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Sunday, 16 April 2017


I say you don't matter, that's just bunch on bunch of lies.
I just say so to seem tougher than the other guys.
You say you detest me, but it's all a front.

Coz you've always kept me close enough to your heart... closer than your bra to your bust.
So what then is this 'bout?... trust??
Or just a pale shade of honesty.
Thoughts like bolts to my head, this is all screwed.

Even with efforts so shrewd... this painting still comes up skewed.
A new picture in an old frame.
The Dog became a wild beast and the Lion grew tame.
Cut off at his limbs with his mane sweeping the floor... Alas! the Lion is lame.
Alas!  The jungle is green, but only on your side.

Spin and have me spurn like the globe.
Till my stomach churns... Even till i've fathered your sons.
So how many more times we gonn' fight.
How many more times we gonn' choke just to keep it tight.
How many more times are we gonn' have to listen to wyclef 'fore we know that two wrongs wouldn't make a right.

For the moments captured on the kodak.
For the many times we marooned each other... lost on the islands of fiji.
For the times i thought you got down with my G.
For the times you had my anger off its edge and it delivered swifter than a bandwidth on 4G.

The other times i got down with bella to get back at you.
The times you put my D on a rake, just 'coz you wanted to blur my views.
Are you sorry?... Am i apologetic?
Would you still be there through the thin? 

Would i stay with you through the thick.
The pains would they linger forever? would they stick.
Can't really decide if i'm a nonsensical idiot, a flaccid prick.
Are you an overbearing cunt... on my nerves daily... slash, slash and cut!!.

Where then from here... What's next.
Convos by emails and texts.
aimless and pointless sex?
Errman to himself... permanent rest?
No more love?... zero to its quest.

Achievements... The balance sheet's heavy with debt.
Blurred lines... simply just vague.
'Fore this movie ends... whose gonn' take the credit.
Whose worthy of the plaudits.
Could we do a remake or edit.

Or should we let leave and let it be.
Peas inna pod... verses to a song.
Whatever it's gonna be, I'm gonn' keep whistling chris Brownz song.. "Don't be gone too long".
Through the fame, fortune and royalty...
I'd immortalize my love for you through a graffiti, With hopes that you wouldn't be my "X" for too long.

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