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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Cold Dark Room 3

 Eniola Coker

"Get somewhere to lodge till morning, something very important came up" - this was the content of my husband's message that came through. I felt rage fill me. This is the height of this nonsense he's pulling!

He really is taking me for granted and he soon will explain to me what is important than fucking me. I am so angry and horny and sad. My task will be getting myself together throughout the night because I am with my subordinate but Mr Coker is not getting away with this! This is my final straw I  must say!!

 Gbenro Johnson

After flickering on her phone for a while, my boss switched it off in a manner that told me that she is not in a good mood. She sat down on the set-T's lounge couch, I switched the Tv on, but the storm outside must have affected the cable.

The rain is more intense now, and the cold is coming in with vigor. The power was interrupted and I and my boss was left in a cold dark room! "will you go to the room?" I asked; "No, I am fine here, you sleep in the room" she replied. "No, that is not cool, we both sleep here then!" I said without proper consideration, it was very subconscious and I don't know if I came out right. Fuck it. i thought.

"no problem" she said after a brief silence! I and Eni Coker will be sharing the same room till morning? Chills ran through my spine!
The night, or should I say- early morning is getting out of its prime, as neither of us have so far been able to find sleep. The cold had made my boss fold up on the chair like a new born puppy, I was feeling cold too but there is only one clean duvet, the other is stinking and also have cum stains on it. I'd planned to launder it during the day.

It is definitely not a side of me that I want my boss to see, understanding that I will torture myself by giving the only duvet available to my cold boss; I still went ahead to give her.
Maybe it is just the right thing to do, I stood using the lights from my phone, got the duvet from the room and covered her with it, she stretched responsively. It is truly what she needs, I have heard my boss say thank you many times but in a very scornful manner. Her thank you tonight was pretty genuine and I am convinced that though she built fences of cockiness around her; she is still soft and is still a woman.

My torture began, as cold was killing me, it will be hypocritical to go into the room to sleep after my effusive gesture earlier. I laid on my brown vintage cushion chair at the peril of the herculean weather, my breathe was not balanced and the discomfort I was experience disturbed the calm in  the room. The cold seeped into my pores despite the woolen shirt I wore.

 "Are you cold?" she asked, I was scarce for reply, and a brief silence occurred.. "we can share the duvet if you don't mind." I was sure I heard it right and my search for adequate answer was harder now than the former. "please, come over, we know you are cold!" - Not to deceive and maltreat myself, I moved towards her.

She asked that I move the center table so we can sleep on the rug, and I was waiting for a tap to wake me from this beautiful dream. We laid side by side and the duvet did its job over us. I felt suffused with warmth and sharing body heat with her was Delicious.. Nothing in my life have been more sweet.

Eniola Coker

I am in the most compromising situation of my life; I am lying next to my PA- horny, partially clad in his clothes and his unique scent wrapped around me. In the dark room and on a cold night, a harsh situation my nonchalant husband subjected me to.
I am very tempted right now and the protest of my hormones is sabotaging my composure, I am loosing my mind, if this dude just touches me, I am not sure I won't open my legs for him. I felt wetness seep from my core just at the thought of his touch. I'd noticed his hands earlier.

The fingers were long, nails well trimmed and they looked so capable and manly. I felt a shudder shake me at the thought of those hands grabbing my heaving breasts. Lust spiked my veins.
I just pray he doesn't have the nerves to try and touch me because I am at this point very vulnerable; and I'd even beg for his dick!

 Gbenro Johnson

I am not a calm sleeper, as I'm accustomed to sleeping alone. I flung my legs to all sides, and I must have hit Eni's legs about fifteen times. Id wake up groggily to apologize, but she did not complain, not because she is asleep, and I was wondering why!

It's almost dawn and she is not sleeping, she got here cold and tired last night, and she will be leaving in the morning and she needs to be in a good shape for the journey back to Lagos.
I asked her why she is  not sleeping, and she answered saying "nothing" in a very sad manner as I was expecting it to be shunning. I moved closer to her in a very careful way and asked what was wrong, her voice was shaking this time as she said "just go back to sleep, Gbenro"

I suspected she was crying and I searched for her face using my hand, but there was no tears. I withdrew my hand and there was a very awkward silence.
She broke the silence saying in a very husky voice "I am horny Gbenro, Can you help me out?" - There was a lull; where all the blood rushed down to my lower head and my brain was trying to understand.

Without a word, I pulled her to me. All my nerves dissipated and I felt natural dominance fill me. She might dominate at work; but here, I'm the master.
I held her hips with my hands, and she replied with a very hurrying kiss. She tried to control it, but I took over. I softened the kiss and gently sipped her like fine wine.

