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Saturday, 1 April 2017


I just got an inspiration to say a word or two, but don't be annoyed if these words are turned to tools.
Not to wreck havoc or fight wars.
Not for segregation nor racial slurs.

But as an art for expression.
An outlet for depression.

You wouldn't want me slitting my wrists or jumping off bridges.
Many a time, men like me never find success in leaving 'em ditches.

'Nuff thanks to God and sheer luck for blessing me with this gift.
Else those times i felt lonely and no one was there for me.
Like that gospel song, i need someone to tell me "lean on me".
But rather, i'm surrounded with friends that say "i got this lean for we".

Lots of time, i lived my life on the edge... my messages to those i loved were never sent.
A score and a couple of years is how much life's energy i've spent...
Always seeing the world differently, eyes of the Hubble telescope... a mind that loves to search and probe.

I always hit a rock though, misunderstood at every turn.
It's sure looking like i'd leave the world without the "mis-t" disappearing... if i do please cremate me and put my ashes in an urn.
So long! So long!... Sad songs the choir would chorus.

"Go on! Go on! to an abode of eternal rest" the elders would chant all night.
It's gonna be alright... they would say whilst consoling my mother.
But they were the one that committed the murder.
Thrust their spear of generalization into my left ventricle.

You must be either this or that.
But no one cares if am "a-this-ah?", "ah-bar-ba?" or even "that-ah?".
They never really gave a fvck and they would start giving free fvcks tomorrow.
Each man to his boat, i guess all i did was row!, row!, row!.
i ne'er planned to be born onto the "island of misunderstood" ... Was there a mutiny or was i marooned.

The marooned 5 maybe? one for each of my split personas, did i eat the apple?
The marooned 5 and adam! what a musical group that would be!!
It's sad enough, that am sad 'bout all stuff.
Sad enough to the extent that i feel the sand s beneath my feet ain't enough.
Sad enough that i may seem all tough.
Sad enough that sometimes i choke, and stil don't cough.
Most of all it's sad enough... that i've never really felt love.

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