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Friday, 21 April 2017

Voyages through the Secret Hotel 2

Part 2


I've heard so much about the Secret Hotel from my friends and I nagged my husband to let us lodge there the next time we went to Abuja. Although I never had any reason to come with him; I insisted that I'm going to miss him if he left me behind as usual and that made him readily agree. He comes here a lot for business deals and contracts and as such, super busy.

I scoffed in my mind..My husband is a weak fuck. Like, very weak.. And he feels like a pornstar Ironically. I'm well off without him grunting up while fucking me and asking stupid questions like "Am I pounding you well baby?" That's the most annoying question.
I mean, this man Cums after the fifth thrust and he asks his silly questions on the 3rd thrust. Then he'd grunt. Nonsense. If I could, I'd be chatting with my friends while we fuck- Im that indifferent, but that would seem disrespectful.

So I endure his pitiful fucks and calm myself down with a good spending spree all over the malls of lagos. I only endure his shitty fucks because of the platinum card containing unlimited credit.

We stepped into the hotel and I shivered in excitement.. If the gist I hear about this place is real, I should get back to lagos a very happy woman. Our driver cleared all the process of getting rooms and I overheard the receptionist recommend the presidential suite. The money is frankly exorbitant, but the incredible view of the city of Abuja at night made up for it. I rolled my eyes mentally.. Who cared about views in Africa; but being a rich Mans wife had jaded me to a lot of things.

The receptionist is a tall fair Igbo Man obviously. He is quite handsome and filled in his suit well. He was paired with a very beautiful woman. I wondered why their so attractive.
My pussy fluttered; I wish I could get just 20 minutes with the receptionist Guy. I'm sure he's packing. I tried glancing at his crotch; but the oval reception desk blocked my view. Fuck. I smiled coyly. I'm getting into his pants definitely.

We left the reception and took the elevators to our room. My husband jabbed on endlessly and I smiled, nodded and replied at the perfect moment, but I wasn't even listening. I'm plotting how to get myself into some handsome guys pants. I need a good hard fuck.

My life at Lagos is pretty secluded and cheating is impossible. Although I travel and go out a lot, I'm surrounded always by security details. Now that we are here alone with just the driver, I'm pretty free to explore. I mustn't waste this opportunity.

I laughed at something he said and he smiled. I rolled my eyes, the Idiot thought I even heard. The truth is, I've learnt the perfect art of tuning him out while listening, so I'd know when to give the perfect reply.

We stepped off the elevators and entered a suite. It was then I realised that the elevator opened directly into this massive suite. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. It looked like an interior decorators' dream. I've been living in luxury all my life and this still impressed me.

Classic white rugs and understated chandeliers. Brown wainscoting and toffee coloured Sofa's strewn with glass tables.. The room is huge. Picture windows; floor to ceiling framed the walls and the view of the setting sun was absolutely incredible.

I was mesmerised by the view and I went towards the balconies.. I slid the glass doors open and fresh air hit me; unlike the chilled coldness of the suite, this was warm and sultry. I walked into the balconies and realised it was wide enough, it has a belvedere; It was a perfect chill out spot.

The sunset was heart touching; pink clouds bleeding into red and purples.. Fuck it, they didn't lie. The glittering lights of the city spread down below us and I sucked in a breath; I was awed.

Then something, or should I say someone caught my attention. I looked back and saw my husband making  calls, distracted. Then I leaned on the rails and looked down properly. The swimming pool was guitar shaped and had azure-coloured clear waters.. With the most captivating man gently cleaning it with a pool net.

Lounges dotted the pool and some people were relaxing; but nobody was inside the pool; obviously because it was being cleaned. I wondered why he's cleaning it at an odd time.
Anyway, he was wearing a form fitting shirt that showed off his buff body. And I couldn't see his features well from this distance. My cunt could sense him well though, she's screaming in jubilation.. I'm not wasting anytime; I need to accost him now!

I rushed back into the room and padded straight to the bathroom. I took a fast shower and wore my 2 piece swim suit.. Then I wore a wrap around sarong for modesty; I'm married after all.

My husband was engrossed in his work.."Darling, I'm bored.. I want to explore the hotel facilities a bit.." He looked up with a smile, "okay Darling, take your time" he looked guilty.."I'm going to be busy during this trip, but you insisted on coming. I may not really have your time dear..."he said sadly.

