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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Straffing with COLD 2

Part 2


The car hardly bumped and to be honest, I dozed off a few times.. At first, I tried to be alert and to monitor all the roads we passed, just in case. But then it got so tiring that I didn't bother with the effort. He lived so far away from the city and we passed a long long road...
Let's just say I'm a connoisseur of picking car doors and I snuck into his back seat, and settled on the floor. I had a hard time trying to peep at the road and avoid being detected by him. He drove with very fierce concentration; like he couldn't wait to get home and he didn't once glance at the back seats.

I wondered what was so important to make him this focused and not even notice my presence. Could it be a woman? My heart plummeted at the thought. Oh my God! I didn't once consider if he was married! Damn my impulsive and curious nature!
Other things began to cross my mind.. What if he's an axe murderer?! Or a serial killer?! Crap. Cold sweat broke out on forehead and all my feelings of security vanished. I began to panic.


I drove into the compound and this time, I set up all the security measures and I walked into the house.. And locked the door firmly behind me. I held the new book between my pinkie and thumb and swung it rhythmically.. I walked into the room and the stink of urine assailed me. I wrinkled my nose; miffed.

He was spread wide on the table, naked and looking so disgusting. He heaved in pain and moaned low. Shit. Now I can't read in peace anymore.. The whole place stinks. I went to the array of torture instruments hung on a wide rack and perused.. Which one? He's to be punished for messing my steel table up.

I smiled wickedly.. He's been on the table for almost 48hours.. And I don't care. I selected the thumb screw and felt a tingle. He felt my presence near him and he groaned in pain.. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with suffering.

I showed him the thumbscrew and said.." Now, you're going to be punished for messing up., I'm going to shatter your thumbs and ring fingers respectively. That will teach you. After that, we're going to continue the slices hmm?" I deadpanned.

He screamed in agony at my words.."hush, hush, I haven't even started yet.." I crooned. I slowly inserted his thumb into the clasp of the contraption and slowly twisted. He began to scream loudly and then I heard the satisfying crunch of the bones. His screams rang loud and clear..

It must have reverberated round the whole house.. I hope my delicate guest enjoys the track. I grinned manically. I slowly shattered all the fingers i chose and his screams gave me a fucked up hard on.

I briefly considered jacking off, but then, the smell of stale sweat, and urine dissuaded me. He cried and whimpered like a baby. His fingers were useless. I decided to finish the rest off.. After all, the hands are useless already; grinded to pulp.. What's a few more fingers?


I got down from the car tentatively and stretched my legs.. The compound is huge! This man must be loaded! The huge building stood right in front of me like a Gothic mansion.. Dark, fiery and scary. The leafless trees surrounding it in a protective arch made it look haunted.

I felt chills fill me. What have I gotten my self into?! Although scary.. The house stood tall, proud and Incredibly beautiful. A garden flanked it and the flowers were orchids and gardenias that were perfectly tended to. Pretty.

The compound looked so vast and endless. I looked around for a bit; trying to plan my next move.. Will I walk up to the front door? Or stay out here forever? I could see state of the art security systems and I wondered if he knew I was in here?

All the questions made me go crazy and I decided to take the bulls by the balls. I walked up the front door and heard a piercing scream. I felt the blood drain from my system. What was that?! I froze in shock. The screams continued in rapid succession and sounded like somebody in agony.

I wanted to die! I ran way from the door, but the sound didn't stop! I covered my ears, but nothing could blot it out! I ran back to the car and fund out that the door is securely locked. I started getting panicky. I am being tortured!

I didnt know how many hours passed, but its night time already. I ran to the gates and banged hard on it. I didn't even care anymore! A camera was mounted on the gate and it swerved to my direction and i looked straight into it..

And begged! Begged to be let go! To be let free! The knowledge of not knowing what's going on inside the house almost killed me. The agony ridden sounds continued! I was almost mad and frantic. Yet the gate didn't open up. I couldn't scale the fence.

I fainted in exhaustion, dehydration and half dead from hysteria.


After crushing his fingers, I went into the adjoining toilet and brought a big keg of antiseptic liquid. I poured it all over the steel table and it inadvertently poured on the wounds/cuts on his belly and he screamed louder. I didn't intend that, but well; he caused it. Then I poured a bucket of water on him and everything went to the floor, which had inbuilt drains. I'd planned for nonsense like this; although to be fair, he's not the first.. Nor neither going to be the last to mess up.