She started getting agitated and I calmed things down by using my tongue as the regulator. She exhaled heavily, and it was like its a thing her life was depending on. Her mouth was slightly warm, the lips was soft and her tongue work was professional, but her moan was my main motivation. As she tried to eat me up, i placed my hands on her soft but heavy ass and gave it a light spank.

She gave a soft moan and submissively surrendered all of her lips to me. Her breasts pressed fully on my chest and I know they must be aching to be touched. As if she read my mind, she herself introduced my hands to them, and I squeezed the full globes. The hard as fuck nipples topping the breasts was the bomb, and she demanded that I suck on them in the most apologetic way there is. I was in a hurry to pounce on her when she said with a very bossy tone "no, not like that?!"

The pause almost drove me crazy, is she just kiss horny? - I might rape her at this point because I am hard as wood! "you won't just pounce on me like that, all the adventure have to be explored, if you cannot cope with that, we can stop now." she said, and I was dumbfounded.

 Eniola Coker
If this must happen, it must be on my terms, I will not be pounced on and just drilled for fractional pleasure. All the orientations from my online sex therapist is hitting my memory in torrents, her most sinking quote of which I will put to work now is "everything you want, you ask!"

Gbenro Johnson
Eni rose to her knees and pulled her clothes, there was brief lighting that gave me a glimpse of what she look like without clothes, it was more beautiful than it is in my imaginations in the past. I found out that I didn't mind her being bossy. It's a nice change.
She pulled every piece of clothes on her, she politely asked that I lay down, she came upon me like the duvet, and I felt her very warm and soft skin on me.

I did a hand inspection on her, feeling every curve and her medium size onion ass, my hands couldn't hand it. She asked again "can you give me head?" I do not know if I can do the shii in my current state; but the politeness in the way my boss asked made me want to do it.
She positioned on the chair and was expecting that I began work, I was not even in it before she began to moan, I tried to inquire if she was fine when she roared that I should do it!

I went into the already streaming pussy, and she moaned loud and I was worried my very nosy neighbor won't hear, all the way; my boss instructed politely how I should eat her up. The bitch is politely slutty alright. I vowed to make her beg.

I got convinent with the system and got myself in the zone, my face was buried deep in her cunt, while a hand suddenly wigged under my lips and I buried 3 fingers in her pussy. She screamed at the double lashing. My tongue flicked her clit faster and she begged for more.
My other hand fondled her breast and tweaked and  kneaded her nipples, something she pleaded that I should not stop! I squeezed the boobs alternatively hard and soft and she groaned harder and louder, begging me to stop; and not stop. I grinned and tripled my efforts.

I felt hot splashing liquid hit my face and my boss thighs vibing hard at the release. She was shaking like she was convulsing, and her moan was very provocative. I think it is that thing I see in porn movies that they call squirting.
After the squirting charade, she calmed a bit and proposed inverbally to ride my dick, Eniola got to work and I was amazed at her performance, my dick popped in her pussy and she rode on me like a drugged bull.

She held hard her boobs and asked me intervally to spank her ass, the highlight was when the held the chair, found balance and did the horsing, she was moaning so hard at a point, I had to put my hands in her mouth.

 She sucked on them like a hungry baby and she squeezed tight her thighs, almost like she wants to break my dick and cried out this time saying "damn!" I felt the same liquid as that on my face earlier on my dick, she gasp repeatedly and her legs shook again.
This spooked me a bit, it was dark and I needed to be sure that the boss I work with who I am fucking now is fine.

She positioned to the dog style and tapped her eyes, it seem she was sending a signal to me, I stood with my cock which is now rejuvenated to do some work. I slide in and first I took the slow ride, she moan and pussy warmth compelled me to switch gears subsequently, she was moaning and demanding that I tap the ass. My blows to that ass became harder and the ass cheeks jiggled in unision.

I dug deep and wicked; she was at this point shouting but not backing out! My pace loosed pattern and I was going at it really hard, plowing the cunt like I will destroy the inner walls.

She took it all in and spoke in linguals I cannot comprehend. I felt the load coming, the pussy was keeping me in, I was in a scathe of indecision, I was going hard and she pleaded that I come for her, she included where she wants it in her statement! My boss is a SAVAGE!

I felt my balls tighten and I could feel the cum racing up my dick, the load was at the tip and the speed was at a wreckage prone stage. A thunder from the ongoing storm struck and at that moment, I could see my cum spurting outta my piss hole. It hit her face and covered her whole features. The power was restored and bright light shined down on us. She looked aghast in her kneeling position; I saw the face of my boss designed with my cum!


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