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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Voyages through the Secret Hotel 3

Part 3


"Yes dear, my taxi just got to the hotel now.. I'd call you back to give you my room details and tell you how it's going to be.." "Yes, baby" she replied in a perfectly soronous voice. I felt anticipation run up and down my spine.

I got down from the cab and took a deep breath. I need it in my life tonight. I've been dating eve for 2 years now and since I'm a good man, I yielded to her pleas of taking it slow and steady.. Meaning no sex.

I proposed to her last week when she came to visit me at lagos and we finally decided to settle down and fuck. She told me that she's sure she had me, so, we can now have sex.
It wasn't hard for me to agree to her initial no sex clause because you might not believe it, but I've never had sex before in my life.

I've made out and flirted with a few girls, but I didn't sleep with them. Now make no mistake.. I'm neither conservative nor an introvert; but I guess I was keeping myself for the perfect woman; eve.

She's the perfect foil for me, beautiful, elegant and well mannered. We've fooled around a bit; I've ate her cunt once or twice before.. And I fingered her also to check the status of her hymen; It's there anytime we meet up. I'm the man for that cunt! And finally, I get to rip it to pieces tonight.

I work and live at lagos, while she lives with her parents at abuja. After I proposed to her, we had an introduction where our families met and we chose the date of the wedding.
Unbeknownst to all of them; we can't wait anymore.. We're having a pre-moon fuck tonight. I took a flight to abuja and we planned to have sex till we hit oblivion. I also have a plan for that part.

I'm not dulling myself.. After waiting for that long, I'm not going to fuck it all up. I brought a pill to assist me with that. I was given the keycard to room 551 and I gave the receptionist an explicit instruction to give a "Miss Eve Akan" a matching keycard to my room; and they nodded.

I entered the room and smiled. Beautiful. This room cost me almost 2 months pay for a night; but anything is worth it for my eve. I saw their brochure online and I was captivated by the elegance. I knew then that I have to fuck eve in one of these rooms.

I sat on the couch and smiled deeply.. I took a deep breath and exhaled in a rush. Tonight is the night.. She won't know what hit her. I picked up my phone and dialled her number. She picked it up on the fourth ring..

"Hello sweetie, I'm leaving home now.." her voice lowered playfully.."hope you're ready for me? I can't wait to be wrapped up in your arms.." I chuckled gruffly..."Fuck it eve, you're making my cock hard already.. Get here quick and pick up your keycard at the reception.." She smiled.. Don't ask me how I knew, I just know.

"Yes baby.. Will do..I'd take a cab now.."
"I'm highly expectant...I love you baby,"

"I love you dear". I disconnected the call and stood up. What can I do to make the mood more romantic? I pulled open the fridge and saw a wide array of wines. I selected a 1980 dry white wine that I know eve will love. I set 2 wineglasses beside it on the table
I turned on the stereo and plugged my phone into it with a USB cord. My favourite playlist came on, and I selected a slow jam and tuned it low. I nodded to thee music and smiled. Wine, check. Music, check. Eve, almost check.

I rubbed my hands in glee and took out the pill. I heard it was a crazy aphrodisiac and works like magic.. I didn't want to disappoint her tonight because i know the moment my dick hit her soft, wet, pussy tonight, I'm gonna Cum. Anticipated cum.

I swallowed it and sat back on the chair while I perused my phone in boredom. The effects of the drug was more immediate than I expected. Fuck. My dick got hard in a instant and it craved one thing; wet, willing pussy. I started dialling Eve's number when I heard the keycard ding. Thank Goodness she's here already!

She opened the door and stepped in, but it wasn't eve. No, it was the hottest sight me and my dick ever saw. She's wearing the shortest black skirt I've ever seen in my life. Or maybe it's a scrap of fabric. It's stretched over wide thick thighs and looks like it'd tear up any moment.

I looked up and saw breasts framed by a tiny crop top. She's so beautiful. And she looked confused and lost.."didn't you call for room service sir?" I shook my head no. It was then I noticed the bucket and mop she was holding.

My lust veered into my dick and I felt dizzy for some moments; all the blood in my circulation zapped down to my dick and left my brain with just one thought. Fuck her.
The drug made me go crazy. I beckoned her with a finger and she closed the door and came forward. The breast's were almost popping from the shirt.  Fuck it! "Why are you dressed so slutty?" I rasped. I broke out in a sweat and I began to see double.

She did something unexpected. The came forward and wrapped her arms around my neck, "Do you like it?, I wore it just for you.. Only for you.. I saw you come into the hotel and I just had to have you.."

Those last words broke the very weak bones of the camel's back. My dick was harder than Iron. I was sweating profusely as I remembered hazily that someone named "eve" was coming.

The slutty girl slowly untwined her hands from my neck and said..."look.." She sexily strolled to the bed and sat on it.. Then she pulled of her almost not-there skirt and exposed a fully waxed cunt. Fuck. She's giving me a perfect view of her pussy as I knelt on the bed push her legs apart.

Her inner cunt is as pink as a rose and sticky wet. I press my hands to the inside of her thighs and watch as her lips spread, showing me just how wet she is. Reaching down, I unbutton my jeans and pull out my dick, never taking my eyes off her pussy.

Her sweet scent fills my lungs and makes my mouth water. Fuck, she looks so fresh. I’ve never seen such a pretty pussy before. She’s virgin tight, her opening barely showing as I push her legs farther apart. I give my dripping cock a few strokes, lubing it up. I can’t stand just looking anymore. I lean in to get a quick lick of her pussy.

I almost fell broke my neck in my rush to eat her up. I buried my head straight into that juicy pot. She groaned.."I didn't know you'd be this receptive.. I'm glad though.." She trailed off. I’m beating my cock fast as her pussy juice covers my tongue and lips. Her hips are starting to move with my strokes, and she’s getting louder.

I chewed her like gum, I just wanted her wet enough for the pounding she's to gracefully receive. She's screamed and came in a puddle. Oh, a fucking squirter!

I couldn't wait any longer. Grabbing my cock, I rub the tip in her wetness before moving to her entrance, just barely putting the tip of my cock inside her. “Fuck, I’m about to nut just thinking about getting in this sweet cunt. Lick your fingers and rub your clit, baby. I’m gonna ride you so hard and good." The drug made me go mad!

The feel of her pussy closing around me is the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, and no way will I be giving it up. She screamed and I groaned.
I start to move in fast, deep thrusts, hitting the very back of her cunt, but after a few seconds I can’t take it anymore. I pull out almost all the way before thrusting back into her fully, rutting away.    

A loud moan escapes her throat, and I reach up, putting my hand over her breasts, and squeezed so fucking hard! Her  pussy got wetter, and I twinged her nipples.
She moaned again and I kissed her mouth, while I fucked her harder...making the bed hit the wall with each thrust.

This pussy is strangling my cock! I regretted ever not fucking in my life.
I feel her fingers move between us as she starts to rub her clit. I fucked her faster. My dick is being squeezed to death by her tight cunt.

Her body tenses up and and she screams around my hand as her climax floods through her body. I thrust in one final time, as deep as I can go, and fill her full of my warm cum. My dick was still hard in her and I could fee it swishing in the cum I just deposited in her.

I lean down and put my mouth on her hard nipple, sucking it into my mouth before letting it out with a loud pop. Big titties like hers need lots of attention, and I plan on getting my fill of them... I began tiny little thrusts again and she moaned loudly...

"I love you, eve" I whispered..
"I love you too baby".

I kissed my baby's forehead.

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