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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Cold Dark Room 2

Gbenro Johnson

Today is a good day for me, a long awaited and overdue leave is granted as I have worked for two years straight in the tedious bid to impress the authorities that I am the best man in the progressive realm of the company.

I never wrote for a leave demand, I didn't apply on those weeks I was entitled to- which reflected in the incentives I have received in the somewhat short time frame. 
I am excited when I got the mail from the HR's office, it made my day instantly and it was tagged in the letter that my leave is long overdue; I was given a month leave with all payments intact. 

I printed it almost immediately so as to show to my boss. She perused it hardly without any understandable look on her face- read it with hardly any reaction and frankly, I didnt even know what I expected to see on her face.

She appended her signature on the foolscap letter. I appreciated her gesture and the only thing that came from her cute but cold mouth was "resume as at when due" with very tacit emphasis. I nodded in agreement and used the door immediately, I dropped all company related documents and immediately arranged for the closest taxi to Ibadan to spend my vacation-like leave. Wow. I rubbed my hands mentally- Rest.

This journey is exciting but the fun in it is very vague. I have missed out on my social life, and all the calls I placed to ladies I use to have as standby pussies proved futile.
Many of them are now married, some I later heard were dead and I begin to wonder how much things can change in three years. My initial excitement began to dwindle.

It is looking like I will be going to Ibadan to be on my own or start fun life all over again, it is clear to me now that most part of my life is three years backward, can I make up for all those years in one month? I thought of all these until sleep took me away in the cab.
Ibadan brought the home vibe back to me as most of my childhood was here and there is so much reminiscent foray hitting me; my first kiss, my first slap, my first fight, my first shag; I mean my first everything was here!

Three years away felt like three centuries, as the street was filled with glimmering lights, I spoke the indigenous language- Yoruba and trust me, with the full fledged accent to the driver to take me to Bodija where my house is.
I got home at about 8pm, took a long and satisfying shower, ate a very traditional meal (Amala, ewedu and goat meat) which I purchased from a vending stall on the street- this bukateria, as they are fondly called is A+.

I lazyied on my isolated vintage brown chair as I flick on my phone. I was trying hard to uproot emotions from contacts of ladies I have long abandoned since my adulterous hay days, all so far prove futile. My stay is getting frustrated so soon due to lack of companion. I really want to believe it won't continue like this! This is getting boring, and it's still Day One!

 Eniola Coker
It is two weeks since my PA left and it's been hell without him. He has been doing all the hard and annoying work on my behalf and his absence avers that, I miss him- really much..not for anything but for the petty things that he handles.
My work time is stretched and more frustrating now! I have to do a whole lot of talking coupled with exhausting brainstorming. I wish I had not granted his leave permit but it is long overdue and I will only be a more bitter bitch that I already am. 
His absence have led to more loneliness at work and I have devised a demonic porn watching routine at work- I just couldn't help bringing that bad habit here.
Many of the morons around here will think I am glued to the monitor doing some serious company work. And as I am dealing with the most imperative aspect of my life at the moment, every other thing is secondary. I was so carried away on tuesday that I didn't know when I swerved my pant to the side and did a thorough finger work on myself. I buried two fingers deep in my cunt on a low moan. They slid in like sin.
I was moaning loudly soft which made it very inaudible for anyone to hear, 2 fingers were not up to the task so I added one more to work. Three fingers plunged in and out and the water works produced was mad. I squeezed my breasts and wished feverishly for a male cock.
I was caressing myself hard my chair and started a prayer that anything masculine just walk through my door. I felt rivulets drop down and my thighs shook very vibratingly, the urge was subsidized by as a result of the help from my fingers, the problem was managed but not controlled. A low groan escaped my lips and the sucking sound of the suction made when fingers vibrated inside cunts filled the office.

The intercom jolted me as I was about to hit a semi-orgasm and I pulled my fingers out. I hit the button with my left hand and it turned out to be a call from the CEO for a briefing. I adjusted myself, wiped the mess off my hands and between my legs with antiseptic baby wipes I keep in my bag.

Although a bit shaky from my high strung need to fuck; I walked out of the door and I was disgusted that no one in the entire hall noticed what my need is. Most of the lowly guys couldn't even meet my gaze and I just wished I could invite one of them for an unending fucking spree.

At the well furnished office of the CEO, I sat down on the luxurious cushion chair, and the softness the chair brought to mind yet another thoughtful rendezvous. I was revelling in the thoughts of the prospective pleasure in getting screwed on this chair, and everything around me was inspiring sex and I was reflexively refusing to be distracted by the thoughts of any other thing. Fuck it, I need to fuck. Soon. 

The tap of the CEO brought me back to life in the speed of light; he dropped in front of me a document and smiled at me, if only he could read my mind; he would not have smiled at me, and to have him distracting me from my adventurous fucking thoughts was really annoying. Afterall, his cushion caused it.

I convinced myself that it is an official setting and I shook off the anger as I picked the document to read, "I need you to go to Ibadan and make something happen, convince the company in that memorabilia on why they should prioritize us as their partner, I know you can, I know you will!" he said, this is the usual character of the CEO, he does not expect you to talk back, just listen and act. 

I stood to take my leave and he said with a very annoying emphasis "come back with results Eniola, I am counting on you" - "okay sir" I answered as I close the door after me.
Usually I am enthusiastic when I hear about work related challenges of this nature - but definitely not this time, there is a greater challenge battling with my being at the moment which is getting fucked!

