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Monday, 17 April 2017


He's mine; that gorgeous mane of masculinity
He grips me so hard, the life squeezes, mentally.
Playing awful games I can't fathom
I'm confused, I'm lost, I'm losing my innate lust.

His eyes absorbs and always beholds,
He wants all future to cease.
Live in the moment; right here, right now,
He's twisting the blade, I'm almost Fade.

I bite on him, distance or not,
Hard crushes of a mad man's lot.
Insanity swirls in the rhymes of pot
Awake, asleep; he consumes my thought.

I think I'm going insane from seeing him always; In an alternate reality,
Crazy pain, fragile trust, he's so far away,
I reach out a hand, ease this pain;
Bleed, scream, choke on and sail.

I cream for you,
I think of you,
I love being your thorn,
Prickly, annoying, always hurt.

The hurt haunts like a haunt,
When I prick and you cunt,
Slashes of anger your eyes become,
I want to pacify, Kneel and Sanctify.

Memories of our fucking, hazy details,
Stronghold connection, fragile breathes,
He bit my ears and agonizing ecstasy,
Flowing like rum, flowing from one.

I wished I swallowed you that day,
Probably, my throat gripping yo dick; will make you trip
And stop you from stroking the flames,
Explosion of emotions, and my rage of jealousy.

I laid my stamp on you, though it's faded like faded greys,
I need to stay, He needs to wait,
You need to decide fast and we need to Lay.

Entwined bodies, gripping heats,
Slashes of Red, black footprints,
I need to pull your head, prolly bend a crack,
Bite your neck and taste yo life.

Green Envy is my Name,
I wear it proudly; pious and sane,
It matches my Red of rage,
Clashes with yo Black, and sometimes; Blue of hues.

The tipping moment from the past,
I promised, never to look and look back,
You came into my life once again;
Now you're dope, doper than Crack.

Crack! My Facade Not,
Distant Poet, I am Not,
Being near your work inspires this forte,
Never ashamed, Never ever Sloth.

Take charge of our lives,
I'm just but a gentle dove; waiting for yo Swerves.
Direct Us, Protect Us,
While I lay with my Curves, fucking you till sundown.

Savage is the sound of yo Name,
A cruel player, UnNew to this game,
His embrace is Cold and hard,
Like Frost bite, deep into my bones, when I hear 'dios.

Assassins attempt, I go through them,
I feast on them, I love hurting them,
Bullets of yo thoughts shoot through me,
While fucking em, Your eyes are all I see.

Daggers of yours words like poisoned dart,
Sight of me; gives you Infuriating pats,
I know, I know, I mean Nothing,
But I'm going to squeeze the rope, till I choke you; on something.

Choke you with me; Is what I'd do,
Fumes of poofs of you, Getting rid of me is a wasted effort,
Whisper to me, Lemme encompass you,
Let me be your you; every shade of every hue.

Silent Screams are the best way to hear,
They pull at you, they make you think,
Is this for me? For you? Or for him?
The puzzles are twisted, but I know you'd slash the loop.

Your kisses make me Cum,
Your fingers drag out screams and make me bleed,
Your bites, is the epitome of Lust,
In the dreams we talk,Take me Hostage.

Hostage to dreams we've never discussed,
Talks not for the faint hearted
Weird Pair, Noisy and Noisier,
Two pens; Never a dossier.

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