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Saturday, 1 April 2017


If you want this as bad as i do.. satisfy me, lemme satisfy you.
Sanctify me.. lemme sanctify you.
See my mind and its crew.

Of course allow me see yours too.
"Us" can become a "we", forget that we are just two.
I know sometimes i could be savage, but always know that what is mine is yours... "tiwa ni", i ain't after you so you could just call me boo.
Get me outta your system if you must, let that shit out at the loo.

Coz in truth... Christian grey couldn't be darker than this, black? am all shades of its hue.
So tell me if you once guessed this or you knew?.
That my best colour was blue.
And it's this aura i exude whenever i'm with you.

All through the years that we grew...
1,2,3,4,5 and counting...
My aim is not to rule you like you were a county.
You restless as fvck, as do i.. i'm always freaking bouncy.
Karius... you never held on to it, always announcing.
A screaming voice in the wilderness... john the baptist, althought i'm sure he was never prancing.

So if we must take our chances.
Seat at the table across of me, playing poker with zero poker faces.
And if you must, play the game without leaving traces.
Coz as a man in love... i might never get down on a knee to tie your laces.
That's reserved for my son, or when am popping the question... bringing the blush to the eventual one's friends faces.

It could be you or north.
I could be your special one too, or the guy you tell your friends 'bout "mhen that nigga issa ram"
I am the i am, who i am is a story, maybe it'd be told by my fam.
Sow seeds or not, make the heart fertile like a farm.

Nuff small talk i see the future, crystal ball and shii... i see it on your palm.
Stay with me, lay with me, lie to me.
It ain't really a difference.
Good brain, throat deep, might be the only time you and I cum to our senses..

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