Ibadan is almost a good news because my husband is there right now and there is actually a chance that I get a all weekend feat with him. I called him to inform him about my coming, and he sounded happy that I am coming which gave me  little hope that I might get what I want in Ibadan.

I have prepared my mind to relay how I really want to be fucked to my husband, not orally else we just argue about it. I just want to use to the practical wiles of a horny woman to command the satisfaction I need.

All of these initiative I procured from my internet therapist, I paid $40 per session for the insight and trust me, it's not going to waste. I am that much of a savage now, as It is what comes with deprived women dilemma that I am in. Ibadan; here I come!

 Gbenro Johnson

I think I miss work, the boredom involved in coming to Ibadan is out of the world and it has been hell.,I am so bored now that I watch porn. An endeavor I think is silly; but since I have nothing doing..

Here is not how it use to be, infact the prostitutes in the city is almost acting married! I am only enjoying the company of my sister which is not consistent. By the way, my leave is looking like a bad idea, Ibadan is proving to be a disaster, and I will be calling in earlier than scheduled for resumption. 

I need a life aside work and I don't even know how to go about it, top it all; I am as horny as a horse!! I cannot recur how many times I have masturbated!

 Eniola Coker

On my arrival in Ibadan, I went straight to the company I was sent to, did my mojo, stretched the stretchable and got the deal to the most positive extent, my proposal was not swallowed hook, line and sinker, but it is most likely to see the light of day. 
I did all these as fast as I could to get myself out of the official routine and personalize the rest of my stay. I finished my official assignment at about 6pm and I saw a text from my husband telling me where to meet.

This charged my hanker and my pussy was blessing god! "I am on my way!" I replied, I took the nearest cab to Bodija where he said hotel is situated. It began to rain heavily, and joy unspeakable filled my heart, my vibe got more positive than ever. This weather is just perfect. After some silly ass fucking will come the cuddling. I just can't wait.

I got to the guesthouse, which he told me has a bar. it is quiet and but filled with a lowkey vibe; like an impending excitement you could feel deep into your shins.
I sat to wait as instructed by my husband, and I ordered for a drink with little alcohol in it, I was leery though so I do not get too drunk! My hormones are protesting, my pussy is campaigning too, my nipple are as hard as ice and my heart was pumping in a special way! My wait is very loyal so long I am getting the dick tonight. Loyal, I am.

I began to squirm in frustration. It is three hours and there is no sign of my husband anywhere, I can not reach him also, and the ambiance of the bar is at its low now, the night is getting old, I was worried and angry respectively. I'm not feeling quite excited anymore.
I objected to lodging in the guesthouse but adding to my forlorn; it was already filled and also for certain set of people. The weather brought in people.

My nerve is failing already. The thoughts of where to pass the night clouded my thinking, and I was scrolling through my low battery phone, I do not know anyone or anywhere in Ibadan. My husband doesn't have an apartment here; he lodges at hotels whenever he's here and I'd assumed he's at this particular place.

I saw clearly on the wall of the bar that it closes at 12:00am, Ive got about thirty minutes to decide, and tears have filled my bags but I was putting up acts; my mind was struck my PA, whom I know came to Ibadan for his leave.

I was almost getting egoistic about calling him when the bartender said the closing time is near and I should prepare to be on my way, the rain that made me happy about five hours ago is falling again and this time, it is adding to my misfortune! 

Gbenro Johnson 

My phone disturbed my sleep, and I am wondering who is calling at an hour this odd! With my sleepy eyes, I picked the phone after the third attempt of the caller, my eyes lit when I saw the contact "Eniola Coker" - I picked, "hello Gbenro! 

"Please I am stranded around Bodija, I cannot get a hotel to lodge and it is late, I know you live around here, Can you please help me out?" Really! she called me by my name for the very first time! So, she knew it?! I inquired as to her location exactly and it is a place I know.

I drove out in the rain to pick my cocky boss, and I found her outside in the company of the vigilante, she was shivering obviously and pretty wet.
I approached her and without frills, and I invited her to the car. We entered and I switched on the car heat, "thank you" she said and she went quiet.

she was having a straight face and for the first time, she is not looking totally like my boss. I mustered up and asked her why she was in Ibadan, she explained respectively, further work related questions followed and she replied until I asked how she got to Bodija, she was quiet and I pushed no further.

We got to my apartment and she declared she needs to pull off her wet clothes, and I never knew I could stutter; but it was all I was doing as I replied her.
I pointed my room to her, she went in and I was watching her go like it was a movie. She slammed the door after her and the boss realm was inducted again. I made her tea in a jug and toasted some bread for her, its all I know how to do. 

She took so much time in the bathroom, I got worried and demanded what was happening, "I am having my bath" she said. I went back to lay on my isolated vintage brown chair after leaving a robe for her in the room, a robe owned by my sister.
After a while she came out in my shirt and shorts, "I don't wear robes" she said; she pounced on the meal I made and devoured it in the speed of light, her phone chimed, she went towards it.

It was right in front of me, and as she bent to pick it, my dick agreed to what my eyes is seeing and stood in ovation. Fierce blood ran frantically to my below and my dick was hard as rock. Infact, right now, It could pound a nail into wood. My shirt was big for her and gaped right at the middle. I could see her breasts. All of it.

"this is your boss" I said to myself "she is here with you" I said to myself again.
Stop lusting after her. But then, She's a Hot one.

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