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Monday, 10 April 2017

The Cold Dark Room 1

Gbenro Johnson

I do not know which is harder, living with a mischievous wife or having a cocky, grumpy and horrible female boss! I am Gbenro Johnson and I work for a marketing firm, one of the biggest in the country.

As a man, I am proud to say that I am basically living my dream work in my preferred field and on a very formidable platform. The company is owned by a very principled indigenous man, thus you get to see only the qualified and not the privileged or connected as you see in most part of Nigeria.

The only challenge I have at my work place is my boss Mrs Eniola Coker; very sound in what she does, articulate, committed or should I say obsessed!
She hardly ever make mistakes; I have worked with her for about three years now and I have not seen just a mistake in her- both in work and in deeds.

She is loved by the CEO and shareholders, she is an engine room in the working body of the company, she handles a division out of the numerous the company is into, she is a leader, and she is not a team worker which have proved to be her mojo and lest i forget, also she is quite intelligent.

Talking about physique, Eniola's body is to kill for, perfect coke-bottle shape body structure-I mean, the nipped waist and full breasts and hips. She's fair in every area of her body that I have seen, beautiful nails and perfect white teeth, she regularly wears an exquisite cologne that introduces her presence even before she speaks.

Maybe because of the donkey of hours I spend with her, I can perceive her from even a stalking distance. She is the definition of perfection and she knows it, this is displayed in the way she carry herself.

All of this ceremonial but true description of my boss is all frustrated by her attitude. I mentioned earlier that she was not a team worker; she simply uses people to get things done. Its a routine that has never failed her as she is very cocky, audacious, draconian and belligerent. Physically she's A+, character wise- less than zero. That's the summary.
I cannot describe our relationship as close - as one would expect as we work very closely for long periods. But we have a system that works, co-workers feel I am the best pick of access to the smart Delilah as she is fondly called.

Her no failure charm has earned her favor in the eyes of the apex authority in the company, so much that even workers that she is below tread carefully because in the case of Eniola; there is strong tendency of trespass.

My boss is so crazy that she has never mentioned my name before, I am not sure if she even knows it, she calls me "hey" - a greeting in the western world is my official name!
As far as my boss is concerned- and it has stuck for over two years, I just wonder why she picked me, of all the interesting resume she must have gone through. But again; the pay is about 240k plus incentives, this helps me overlook all the shortcomings of my boss; it is worth it at the end of the day,

The "hey" that is seen must times with an ipad and earpiece always make hay to the bank after twenty three working days. I cope well with my boss simply because I am her definition of submissive. She's mad like that.

I am so engulfed in my job that I have forgotten how to love any other thing, my last girlfriend broke up with me because of the lack of balance, while my bitchy boss rests and only prepare her speech; I do all other things that comes with her job. Seriously, she takes the fucking credit for all I do.

I manage her phone call curves, I am in charge also of other document related crap! these craziness was not working for my last girlfriend so she left, I was sure there was no way I would leave a job of that much pay for her. That there is the cold hard truth.
Amidst the whole drama, I still learn a lot from my boss, her confidence, her wonderful innateness of making wise decisions. I have watched her make a whole lot of presentations, and I see her very dominating feature and it will surprise you to see how people get comfortable with it.

She gets away with everything, sometimes I think many shareholders just agree with her because of her body and good sense of dressing! I have seen my boss naked countless times in my imagination. I get to see peeks of her cleavage while we work, as she's fond un buttoning her two top buttons.

She posses a medium size onion ass, as the glory of the well engineered ass shines forth when she puts on very soft cotton gowns! Masturbating had become easy with her picture in my head and I pray in my wildest dream that I just get a one chance with her, I have seen this lady way too much not to get to into her fair cunt; I'm sure it would be fair just like the rest of her. I mentioned to you that all of these are just dreams.

Eniola Coker

I hate my job! it has taken all the fun away from me! I am forgetting gradually how to love myself, I think I work almost round the clock! I resume work exactly 8am and I go straight into nine hours work with just thirty minutes of break, and even then, I usually forget to go for the bloody break.

Work is the only area of my life that makes sense and it kills me within. It has buried its black roots deep into me and I don't even know how to claw it out.
None of my self righteous friends, friendly family or co-workers see beyond the facade that I am just a sad, lonely and horny workaholic. Yes, horny.. I yearn for a good fucking! I want to be bent over and fucked.

Getting home after spending extra hours at work, I still come home to work  because I have nothing else to distract me. I'm caught up in that avid cycle of work, work, work. I wish it were the type of work rihanna was referring to.

I will work till co-workers tell me they are going to sleep and I am left alone with just me. I also suffer from insomnia; which my doctor told me is as a result of excess caffeine from my irresponsible addiction to endless cups of coffee just to stay alert.
My life is a mess and no one sees it, buying luxurious things used to be my way of shying away from my harsh reality and it use to work for me until recently. And to top it all, I watch a whole lot of porn. A whole bloody lot. I'm  porn addict.

And if my brain works to its best capacity, I think I can mention hundred male and female porn stars respectively. I have two hundred gigabyte worth of porn videos, most of which I bought with my money.
I have couple of videos posted online too of myself masturbating using my toys which lately have not been capable enough to satisfy my urge.

Just for the record; I am married, I wish I was not, my husband is too responsible, he is one of those men who believes in staying in the cold out to make things happen in the house.
We have a daughter who is at the boarding school, to be fair my husband is everything a woman wants but he is not fun! Zero Fun infact. He is hardly ever around and I am always compelled to understand and compromise every time, in the bid of not being the nagging bitch.

I get deprived of what it is I need the most in my life at this point- epic all day and night fucking spree! What I and my husband do is "love making" which doesn't create the best fantasies that I can cling to during his away-ness. I am tired of the lazy morning slide, the missionary ritualistic pattern and at his best; the wheelbarrow type!

It makes me look objectified and I am seriously bored out of my mind and to be honest, I don't know how to explain to my husband that his used to be virgin young wife is now a full fledged horny bitch with very technical sexual needs who needs a pounding cock to fuck her ten ways to hell and back; it is a dilemma; Mr Coker is not paying enough attention and he does not look like who is bothered about that; and as petty as this is; it is breaking me apart.

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