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Thursday, 6 April 2017


Com' over baby, let's do the things that we say on texts.
Do it to the max, till we falling off the peaks of our orgasms.

Climb to the max all the way, coz that's the only ish i wanna do all day with you it seems.
Till our stories get written on Climaxxx, a million reads from dawn to when the sun dims.

Rock, rock, rock my boat till it capsizes in your ocean.
Slow jamaican riddim be the motion.

Hands on hips, eyes on lips... i make you want me alil' bit more before it becomes lips on lips.

Soon it's sip upon sip from the forbidden fruit.
Arcs for the back and numbness for the feet.

You never call my full names, but tonight you screaming 'em with your fingers dug in.
That pvssy's like a Wi-Fi... all i do is log in.

No passwords, all she does is with her
head bowed... she gives great nods.
From within her legs begets may's weather like Floyd.

She likes to play... she also likes to be treated like a toy.
Upon the bed... tossed and turned.

Lifted and grappled against the wall.
Twisted and re-positioned like a gymnast.

Damn she look so juicy like a fruit salad, draws a man back with her oranges every time a man go.
Hence there's no escape for a man till his bellows blow.
Pufff!! There's heavenly juices from me and you.

We are at the zenith... so you can bank on us to this till we fall to the earth like dew.
Not many are called to this party... Me and you are the select few..
To the Max!!

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