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Sunday, 2 April 2017


I, what am I?

I am singularity in this reality
I am a complexity even in simplicity
I am original, authentic
I am not fictional, I'm a me fanatic
I am reserved, oops, make that reversed
I am just a verse in this multiverse

I am a train that has no destination;
I am a drizzling rain that conceals a crime;
I am Abraham, the Father of many nations;
I am an unwavering heart and a resolute mind.

I am the light that was felt in the past;
I am the oil in the 5 virgin's lamp that did not last;
I am the sun that shines a somber glitter on everyone;
I am the future that cannot be reached anymore.

I am the chain reaction of indignation that has started and cannot be stopped;
I am the dark future that is stared into with a spiritual flashlight;
I am the irretrievable dreams that have been stomped;
I am a conundrum, darker than black, yet shining so bright.

I bring forth all things;
I bless all things;
I save all things;
I create, yet;
I bring foth nothing;
I bless nothing;
I save nothing;
I just erase, completely.

I came;
I saw and;
I left early

I, what really am I?


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