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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Litigation 2


It also showed how he would eat anything he is hungry about. I want him to eat me up. He spilled ketchup on his shirts suddenly, a deep hot red stain, "whoa!" he exclaimed, "I need to wash this" - I asked him to pull it so the maid can do the washing.

He paused a while and pulled it in good faith, adrenaline rush ran in my veins, my pussy was just doing anyhow. He had tattoos in strategic places on his body.

He has a well trimmed body, huge veins and cut muscles. I began to wonder why he is not a cast in the Spartacus movies! "it stained my singlets too" he said as he tried to pull his singlet; "whoa!" I said and he stopped asking if there is a problem. Yes there is but I couldn't say because I am staring at his body properties! "No problem" I said as the maid collected it to wash.

My lawyer will be topless the rest of the meeting; a blessing or a curse? Where we are seated is cold and I am hot, the sight of this dude is killing me! I can feel my pussy contracting.

A nipple was on the rise and I think he knows, his brown eyes, audacious baritone voice and relatively brown beards are my turn on. He continued with his meal which it looks like he is enjoying, I stained my lips with some milky thing, he noticed, cleaned with his hands and licked it, I was very unbothered by that action. I smiled naively, he tasted his chicken and convinced me to eat too because it was succulent and delicious. The air crackled with our attraction.

He moved very closely to give me, and I took a chunky bite, I was practically shivering, I have never met a guy this bossy! He broke down all my defenses.
We thought we were chewing when we began to kiss. His lips roved all over mine and his hands were still filled food. He kissed me while feeling every damn saliva I have, he dropped the chicken he is holding somewhere and I can feel his glossy hands crawling on my body, I swear I was looking for words but I cannot just find them!

I wanted to stop but then I asked myself "For what?" I was already in  the roll of his hands, and enjoying the kiss. He carried me and he sure felt that I was only on thongs underneath..

He pinned me to the wall near the wedding portrait of I and Ono, and trust me, his muscles were not bluffing, he actually has strength.
He kissed me passionately, and I was moaning like a sick goat. His hands bunched up my flimsy wear, shoved the thong aside and he ran his long fingers around my draining pussy. I shook hard! he didn't pull off my thongs, he just slid it to the side and inserted his finger.

I skipped about five breath, "what are you doing?  I asked; he replied with more intense and harder strokes of fingering, I held his head and kissed deep his forehead!
He carried me to a shelf in the corner where we have a shrine of pictures, I felt my hand swiping off the pictures un-apologetically; he placed me on it and this time tore my pants, and he brought out his man tool, I was scared!

All my life I thought Ono had the longest dick in the world but to what I am seeing, Ono is no match! "what are you doing?" I asked pushing him back a bit - "trying to fuck you" he said with no remorse, "I can stop if you want me to" he buttressed; the later statement made my pussy drip..

My ass was balanced on the table and my pussy was open to his view. It was at this point I was doing the thinking, he slowly moved forward and he walked between my open thighs. Then he did something shocking. He grabbed his Cock at the root and slowly brought it to my cunt lips.

I tried shuffling away, but he bent his head and whispered huskily.."Let me change your mind.." Then he placed the head and gently rubbed it on my vulva. He continued this and the sight was incredibly lewd, Its's the dirtiest shit I've ever seen. My cunt was frothing juices and he continued rubbing his cock head on my cunt. I began to moan and the bastard grinned. I couldn't bear it anymore.

"Fuck me" i moaned.. He slid into me and I saw the way my lips parted for him. His dick was heavily veined and thick. My walls gripped tightly and refused to release him.
I felt joyful pain, I had tear but i was worth it, he buried it all and covered my mouth to lower my screaming sharp moan.

He thrust like those porn stars, and I cannot believe my lawyer is the one inside of me, i felt guilty and my conscience pricked me but the pleasure from the effort Alex is putting - swept all the judgemental feeling away, damn I was getting fucked!

Guilty pleasure is what it is, He bent me over and with no help from his hands, his dick was inserted again, I closed my eyes with tightly and laid my head carefully against the wall, I was relishing the boundless pleasure Alex was giving.

He did some rubs around  my clitoris that was very sensational, I opened my eyes quick as he slid in again, he buried it all in me, he carried me to one of the couches.
It was Ono's favourite couch at that, I would have protested but he did it with his dick inside of me, and that shut me the fuck up.

He carried me majestically, we walked in front of a mirror placed in an alcove in the room. I saw myself in the light of this, my hair wild and lust all over me.
Guilt ran through me again and I felt ashamed, my back hitting the chair and Alex massaging my pussy with his tongue sent the guilt packing. He found way into my pussy, he was handling me this time like I was always his, this is looking like something he's always wanted to do.

He increased the speed of the thrusting, and I was scared my below was going to shut down, "please stop" I said but it fell to deaf ears because it was not understandable; as a result of the multi syllable I said it with and in sighing moan, it escaped with.

I felt like my mouth did a job I did not ask it to! Veins was all over Alex, he had not a sweat on him and I was as sweaty as chilled drink, I was moaning loud without consideration that my maid could show up! I realised we've completed a circle round the room.

He was feeling something too as he began to moan harshly and he pinned my knee to my breast, and then he buried it all in me and released the cum right inside of me. I felt it shoot up into me and my womb swallowed it up.

I was in a very helpless pleasurable position to even protest- his dick pounded me well while his harsh breathes filled my ears.
My eyes were closed in fantasy and I was moaning softly to catch my breathe. I opened my eyes to my nightmare, the door was wide open and standing is my husband Onoriode with fire in his eyes! His fist was balled and he was panting like he just concluded a marathon race.

With fury, he moved towards us and I ran shamelessly away from the compromised position, he picked a stool and hit Alex right on the head as he tried to speak, they went into a very destructive fight, I stood naked there without knowing what to do!
My maid ran into the room in curiosity and was shocked to see me boobs out, thighs wet, and naked. She was speechless too and I see Ono sending heavy punches on errands to the face of Alex.

I noticed Alex was not fighting back at this point, he had already wasted too much strength fucking me, I yelled at Ono to stop and do not kill him, "fight me if you need to fight" I said. He took his last punch at Alex and he made sure it count, as the punch burst open an area close the brows of the fuck-stud.

Ono stood, threw an enveloped paper at me, exhaled and said "the doctor said you are pregnant." - he went to the fridge, saw our pictures littered on the ground and also added "I don't want to see you when I get back."

He stormed out after ward. I do not know whether to cry. I got what I wanted which is a part with Ono but it is not a divorce; I picked my clothes shamefully and walked right pass my maid. She arranged the hospital logistics for Alex.


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