.. I got to know him better and understand him.. I learnt that my resistance sparks his anger and then I've stopped my mutiny. The only fact spoiling all this is that he kidnapped me against my will and he hurt me sooo badly. When i feel myself sinking into a comfortable zone with him, i stop myself with the reality that im not safe with him. He could snap at any time. He's not a stable human being,. No matter how loving he seems.

" my love, i have something to tel you"
"Go ahead" my head was placed on his chest.. We are having a good time.. I suppose...
"I'm going to take you out bitch... I feel his fingers tangling my braids around his fingers... My scalp is beginning to hurt... He's getting agitated... I tried to calm him
"Baby, relax... What is it," i said " i want to take you out on a date you stupid bitch!!! To a private restaurant!!! But, i know you will try to escape"!!!

He jumped up and pushed me down. "You aren't going anywhere... He shook his head violently... "No!!! "No!!! He screamed... I cowered in fear on the sofa... "He has relapsed again" i thought... All the love and tenderness- Gone. Now I'm facing a monster.

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