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Sunday, 30 April 2017

The SexTape (Sex Story)

I fisted my cock harder and ran my fingers faster and faster.. A bead of precum oozed out and it ran down the plump head.. Straight into my squeezing fingers and acted like a pearly lubricant. I gazed dazedly at the screen in front of me.

She's enjoying it. Yes she is. What a bloody slut! I couldn't deny the thrill this gave me though. It's so much better than all the sex I've witnessed.. It's downright perverted and dirty.

He was half asleep and it looked up at her with this silly expression on its face. She began to pet him and he seemed as if he was becoming more friendly. I know she's thinking She could tell right away that he was an extremely friendly one.

Now she could see how really big he was. He's huge, she said to herself. He's even bigger than than the last one I saw. A lot bigger.

I know She felt a tingling sensation between her legs. I wonder, she said to herself. I wonder if he knows how much my cunt boils.. would he know just what to do? She began to reach underneath him and she was now holding onto his soft cock.

I know how dirty, nasty and slutty she gets. The stinkier, the better.

My hands squeezed my cock faster and I wanted her tiny hands wrapped around my own cock. I stared at the laptop screen with a hundred percent concentration. A tsunami couldn't break my focus..

She was on her knees and he was right in front of her. When she grabbed hold of his cock, it was still soft, but not for long. It seemed to get hard almost immediately. She began to stroke it back and forth and he began to move about..almost as if he were trying to get away from her.

Maybe if he smells my wet cunt, he'll want to do it, she thought to herself. She lay down on the floor with her legs spread and pulled his head down into her burning twat.

He pressed his nose right against her cuntlips so he could smell her even better.. He likes her smell, I thought. I love the stink of her pussy even better.. Thick and overwhelming.. My mouth watered at the memory..

Before long he was licking her thighs with his tongue and then he was licking her cuntlips. His tongue was cold and it sent shivers right through her. She pressed her cunt against his mouth just as hard as she could, and that seemed to have an effect on him. He was licking her clit up and down, and it was almost as if he knew what he was doing. I could see her sex juices flowing already and she could feel them pouring right out of her cunt.

She humped and rotated her pussy on his face harder.. He grinded her cunt.. I imagined she wanted him to chew her pussy out..His tongue was going faster and faster. Especially now that her come was pouring right out of her.

She's always a horny slut and her body trembled with her orgasm, He didn't stop. And like a machine he was licking her harder and harder, and drinking down most of her come. He was making all kinds of noises, and I loved listening to their sounds combined. She loved his tongue inside her pussy, and that was where it was now. It was right inside her, and it seemed to be going deeper and deeper..

Her cunt was quivering away and her body was trembling all over. "Don't stop," she panted. "Don't ever stop... Please.. Lick me harder!!! " her voice reverberated in the room through the speakers and pushed me near orgasm harder..

I could feel her cunt getting hotter and hotter...Her cunt was like an oven, and he was using his tongue like a hot poker. I could just imagine how loud she was going to scream once he had his cock in her..

She rolled over on her stomach and he began licking out her asshole already. He was running his tongue all along the crack and then all over her ass. That must give her a good feeling also. A feeling that overwhelmed her. I remembered the way I use to ream out her asshole while my fingers were buried in her cunt.. She managed to get up on her knees and hands and she spread her legs as far as she could. I wondered if he would know enough to mount her the same way he would mount a bitch. Because that's what she is. A bitch. A hole to be drilled.

He was on top of her and he was pressing his cock into the soft, wet folds of her cunt. She reached down between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt. She guided it right inside her and then she just pressed into him as hard as she could. He reacted just the way she wanted him to, and pretty soon he was humping away at her like he had been doing it all his life..

He humped and pushed in his thick cock.. In and out.. I felt a tiny spark of jealousy.. My cock wasn't as thick.. Nor as long.. I guess that's why she fuck anything she See's..

He plunged into her cunt..and then drawing it out almost all the way, and then shoving it back in her all the way again.  He did this over and over and I  knew that shes was on the verge of orgasm just as I myself is on the verge of orgasm.  

He seemed so big inside her, and on each inward stroke he seemed to get bigger yet. His cock seemed to grow longer and longer, and she thought he was going right through her. I know she thought she felt his cock going right up to her throat. He was splitting her in half almost.

That was the way she liked it though, and the bigger he seemed to her, the better she felt inside. Her whole inside was quivering and I could feel the cum boiling and rushing up.. Up..

All three of us came together as one.. My cum splattered on my hands and stomach.. She trembled in orgasm on the screen.. Screaming hoarsely.. He came and filled her cunt with cum. Her twat overfilled and cum spilled out..

He pulled his cock out and it was like the plug was released.. The cum poured out of her wide cunt like a river.. White. Gloopy. Thick..

His cock was still shooting out its hot cream, spilling out and dripping down her thighs and legs... He began to lick up his own come. Of course he licked up her come in the process. He licked her thighs up and down, and then up between her legs, and even her ass and asshole again. He was sniffing away at her all the time.

I finally solved my dilemma with the tape..

I had to know..

Does she smell like a bitch, I wondered.

Maybe he thinks she's another dog now.

Maybe he thinks she's just another bitch.

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