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Thursday, 6 April 2017


I could look into your eyes forever.

'Coz in it i see a glimmer...
That my hopes would never get dimmer.
Never possible, your graces ain't never trimmer.

Never like those ladies anorexic in both waists in thoughts.
I let their barrels make as much noise as it can, as i'm stuck in the gaze of whom would ne'er break no law of torts.

I try to learn as much as i can from you...continuously exuding an aura so contagious.
Take a walk with me through the courtyard let our fans hail us.
The haters would surely diss, leave them... they're just snakes with their signature hiss.
They need to relieve themselves, maybe they should all take a piss.

Without you, what then is my lifez worth.
It's weight in Gold or Silver pieces? or some other currency that has got the world drolling.
I've got a dollar and a dream... and it's bout you.

Share it with me till it rises from a singular unit to a billion.
There's a reason i chose you over whatever ratio of females there is of the 7 billion.
Culture me in your nursery, till i sprout like a mustard seed... from obscurity to the biggest of trees.
Talk to me till my self-doubts flee.
So on that faithful day when i'd bend a knee.

Know that it's 'coz you've been the pillar keeping my life upright.
And that the diamonds on the ring would never shine as much as ur smile when it lights up the room.

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