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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Voyages through the Secret Hotel 1


I entered my office and swivelled my seat. I pressed some buttons and the huge screens came to life. I stared intently at the screen in front of me; and sat down. The cursor moved to room 311 and I clicked enter.

Room 311 became enlarged and I could see it fully. In HD colours. From different angles. I leaned back and relaxed, I'm right on time. The keycard dinged loudly and she stepped into the room. I felt my cock leap once again.

I had a meeting with the manager-  we were to discuss some business deals pertaining to the hotel; when I saw her step in with her luggage. I was standing on the 3rd floor. She's neither supermodel beautiful, or stunning; but something innate caught my attention.
I had to have her. She gives off a sultry sexiness that I can't place. That's why I rushed back to my office to watch her. She entered the room and tipped the bell boy who brought in her luggage.

She then locked the door. I felt my dick swell.. I need to fuck her tonight. She jumped on the bed and squealed in excitement. I smiled at her exuberance. She pulled off her trousers and shirt, removed the bnd from her hair and strolled into the adjoining shower.

Fuck. This is not the millionth time I'm seeing naked women on my huge screen; I've seen so much, no breast is memorable.. But hers are perky with just a hint of sag.. She turned on the shower and started bathing.. She poured bath soap onto the bath sponge provided and washed herself clinically and fast. I wished she'd slow down..

The soap created a sheen on her skin that's making me want to wank. Then she did something i never expected. She leaned back on the wall and directed the shower head between her legs. She began to moan soo low and Delicious. Fuck it.
The water beat on her clit and I could see the bud. I wanted to suck it. I pressed the intercom and called the manager; he picked up immediately. "Come to my office bro; there's new prey". "Got it" he replied gruffly.

In a flash, he knocked on the door and I pressed a button on my desk absentmindedly. My eyes were glued to the woman on the screen who's squeezing the life out of her breasts, while the water fucked her.
He stepped in and the door closed in a whoosh.. "Fuck it, that sight is hot" he said. "Yeah, it's fucking hot, we need to fuck her now. I can't wait till tonight.." Our eyes met and we smiled in unison.


I heard the bell ding and I quickly pulled on a robe and tied a small towel on my head. This hotel is decadent and huge. Seriously luxurious.. I felt incredibly happy and relaxed; but I need to fuck. That relief i got from the shower was minor. The bell dinged again and I felt irritation began to rise in me. Can't the person relax? What the fuck?

I pulled open the door and the tirade building in my throat came to an absolute stop. Absolutely.. Wow. I stared at the scrumptious man standing in front of me; carrying a tray with a carton of juice and a glass cup

"Hello ma'am, This is complement of the hotel.." He inclined his head.."Can I come in?" "Of course, you can" I entered the room and he stepped in. He's so suave and clean. Very good looking too. He's too confident to be a mere server.

He dropped the juice on the glass table and turned to leave. "Who are you?" I blurted out. He turned with a smile and I covered my mouth in embarrassment.."I'm the manager, ma'am. lunch will soon be served, kindly order for whatever you want. I'd be back to take away the glass." Then he left.

Fuck. I felt an insane rush of hormones fill me. That is some hottie I'd love to shag. I want to do him so badly! I went to my bag and picked up my phone. I sat on the couch and flipped through Instagram.. I opened the carton of juice and poured it into the glass cup then I sipped it..

I reached for the carton again and found it empty.. Wow, I didn't even know when I finished the juice. I remembered the manager and Heat began building in my loins.. Like, the craziest urge to fuck singed my veins.. My hands wandered to my cunt on their volition and I began rubbing my clit. I couldn't get his face off my mind..

Wetness pooled on the sofa and my nipples were hard and tight as fuck. Oh my God. This lust is burning me up.. I need to fuck.. Aaaaah.. I felt like im in mating heat.. Lust slammed into me again and my mind went feverish.

I need dick.. I began to eye the remote control.. Would it fit up my cunt? "Fuckkkkkk.. " I squeezed my nipples almost to the point of pain. I wished the manager would come back. My mind went blank with lust.. I couldn't think straight anymore.

The doorbell rang and I rushed to get it.."Have you finished your drink ma'am?" Fuck. This is dick. This is a man! I couldn't stop my legs from clenching together.. Cunt juices poured out and my thighs were wet with lust.

The manager stepped into the room and looked at me strangely.. "Are you Ok ma'am? You seem feverish?" He moved close to me in concern.. I almost moaned at his nearness. He placed a hand on my neck and the moan broke out. I squeezed my thighs harder. Fuckk. I need to fuck his cock!

