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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Shagging On the Plane

Fuck it. I always hate window seats. Gives me the creeps. I sat down and glanced at the empty seat beside me. I also hate flying. I fucking hate flying. The nausea rides me like a wave and affects my equilibrium till the plane lands. Oh my God. I leaned back against the seat and gripped the arms.. People are still entering and the plane hasn't even moved yet.. And I'm filled with fear already. What a pussy I am. I'm hoping to exchange with my neighbour; and why isn't the person here yet.

I let my mind wander; I'd love to take the train if I could.. Then it hit me. The smell. Exotic and light. Like a hint of Bamboo with a splash of vanilla. Yummy. I inhaled deeply and let the smell hit my blood like a joint. I closed my eyes and couldn't wait to take the next breathe. Yes, with a dash of male sweat. That completed the combo. I opened my eyes.. Was I in a dream? I felt the presence of someone. I turned left and saw Him.

Bald. Totally. Clean shaven. I looked at him curiously.. His profile is stunning. Thick eyebrows and the longest lashes I ever saw. Straight nose. Exotic looking. Proud. Manly. Agile. He is the source of that delicious smell that got me in a daze.

The most powerful feeling gripped me. Lust. I let it wash over me in waves. He totally ignored me, like I wasn't there. Faintly, i heard the voice on the intercom asking us to fasten
our seatbelts. I did it without thinking. For the first time ever, I felt calm Wash over me; instead of the characteristic panic. I continued to gaze at him, fascinated.

His arms were slim and tanned; he looks fit.

He suddenly looked up and our gaze crashed.

I felt intense feeling rush through me. His eyes spoke to me.

Lust. Want. Need.

It's like ages passed. I felt him lower my seat. And covered me a complementary blanket; he got it from an hostess.

Still he didn't break our gaze.

He leaned forward and whispered.."I'm going to fuck you now". I felt blown away already. We skipped the niceties; we can't kiss afterall. He gently placed his hands under the blanket.. Then ran his arms up my shirt.. Bunched it up.. I slipped my hands under the blankets too and gently popped off my buttons.. He pulled open the shirt..

His hands grabbed a breast and squeezed hard. I gasped on the low key. He smooched e and squeezed me thoroughly.

"Meet me at the restroom" he whispered.

I stood up and followed him.


  1. I think a voice narration of these stories will be nice. This will further stimulate the mind to appreciate the stories deeply. Auditory stimulation of the mind and body.

  2. Nice story, keep it rolling.