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Friday, 28 April 2017

Straffing With COLD 1

Now: My story is not for the faint hearted.

I bumped into him, he was on walking briskly and just spared me a glance. He had the coldest black eyes ever and they pierced me like glaciers. My heart froze in my throat. The black Iris pinpointed my movements and I was caught like a rabbit in headlights. All this happened in a second and like poof, he was gone.

I looked down and my hands. They were shaking very badly, I'd never been that scared of a man before. Scared and mesmerised. His features were scarred onto my retinas.
Slashes everywhere. Perfect features. He looked like an aristocratic king. A wicked king. I changed course. He looks like the kind of man I've been dreaming of. I decided to tail him. I was captured by his coldness. It radiated off him like ice and I can swear I felt the chill when he brushed by me.

I rushed out of the coffee shop and glanced up and down the walkway.. I couldn't find him anywhere. My heart fell in disappointment. I was too damn slow! He's the most coldly attractive man I've ever seen.

The only thing that was coloured was his gloves. Warm, honey brown coloured gloves. They gave him an hint of softness i know he doesn't possess.
I need to find him soon.. I want to understand him. I could feel my curiosity fill me and made me swell with the need to see him again. Why his he that cold?! I was attracted to him like a moth to flames. Only he wasn't hot. He's Ice cold.


I downed my cappuccino and threw the cup in a bin. I hastily walked past a group of people. I entered an alley and waited patiently.. My prey is coming out soon.. Then I saw him.
He considers himself a predator- which he's not, and as such, forgets that he's prey to people like me. This made him careless. He's sloppy and I'm cold and calculated.

He had a slight gut and he's a bit heavier than me. Maybe 50 pounds heavier.. and just my luck, he's drunk! I waylaid him and knocked him out with a kick.
While i waited for him to regain consciousnesses, I debated...Does he deserve a fast or slow death?. Then I decided i don't want to see his fatty gut sprayed all over my pristine steel table.

The clean up will be too stressful.. I guess it's a fast death he deserves then. He was coming to and I grinned. He looked into my eyes and tried to scream but I used my right feet to press down on his throat and he flailed like a dying fish. Disgust filled me.

"Becca said for you to rot in hell.." A flash of recognition shone in his eyes and I brought out my dagger with the wicked curve and it's silver shine flashed in the fading sunset.
Fear filled his eyes and I gulped it down like water. I relish his fear. I enjoyed it. I thrived on it. I pressed down harder on his windpipe.. He choked and I felt a smile curve my lips. I bent and wanted to swipe his throat but an image stopped me.

Becca's fear filled face filled my head. She huddled in a corner with her daughter Esther. Looking lost, defeated and battered. A victim of continuous abuse. A person with no shred of self confidence and esteem. A person who'd do anything for the next shot of heroin.
I felt anger fill me all over. This time it stole over me like a dark cloud and permeated my thinking faculties. I did something I never do. Change my mind.

Deep down I warned myself. My subconscious warned me to be careful.. I'm losing my control, I thought. I'm getting emotional, I thought. I don't ever rescind on a decision i make. But Becca's broken and dead body shattered my resolve.

I'm going to make this bastard suffer, and he's going to regret ever being born. He's going to scream so loud, it would make my cock hard!
I dragged him up and gave him a shot. He slumped in my arms and I dragged him to my waiting car parked right in front of the alley. Nobody See's or says.

I drove down the winding road to my house in the deserted middle of nowhere. I smiled. Nobody ever hears their screams. I pressed a button and the gate opened. I parked and dragged him out. It didn't take long for me to get him into my special room; the best part of the house for me actually..

I grunted and lifted him to the table.. Wrapped the binders around him extra tight. He couldn't move a fucking muscle even if he tried.. I smiled and locked the door.. I need a shower!


I saw him again.. This time at the book store. I felt the chill even before I saw him. I was magnetized at his aura. He was so absorbed in the act of choosing a book.. Yet so alert.
He looked up and our eyes clashed again. Something flickered in his eyes and quickly disappeared. He returned his attention to the book, but I could see he's distracted. He wants to look at me again; but trying his damnest not to.

I felt it deep in soul. I'm not letting this man go. I must unravel him. I must know his secrets. I must own him. I stood up and left the store.. But hid in a place he never can find me.. Afterall, I'm a rabbit.


I came to pick a book to read. I usually read best when the screams of those i torture ring loud in the house.. Their pain makes me concentrate on the book better and it's the best soundtrack.

I'd already sliced open the man on the table.. But he's not dead yet. No! He's going to wish for death, and not find it. Like I predicted, the subcutaneous fat of his gut spilled on my table, but I decided that he's going to eat it up. I'm going to feed that to him.

So, I found out that I've read all the books in the house and I needed to pick out a new one. Only for me to find her here. Her. I can faintly remember her. But I felt apprehension fill me. I don't ever want to be remembered by anyone; yet she looked at me with recognition!

I can't allow that. She's never going to see me again. I stood up and left.. The thoughts of the man filled my mind and I was thinking of the next instrument to use on him. He deserved to suffer! I smiled.. The book I picked out is a big one.. I rubbed my hands mentally.. This should be fun!

But I made a costly mistake that changed the course of my life..

I was distracted.

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