I set my sit closer to him and took several cuts randomly while I read. His screams made me happy. I raised my head from the book and realised it was dark already and my victim was badly cut all over.. I'd even punctured an eye... Oops. His he unconscious or dead? I checked for a pulse and found it beating; albeit slowly. And the whole place is bloody. Wow, how did I miss that?

I stretched and smiled. Time to take care of her.. I went into my control room and found her sprawled in front of the door. Perfect. She's worn herself out. I'm sure the sounds must have driven her crazy. I pulled open the door and bent. I carried her in and she didn't even stir.

What was she thinking? This pretty pretty creature.. I touched her cheek tenderly.. She's just going to get herself killed.. She looks like a tiny pet.. I sighed. She's a complication I'd have to clear up as soon as possible. She turned in my arms and moaned. I felt my cock stir. It became hard instantly..

I felt like shoving my cock into her tiny mouth and waking her up with chokes.. My eyes fell on her heaving breasts.. Just a pert handfuls.. I flicked one and the tip hardened instantly.. What a nasty nasty girl..

I debated briefly. Kill her? She's here already and she's definitely not leaving anytime soon. No body lives to tell. Her hair brushed my arms and the feel was so soft. Incredibly soft. I found my hands rubbing it unconsciously..

She looked so peaceful sleeping. She fit into the crook of my arms perfectly. I found myself carrying her to my bedroom.. But then I stopped myself. What the fuck am I doing?! I detoured and dumped her in the basement. Luckily, it's dark and has no light.


I woke up with a start. My throat was parched and I'm desperately thirsty. I opened my eyes and it's pitch black. I blinked. Am i blind?! It's so dark.. Where am I? Then everything came rushing back. I felt terror fill me.

I sat up and heard a rustling.. Something crawled over my thighs and I screamed! I jumped up and screamed louder! What have I gotten myself into?! I'm convinced this man is a serial killer! I didn't finish that thought when an agonized scream pierced the air.

I wanted to faint. The scream sounded louder and clearer. Perhaps I'm inside the house?! I wanted to die. A flashing light blinded me for a moment and I was confused. I looked up and saw him.."Good, you're awake." He came inside and tried to help me to my feet.. I shrank back in fear and he gave a deep chuckle.."But you were so eager to come along some few hours ago?" He insisted and I didn't budge. "If i wanted you dead, you'd be dead by now. But you're not dead. Yet."

Was that supposed to make me feel better? He made an impatient sound and shrugged me off. He turned to the door and I screamed."Stop.. I'm sorry.. I'd come along.." I stood up and rushed after him.

Opulence everywhere. I was surrounded by luxury. Tastefully furnished furniture's and knick knacks. This place is beautiful! He slowed down at my gaping and asked.."Do you need water?" I nodded absently, still taking everything in.

He gave me a bottled water and I gulped it down.. It's the most Delicious thing I'd ever tasted. "Come and see". He led me down a maze of corridors.

My mind couldn't wrap around the lush beauty. It's so different from the exterior! His powerful frame walked in front of me, and I marvelled at the innate power and confidence packed into his lean body. His back is straight and his ass is encased in perfectly pressed pants. Even in my unsure condition, I couldn't help but notice this details.

We stepped in front a door. He punched a keycode in, the doors slid open and we entered. The stale scent of blood filled my nostrils and make me want to puke. I covered my nose.. Then I saw the most ghastly thing ever..

Something or someone was spread on a steel table, looking disastrous. I wanted to faint. I felt fear fill me..."Enjoy the view, my pet.." My eyes flew open at the endearment.. "After all, that's what you came to see, aint it?"..

"Listen, His screams had gotten my cock so hard.. I've been sporting an erection for 72hours.. Now, I'm going to fuck you. In this room. With this smell. And you're going to come for me. You're going to love it. You're going to beg me for more.. You're going to be ridden very hard." His lips curled wickedly. I felt sick to the bones.

I began to back away.. He walked towards the apparition and took a bloodied dagger.. Then he swiped it on the thing and it screamed! Blood gushed from the wound and I felt nausea hit me.. "Now, we got a soundtrack.."

He unbuckled his belt and it fell in a clang.. He squeezed his crotch. Hard outline of heavy cock. I was riveted.

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