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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Dear death, this is not an attempt to connect with you like a pen pal.
This is me, sad and disappointed... suicidal thoughts only, coz soon my home maybe beneath the waters of the 3rd mainland bridge.
Tell me... if I opt to go today, how would you choose to snuff out my life.
Slash! cut! cut! motions of a knife.

As i stand at the edge preparing to take that dive into the depth of hades.
Would you keep on record what my friends say?... i know some of them may hate this.
Some of them may feel its good riddance... one less trouble to worry about.
Dear death, do i get to make one last
promise... on my honour... like a boyscout.

Or atleast say a few words to the ones i love.
Once i'm gone would i be able to astrally project my consciousness.
Just to watch my princess fold up while she sleeps, cater for her a falcon guarding her nest.
Dear death... quick question... errr, are people like me misunderstood.
Our opinions shot into the skies... golf strokes of tiger woods.
Hands on chin, we brood and brood.
Day in, Day out we keep to ourselves till our true face is covered by a hood.

Our true thoughts are veiled, no one really making an effort to unveil.
Dear death, when you come to take what's yours... Do you say "please come with me" politely or you do it with a dash of rude.
How far is it from here to your bossom.
In your territory do black flowers blossom.
Errr..,death, another quick question.

My president is frail and working from home... are you taking him soon?
Can you spy on him quickly for me, coz
reports are circulating that he's got alot of homework based on his certificate ish... others claim he's now a blogger.
Dear death, do you feed off human energy or can you snack a burger.
Is your favourite the "chicken pepperoni", coz i heard it's the exact reason Oba Akiolu got pissed with the Ooni.
I wonder how vast your kingdom is coz you have taken many.

Tell me how many heavens and hells exist.
One, three or seven...are there short
cuts,like winging through with blistering speed whilst putting on the number eleven.
Tell me when you take me,will you come yourself...or you'd send your boys,because you like to claim levels.
Tell me how close are you to the devil.

Is he really evil ...or a fun guy thrown out of heaven coz he threw a wrong type of party.
Tell me was he as old as Jesus when he "caused trouble"...thirty??
Forty??...tell me forty things to do when am feeling faulty.
Dear death,are you a necessary evil.
Or you're just a mechanism to keep earth civil.
Dear death if i call on you...would you answer...would you??

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