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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Adventures of the Lesson Teacher 4

Part 4

As usual, the class ended with me sporting a constant erection. Eniola had been acting like the deep throat never happened, while giving me deep and insane touches.. We've not had a private time since the last time, and that's perfectly fine by me.

Titi is still teasing me with her huge boobs and frankly, that's getting old already. I didn't bother calling eniola out on his promise to fuck his sister; the time is not ripe yet. I find myself starting to notice pris.

Yes, pris; the bitchy mother. Her bitterness didn't make me realise how hot and delicious she looked at first, and trust me, I'm starting to notice now.
Anytime I stepped into her office to get my paycheck, she usually sports this annoyingly superior smirk and its getting on my fucking nerves. She's so blind and silly.

She sits so high and mighty in an executive chair that swallows her sexy petite frame up. Although I'm usually standing, she's achieved the uneasy feat of staring down her nose at me in a perfectly snobby manner.

I'd walk in and she'd just sniff.. After our usual staring battle, with intense sparks, she'd then slide my paycheck on the table.. I'd pick it up ad leave without a word.
During the class today, with eniola looking aloof; while stroking the outline of my cock under the table, and titi almost feeding me her breasts; I've been dying to get home and bust a nut. Or find some silly cunt to give a hard pounding.

I didn't have time for her usual brand of stupidity. I don't know what she's trying to prove. Personally, I think she's needs a good and hard dicking down. I entered the home office and stood. She looked up and cocked her head.

I stepped to the table and I noticed the dress she was wearing. A low cut bustier dress showing off her deep cleavage.. Since I'm standing, I had a very beautiful view.. I can just imagine sinking my dick between those tits. They ain't as big as her daughter's, but they're very full too.

My already hard cock grew harder and I just waned her to pay me so that I'd rush home and rub one out. She took her sweet time; all the while bent over and rummaging her desk drawers for the check.

My irritation hit the peak and I couldn't bear it anymore. I know the fucking bitch knew where she kept it, but she's just trying to waste my time. Fuck. This. Shit. I felt my nerves snap.

I moved away from where I stood in a vicious motion. She looked up from her fake search with the check dangling in her slim fingers. Fuck. I imagined those hands wrapped around my thick cock.

I stalked toward her. She stood up and said.."Are you out of your senses, what are you doing?" I swiftly got to her front and pushed her back to the chair. "You nasty bitch, you been wanting some of this cock right?!" I growled.

She swallowed hard in shock. "What? What do you mean?" she said in indignation. "What did you hear?! You been parading your old ass all around me, wearing sexy clothes not meant for a woman your age. You been acting all bitchy when I didn't notice you. Well guess what? Your prayers are answered today. I'm going to give you the sweet fucking you been hankering for." I finished in barely leashed anger.."what? What?" She sputtered in anger.

Her stupid game is up. I'm not accepting anymore bullshit attitude from her shrivelled up ass. I yanked her up with her arms and she hit my chest with a "mmmpphhh"sound. I paid her no mind.
I then sat on the chair and pulled her down on my laps. She tried to protest, but I wasn't falling for that nonsense. I captured her lips brutally and she melted like butter immediately.

Her arms twined around my neck and she gave  deep sigh of relief. Fuck it. I pinpointed her perfectly. I kissed her neck while squeezing the living life out of her breasts.
I didn't bother with a fake tender gesture. Pris turned rabid in my arms.. She began to moan loud like a bitch in mating heat and I bothered with no niceties.

I didn't even pull off the gown. I pushed her to her knees.."Suck my fucking cock you silly bitch.. She looked up at me in shock. What?! She expects better treatment? After all the nonsense she'd pulled. Naaaah!

I jerked my cock out and it slapped her face with a spank sound. My mouth went in a round O. I leaned forward and wrapped my hands in her hair. Then jerked her forward on the dick.

Her mouth opened greedily and I fed my cock into it inch by fucking inch. She gagged when I hit her tonsils and I grinned. I'm sure she doesn't know her beloved son can deep throat a cock.

I jerked her head harshly, using her hair as the steering to enjoy my bloody ride. Her eyes watered and the tears ran down her face and her mascara ran down with it.
I enjoyed seeing her this way.. I wished i could take a picture of how nasty she looks and how low the mighty has fallen. She continued to gag and I gave her a respite.

I pulled away slightly and she took deep breathes, trying to settle. I didn't want her to get comfortable. I shoved my cock deep into her throat and it wrapped around me all wet and tight. She worked me like a wet cunt.

I felt my control slip and I pulled out of her mouth. I'd have loved to cum on her face; but it's not time yet.
She knelt in front of me looking all vulnerable. I stood up and pulled her up. "What are you doing??.."she asked."Shut up.." I growled. My cock hung out of my zipper.. Looking so wet from her saliva, pointed upward to my stomach.

I bent her over her desk and pulled up the gown. Fuck it. I take back my earlier word. This ass is incredible there's nothing shrivelled about it. Smooth, dark like chocolate and I couldn't resist the urge to bite it. I bit it hard.. She whimpered.

But then I realised shes not even wearing panties.. This woman wanted this!! Her pussy glistened and I couldn't help myself. I bent to take a kiss.. That became a taste.. Which became a full blown cunnilingus. She screamed loudly and I wanted to warn her; but I lost track.

I ate her up; I fucking love eating pussy. As I ate her, pressure built in my cock and I couldn't bear it anymore. I gave her one last lick and shoved my cock deep into the hilt. She gave a very loud soundtrack that fed my ego well and good..

I pounded her like no tomorrow. Truth be told, the cunt was wet, warm and no too tight.. It felt generic. I couldn't wait anymore. I flicked her clit and she came so loudly. Good. I hastened the pace of my thrusts then I pulled out and shot my load all over her back. Some cum splattered on her hair, but that's her business.

I wiped my cock with the edge of her gown and I tucked my already flaccid cock in. I zipped up and picked the check from the desk.

I didn't look back. I left the office and got to the front door. Then something shocking happened. The maid, yes, the flat assed one I caught fucking Mr Fade sauntered to my front and blocked me from leaving.
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