"You have a temperature ma'am, let me call the CEO and tell the medics. Are you alright?!" I wanted to scream.." No! I'm not alright! Fuck me! I need your cock" but only a whimper came out. He looked more bothered and rushed out of the door.

A few minutes later, he stepped in with the most sexy man ever. Tall, lean and built. They both look so sizzling. "I heard you're not okay ma'am, Is everything alright?" Concern was written all over their faces.

Shit. Erotic images began imprinting on my retina's. Each man squeezing a breast. Fuck. They looked at me expectantly. Fuck it; For the first time in my life, I'd do something crazy.
I pulled off my robe. They looked at me in shock. I rushed to the door and locked it. Then I moved towards them, while swinging my hips.."I want to fuck the both of you.." I moaned.
They edged away from me and moved towards the door.."No ma'am.. You need to see the doctors" I rushed to them.. Then I ran my hands on their crotch.. "Don't go.. Just. Fuck. Me. Anyway, anyhow.. I need to seduce them.

I felt their bulges. I squeezed harder and they groaned.. I felt power fill me. They growled in unison..Then all sounds were made impossible as the CEO bent his head hesitatingly, and I opened my mouth and received his tongue.

I sucked in his tongue, fighting back with mine. I was crushed between their bodies which ground together, rubbing slowly back and forth..The manager squeezed my breasts as I kissed the CEO. I let out a low moan as I felt his hot, fleshy hands across my ass cheeks.
The CEO stepped back and started undressing. I watched him with fever, I felt my blood racing around my body even faster when his broad chest came into view. I could  see the muscles rippling.

I turned and also saw the Manager undressing, his pants and shorts down to the floor.  He smiled teasingly at me as he slid his hands over his powerful hips and cupped the weighty bulk of his cock and balls. He squeezed the pliant flesh, pressing in on the base of his thick-shafted meat as he massaged his balls and dick over and over. He tilted his head back and winked at me.

I licked my lips with unbearable excitement. I wanted their cocks shoved in my cunt, ass, and mouth. Anywhere didn't matter. They just need to fill my holes.
They came back to me and pulled off my robe. Then they each grabbed a breast and started sucking, I felt incredibly horny!

My plump cuntal slit gushed like a fountain. My cunt quivered with erotic excitement. I ran my hands down and grabbed a cock each. They were both fat and thick, but the CEO's was a bit Longer.

There was an opaque drop of pre-cum forming at his piss-slit and he kneeled between my widely spread legs."Mmmmmmmmm," I groaned deliciously.
He wormed his fingers up and I arched my back as I felt his fingers finally discover my hot, fleshy slit. I groaned, feeling him start to finger-fuck up and down the entire length of her hot pussy.

I was groaning loudly and shamelessly as his finger-fucking increased in intensity. I ground my legs against his hand as he slipped two fingers deep. The Manager was still licking and biting my nipples.

I moaned louder as I felt his fingers slipping deeper and deeper into my wet, grasping cunt. I started pumping my hips violently back and forth, forcing his thick, long fingers even farther up my eager snatch. "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me!" I groaned. He pulled his fingers out of my gripping pussy with a loud squishy pop. I moaned in disappointment.

"Please, please," I begged, aching for a fuck. I need their cocks up in me! The manager stood up and brought his cock to my lips "Suck on it, baby."
I raised my head and opened my mouth. I was too hot to argue. He shoved his cock down my throat. The thick vein running down under his cockshaft throbbed angrily as the big man's nuts rose higher and higher, against the fat root of his prick.

I suddenly felt a dick rubbing my cunt. I moaned around the large cock buried in my throat.
It was the CEO, positioning himself so his big cockhead was poised inches from my pussy. "Fuck inside me now," I begged shamelessly.
 My cunt was seething with the need to be filled. I spread my legs further apart to accommodate him as he kept shoving into me. He was halfway inside me when my cuntal muscles spasmed.

They tightened down on him, strangling his sliding cock. "Fuck, fuck," I cried, feeling my snatch muscles relaxing again and letting more of CEO long, thick prick in. I felt my insides stretching to accommodate the big shaft. I tensed, waiting for that fat cockhead to reach the bottom of my cunt.

The Manager was groaning above me, all loud as I slurped on him like a meal. I could feel CEO's cock trembling inside me. It vibrated wildly against my clutching, slick cuntal walls.
I jerked up and impaled myself harder; while having the hottest fuck fest of my life!

I love this Hotel!

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