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Saturday, 22 April 2017


Has there ever been eyes so beautiful or that bring delight and satisfaction... i see you and my belly is full.
With a smile so radiant and infectious.

You set me free every time.
My brain in sync with my pen, i'll gush about you with my every rhyme.
My gosh!, who wouldn't behold that sight..
Everything comes to a standstill the moment you flash your thirty-two.

Under your spell like an african voodoo.
Transfixed and jaw dropped... are these instigated by a hoodoo.
What could be the measure of your radiance?
Is there a science to it, or purely
manifestations of the metaphysical.

Paranormal vibes... a Cleopatra of modern times.
She steps in a dim room and everything goes boom.
Emitting the full spectrum, she brings happiness to the fore like a big zoom.
Beauty so pure... shed your light on me baby, i admit sometimes my life could be obscure.
It's that ensures i remain serene.

Smile for me baby... whistling echoes of simi's song.
Part your lips and let the sparkling white of your teeth deprive me of my sight.
It's allowed... who am i to stop you from exercising your right.
If my life was a whatsapp group and "you left" would confine me to days of darkness in the wilderness... this is no Israel.

The absence of your radiance would mean i've lifted a very big L.
A tale that "Tell magazine" wouldn't sell.
Even if i was born blind, you would be my braille.
Coz i would feel the spots your glorious light would have hit.
Spots becomes pathways... a road to get closer... tightly knit.

All i seek is to reflect your fluorescence.
Double up, bubble and pop, bubble till i double my essence.
Teach me to wear that smile when i'm down and out.
Encourage me to shine when the whole world thinks i'm a clown or tout.
Radiate till my chlorophyll harnesses enough energy to sprout.

Standby me in the spur of the moment, let life not smack me down like kane.
Pull me from my wane.
Weave your smile like a wand.
Light this space up in colours so grand.
I always look forward to an encounter with you, You know that i'm a fan already.

Thanks for holding me down steady .
Thanks for being an angel of light and not a Lucifer.
Smile once more baby... aid my vision to see beyond and far.

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