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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Adventures of the Lesson Teacher 3

Part 3

I felt a jolt of something undefined rip through me. And my lips parted in shock. What. The. Heck. Eniola took my hesitation as an opportunity and he plundered my lips.
 I couldn't ever hope to define what's happening to me. My already hard dick totally rose fully. His lips were soft, yet firm. I'd expected disgust to pass through me at kissing a guy, but the exact opposite happened.

He moaned low and leaned in deeper. This is weird yet insane. I couldn't bring myself to break the kiss. He moaned low in his throat and deepened the kiss. I suddenly took control and swallowed his tongue. He melted totally and his chest touched mine.

He twined his hands on my neck and I grabbed him closer. The shocking hardness of his body jarred me. I'm extremely used to the softness of women. I almost came back to my senses but his hands winded between our bodies and lightly scraped my crotch.

I winced in delicious agony as the pressure built. I suddenly pushed him off me, breathing hard. His chest was also heaving, his eyes full of lust. "That was hot" he whispered. He motioned closer and I shook my head no.

Then he took hold of my cock and squeezed hard. The slight pain lanced through me and sent erotic desire through me.. He placed his lips near my ears.."Tunde, wont you love me on my knees, sucking the ever loving fuck outta your dick.. I want to swallow you.. I need to taste you.." He bit my ears and I groaned. "Just a taste.. I've been obsessed about you.. I've seen the way you look at Titi and he gets me so pissed off.. I want you to look at me that way.." I looked at him.

In an unexpected gesture, he knelt at my feet and looked up at me in a fucked up look of lust..I felt a wave of power slam into me. Right now, I could whatever I want to him, and he'd do it.

"Open my zipper and pull out my cock.." A sly look entered his eyes.. I ignored it and looked at him pointedly. Whatever. He pulled my zipper open and brought out my dick. Then he wasted no time.

He deep throated my cock immediately, and it's the hottest shit that's ever happened to me. He totally swallowed my cock. His throat is tight and deep and so fucking wet.
I wandered how many dicks he'd swallowed because although I'm not huge, I'm longer and fatter than average. His throat worked my dick like the tightest of pussies and I groaned helplessly, while clutching his head tight.

He has no gag reflex. None at all. Gag doesn't exist for him. My prick went down his throat like a well oiled hole. Fuck it. I pulled his head up and I looked into his eyes. His eyes didn't even water.

He was using a hand to rub my balls while jacking off his own dick with his other hand. Fuck it. That sight did it for me. I pulled out of his mouth and came all over his face. My jizz spurted on his nose, lips and throat.. He licked it up. His eyes glazed over and he jacked his dick faster..

I saw him come all over his hands, while making the most adorable sounds ever. Fuck. He looks so handsome and vulnerable at that moment. I took my dick and wiped it on his hair. That's for him playing me. He only said a kiss. I grinned and shoved my cock back into my pants and zipped up.

He looked at me in astonishment and stood up. "Your pussy coming soon.."he grinned and also zipped up. Cum matted his eye lashes and he couldn't look happier. I wondered at how fucked up he is.

I picked up my bag and left.. I couldn't wrap my mind around the bloody shit I just did now. I got home and started thinking. Am I gay? Am I bisexual? I struggled to understand.
I find that I'm still as attracted to Titi as before I made out with eniola.. And yet some creeping feelings I couldn't explain filled me at the thought of eniolas throat. Fuck it. That throat was marvelous. I've had countless girls and none had ever deep throated me so easily without even a gag.

I began to get hard thinking about his throat and lips. I held my cock tight and poured some body oil on my palms. I fisted my dick and jacked up and down slowly.. Yet I couldn't create the feelings his throat inspired.

I felt frustration wind around my gut and I can't believe I'd be here right now, fantasizing about a Man's throat. I hissed in disgust and dressed up. I hit the streets and got to the junction where cheap whores stood.

I cannot go through the hassle of meeting a girl at some bar that probably hadn't licked a dick in her life. They all rushed toward me but I stopped them. I met their pimp and stated my specifications.

"I need a girl that can deep throat, no gag." He told me the price and i paid. I'm not ready to pay for a room; just for a blowjob. I told her that and she smiled in understanding. She's a fair skinned beauty wearing a see through gown.

She led me to a dark Alley, not far from her area. She went straight to work, and true to her specs; no gag and she's got a smooth swallow. But then, her throat was not wet enough, tight enough, and warm enough. She paled in comparison to eniola and I felt frustration fill me.

I hesitantly came and zipped up. I tipped her and left without a backward glance. Fuck. I can't get him out of my mind.

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