I was deliriously happy. That's exactly what I hoped for.. But I wore a sad pouting face.."I don't like it, you don't have my time.." He stood up and gave me a kiss on the lips.."I'm sorry baby.." I smiled like the perfectly understanding wife.
I kissed him back and broke away. The sky had turned dark already and I entered the elevators, I pray I still meet him at the poolside!

I rushed to the pool and heaved a sigh of relief; he was packing up his equipment. I looked around, The sky has darkened and people are splashing in the pool already, the light's were so bright.

I slowed a bit and decided on what to do. I waited for him to get to a slightly darker part. Nobody would notice us, not at all.

Pool Guy

I packed up the equipment and tried not to squirm in anger. I was called to clean up a perfectly clean pool; just because. I was fuming and didn't look up fast enough. All I knew was the next second, my hands were full with soft, soft, woman.

I looked down and saw a woman looking flustered and sorry.."I'm sorry sir, I didn't look at where I'm going.."she trailed off. I quickly removed my hands. Wow. She's so beautiful and Innocent looking. She bit her lip in indecision. She has a piercing in her nose and she looks so hot in her sarong, I wished she was mine.

"It's nothing.." I muttered gruffly. I moved out of her way.. She also feinted in my direction and blocked my path.. "I need your help with something sir.." I looked back at her curiously. "Yes?" I'd do anything for this petite woman.

"Can I get a fuck please?" Shock zinged through me. What? I thought I didn't hear her right. "A what?" "A fuck sir.."she repeated. I think she's mad. I made from her quickly and started walking off fast.

She waylayed me at a very bright corner; but very secluded. Infact we were totally alone and its far away from the pool.. "I'm not crazy.. I just couldn't resist you.." She said on a low moan. Damn. I've never been in this kind of situation.. Is it a trap?

She pulled off her sarong.. I could see very clearly the outline of her luscious looking cleavage, Peeking out of her bikini top. She's got a tight waist and slender flared hips. I gulped as my dick nodded in attention. If this is a trap, I'd love to be caught.

My resolve began to weaken when she moved so close that her breasts pressed on my chest. Fuck. I sucked in a breath and grabbed her.


His face hardened suddenly and he grabbed me. For a second, fear filled me; but it dissipated the moment I glimpsed the lust in his eyes. It shook me to my core.
He bent his head and kissed me. A thorough exploration of my oral crevice. His lips tasted like a hint of wine and I was intoxicated on the taste.

His mouth began an exploration; trailing down my neck to my collarbone, distributing fevered kisses. He kissed back up and kissed my lips..
His mouth on me is like fire and ice all at the same time. Searing heat, chilly tingles. A violent shudder rockets through me as he shoves his tongue inside, and I let out a groan that vibrated with my need.

Pool Guy

I pulled off her and she makes a tiny sound of protest that fades into a soft moan before she slams herself into my body. Winding her arms around my neck, she goes to her tiptoes and opens her mouth to give me unfettered access to the sweetness of her tongue.

I melted all over again and gave in to her kisses, I desperately want her. I pushed her onto the wall and crowded her personal space. She breathed hard and I was distracted for a moment at the way her breasts heaved.

She made to hold me, but I stopped her. “Don’t move,” I ordered.
"I'm going to fuck you, but on my terms. I know your type. Rich, spoilt and probably married." I took in a swift breath. "Meet me here by this time tomorrow." I spun her around and she moaned.

I couldn't resist and spanked her ass.. The I squeezed her asscheek hard and plunged 3 fingers into her cunt. I gave her several strokes and she moaned loud and hard..
I thrust my fingers fast and hard. She was so fucking wet and my cock is so bloody hard. I squeezed my dick and felt  blood rush to the tip of it. I want to bury my Cock in this insanely wet heat. I pulled my fingers out of her wet pussy with a pop.

Then I turned her back. She looked at me in crazed lust and I wanted to damn it all and fuck her against the wall, but I resisted. I brought my fingers glistening with her wetness and brought it to her face.

"Lick it up, baby" I groaned. Her eyes widened in shock and I inclined my head.. She slowly parted her lips and I popped my fingers inside. Her lips wrapped around them and her tongue licked it up.

"Fuck" I groaned. I felt the heat of her mouth and my control crumbled to pieces. I lunged for her.

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