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Thursday, 6 April 2017


When love goes sour...
Does it ferment tick-tock by the hour? 

Two entities to be bound for eternity.
It's their wedding night, but Nike just found out she wouldn't be the first David would lead into maternity...

I really can't believe it.
Dunno which hurts the most. 

The fact that you played me or that I Languished in the dark. 

You did your thing and achieved the feat. Bravo! ...this thing that you thought we had ends.
Forget 'bout we being friends.

{She attempts to storm out... he gives chase and holds onto her}

Baby don't go.
Not without hearing what i have to say.
Maybe after i explain, you could choose
to laugh at my pain and select the knife
with which you'd put me to slay.
I admit that i wronged you.
I tried a million times to tell you.
But every time i tried, silence was the only
thing i could echo.
I really was afraid that if you knew... you

Don't call me baby.
Leave that for the lady with whom you fathered a baby.
If the tale of what you hid from me rolled off your tongue as easily as the explanation you're giving... maybe we wouldn't be in this scenario.
And oh!.
Weren't you the one that always preached honesty.
I poured my heart to you honestly.
Even told you 'bout my issues with my uncle Lesley.
Wasn't that a perfect time for you to surrender the information.
Or where you waiting till you had fathered a nation.
I wonder if your name is David or Abraham.
Leave to sob in peace, before you cause me more harm.
{He sinks to his knees}

I don't know where to start from.
But you should know I would never hurt you on purpose.
I never said anything 'bout it, Coz of the trauma that escorts the memory.
I fathered a child through no will of mine, i was raped and the memory is gory.
I was always skeptical 'bout opening the wound.
Although my ego may have contributed in the sense that i didn't want you to see me and feel sorry.
That my dear is just a pinch of the full story.
i was lied upon and the story was inverted.
Twas said that i opened her legs and without consent i inserted.
{She interjects again}

Save your lies for the bank, coz i wouldn't give no interest.
It's too late, why should i believe you now... when to you it could all have been a quest.
Maybe you love to conquer and set sail for another.
Maybe what you really enjoy is to move from lover to lover.
I don't have time for any of this.
I'm off to cry my heart out and maybe then i'll get some relief.
Coz as of now, none of these lies would i believe.
{She storms out ... He clasps his head with both hands}

Are there two truths to a story?
If sudden news was broken to you, what would be your worry?
The timing of the information? or the realization of distrust?... would you counter with a new formation.
Probably you might need sometime to reflect whilst the party that betrays does the same.
Love more than a game?

I wish i had told her earlier, now am filled with regret.
Now she treats me like an unwanted DVD, now she's got me on eject.
But truly it was of no direct fault of mine.
Yet still i should have read the signs.
I should have based our relationship on a better foundation.
And now our marriage has crumbled at its infancy.
If only she could see...
Can she see it from my angle.
I let the fear of hurting our future actually put our future on crutches.
Few hours ago we were man and wife, but what are we now?... I'm just a man faced with the reality of life. 

All of the time, the best prayer i prayed was not to fall prey.
All i see now is dim, lord could you help with a light ray.
If i don't get my Nike back, i could as well die tonight.
Life without her would be spent insane.
I look at me now... with so much disdain.
I shoulda been wise.
Now it's evident that evading the truth equals telling lies.

After i had laid myself bare.
He managed to maroon me in the middle of nowhere.
What's the worth of my trust if it is not repaid.
Not sure what hurts more...
The fact that i wouldn't be the one to bear his child first, or that he didn't entrust me with such information.
I guess he thought of me less.
I wonder if his stories are true.
But he's the reason i feel so blue.
The most beautiful day in my life he's tainted with gloom.
I curse the day i accepted him to be my groom.
I want to sweep it all away with a very long broom.
It's funny how I'm pissed and worried at the same time.
I feel alil' pity about what he claims to have faced, but am wary it's all a plot... he could be two faced...with charms more potent than a village dibia.
He's not only broken my heart, he's broken my being... my fibula... my tibia.
All sorrow tonight, no joy in the morning.
What we had was beautiful, now i guess it's time for mourning.
With the die cast, would i deal with this heat like a thermoplast.
My heart is heavy... weight brought by a blast from his past.

What form does love take when its placed on an uncommon strain?
Hate? Disgust? Violence? Vengeance?
What is love when subjected to an uncommon stress.
Does it sink like the Titanic after it takes a hit.
What then happens to the peas in a pod, do the ying and yang stay tightly knit.
Can they rise from the fire... a Phoenix that is lit.
Or do they sink like jack... rose slowly fading from his sight.
In these circumstances what could give it strength.
Does its survival hinge on its time length.
The width and the love's depth?
Does walking on a rope so thin, yield in building up defences so thick?
What then is the essence of trials and tribulations.
To weaken or to make pure?
These answers lay somewhere of course....

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