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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Voyages through the Secret Hotel 4


Luke and I had been dying to get a vacation, but to no avail. It's either his work or mine that'd cause problems. Finally! We need some down time to ourselves. We've been married for 8 years and the initial spark that brought us together is dwindling.
It's not gone yet, but children and work is strangling it. As it is right now, I can't remember the last time I fucked my husband. I pushed for a break! I need to be taken care of by my husband!

I shook in excitement to my knees.. I can't wait for us to hit the privacy of our rooms for me to go down and suck the living soul out of his dick. We deserve this! I feel my cunt spasm at the thought.

He collected the keycard and wrapped his arms around my neck. He kissed my forehead and we grinned at each other in joy.. I could sense his arousal and glanced down at his crotch.. I saw something incredible.

We hastened towards the elevators and we entered. I looked up and saw a couple locked in an embrace.. They were practically swallowing each other up. The man is tall while the woman looked tiny. His hands held her ass in a death grip. They pranced apart guilty but the man wrapped his hands around her.

I giggled softly and I pinched luke. He smiled back at me mischievously.. The elevator is walled round with mirrors trimmed with dark wood and I could see my reflection clearly. I looked to the side and saw that I wasn't the only one checking me out.

The tall man held his wife's hand possessively; They wore matching rings and he was busy slandering me with his eyes. I felt shivers of excitement! Those eyes.. They were coal black and flaming. Heavy lidded and so fucking seductive. He winked and I almost swooned. A very Deliberate and perfect move.

His stare had made my nipple bead into tiny bundles of nerves.. I'm very sure it's his eyes I'd be seeing while i fuck my husband tonight. He's such a Casanova! I mean, he was practically fucking his wife in here some few moment's ago!

The elevator dinged and we all got off.. Turned out we're next door neighbours.. That's fucked up! I don't think i can concentrate.. The image of him squeezing his wife was burned on my retina's.


Fuck! I wish I could have that doll wrapped around my dick. She's so beautiful and tiny.. Extremely petite! That's what I love!
The moment we entered the elevators, she made my cock go hard! We've been eyeing each other through the mirrors. I sincerely wish I could have her for a night.

I got happy when I realized we're on the same floor.. I'm going to make sure I bump into her soonest! My wife and I entered the bedroom and all I could see was the tiny bombshell.
I slammed serena on the bed and she bounced.. No words are needed! I tore off my belt and trousers and my cock hung hard and heavy.. I turned her over and she was lying facedown on the bed.

I knelt between her legs and the bed dipped with my weight. I spanked her ass and she groaned. She tilted her ass up and I grabbed a thigh with each of my hand and pulled them apart. I could see the cunt and I spanked right on it.

She whimpered and I saw a bead of cunt juice roll down her vulva.. Hit her clit and rolled down her thighs. I resisted the urge to lick it and I fisted my cock.. Then I popped the head of my cock right in. We groaned in unison.

I fucked her like crazy. It's been so long.. Our schedules don't ever match and she's such a sucker for the kids.. At night, exhaustion would have made us crashed. That's how day's turned into weeks of not fucking my wife. But trust me, I'm making up for my mistakes now. Her pussy was warm and soo wet and I almost busted my nut. But I didn't. I pulled out and she moaned for more. I turned her over and i could see the lust making her sweat despite the cold.

I kissed her chest and licked the nipples. Then I asked her to open up.. "Lick your sweet juices up, rena.. Taste your delicious cunt from my dick.." She bent to the task.. And swallowed my cock.
I imagined it was the petite woman.. I began to plot ways to get her.


Last night, I had one of the nastiest sex I'd had in a long long time... Luke splattered my throat with warm cum and I felt a spark at the memory., i love the taste of cum!
But then, I couldn't get my mind off the couple we saw yesterday night.. Especially the husband.. I just wanted to get him somewhere! I took a bath and decided to go to the pool area.. I could probably find him and give him signs that I'm ready to shag.. I don't give a bloody fuck about his wife.

I glanced at luke.. He is still sleeping... I guess the sex really drained him.. I walked out of the room and glanced at the corridor.. As if on cue, he came out of their room. OMG, this couldn't be better if I planned it..

We closed our respective doors in unison and the clicks sounded like bullets.. I'm a bit apprehensive because I've never done something like this before. He waked towards me with a smirk and whispered.."Come  with me.." His voice is a deep.. Slightly smokey and curled around me in a wisp..

He pulled me closer and held my hands.. Then he started walking and I followed him as if hypnotized!


Grrrreeeaaat! I jumped off the bed in excitement.. It was hard pretending to be asleep.. I jerked on a boxer short and wandered on how to get my petite bombshell from her husband. But at least, the first obstacle-  my wife, has been removed. I pray she stays very long where ever she went.

A knock sounded on the door.. My mind fell.. Fuck. Rena is back.. I pulled open the door and met my bombshell.. I pulled her inside and closed the door.
She smiled sweetly and I gawked at her boobs..."come here baby", I whispered.. I'm entranced by her sexiness. I pulled off her clothes in haste, Rena might come back at any time..

I squeezed the hell out of her breasts and she moaned.. I need to work this fast.. I laid on the bed and I pulled her on top of me. She's got sweet curls on her pussy and they tickled my face as I she sat on my face.. He gushed like a fountain and almost drowned me in wetness..

She grind on my mouth while my tongue flicked her in fast rhythm.. I turned her in reverse cowgirl and her cunt was right in my face; A perfect 69. I bent her back and she didn't even need any consolation.. She swallowed my cock whole. Like to the roots in one stroke.

We were Moaning and groaning, enjoying eating each other out when a knock sounded on the door. We sprang apart in shock! That should be rena. I quickly rushed her to the bathroom and closed the door.. Confusion assailed me.. "Room service sir," I heard. My battering heart calmed.

I pulled open the door and hustled the waiter off. We don't need their service. I've got all the service I need. I closed the door and went to the bathroom.. Petite bombshell was peeping.. I pulled her out and said.."We can't continue in this room.. My wife can come in at any moment.." "There's a laundry room at the end of this corridor, let's continue over there.." I kissed her wetly and we quickly wore our clothes then went out.


I was kneeling at his feet with his massive cock buried in my throat. I choked on his dick while tears streamed from my face.. My hands were buried deep in my cunt and i rubbed my clit furiously..

He jerked me up suddenly and carried me! Then I slid on his cock and moaned.. It was epic.. His girth widened me deliciously and our sounds were fucked up.. I think I'm addicted to his cock. I don't think any other will suffice..

As he bounced me on his cock, we heard a sound and we kept shut immediately.. Is that an hotel staff? We slowed down our fucking and it became clear the sounds were suspicious sounds..

I especially got curious and we separated.. I need to investigate.. Before we moved, the couple came into view, furiously making out and groaning.. They didn't spot us yet, and they kept on coming in our direction, very absorbed in each other.

I stood stark naked and began to look for my dress hastily. I spotted it and as I bent to pick it, I heard the man say.. "Fuck yeah.." and I froze in shock. I looked up into the shocked eyes of Luke, my clothes held tight to me and my panties danging from my fingers!

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