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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Sexy Nurse 2

Part 2

Sophia Hitten

Embarrassment suffused my whole being. The man looked at me like he knew what was going on here. I felt all my arousal from earlier, rush back at his suggestive and knowing looks. He carried himself with superb agility and grace that's surprising for a man as huge as he.

I was held spell bound by pure magnetism. I couldn't break away from the Doctor's office. I've never felt so much tension arch up my insides ever. Ever in my life.
The woman with him kept on throwing glances my way; I knew I'm supposed to leave, but I couldn't help basking in the aura of him. He's black and huge.

His skin is bronzed. He epitomises a dark Greek god. Winding tattoos covered his arms and winded around his neck. His hair is full at the tops and buzzed at the sides. The ends of it curled at the nape.

His eyes zinged me. He gave me heated looks that swept heat up my cunt. I cowered at the corner, spell bound. His eyes were grey. Electric grey. The grey had flecks of gold in it. Yes, I noticed even that.

His nose is flared like he caught my scent and I began to feel arousal build up in me at just a look! One look.. I didn't know what to do. He's sitting right beside his girlfriend, i checked out their fingers- no rings.
He's big and masculine, and he's making me feel uncouth things just with his eyes. I couldn't bear it anymore and I snapped myself together.

I rushed out of the office and went back to my department. I entered the ladies room and went to the sink. I turned on the tap and splashed some water on my face. I need to cool down.

For fucks sake, he's not the first hot man I've seen in my life. And he's taken. He's taken! I chanted to myself. I gathered my composure and went back to work.


I felt his hands work up my spine.. He kneaded the exact point where the nerves knotted. I groaned in relief.. I was laid flat on his thighs.. Tiny and feeling all feminine.
He rubbed my back in circles and i moaned low. His hands moved up to my neck and up up to my temples.. He gave them a slight rub that was just perfect. I felt my sight headache recede.

I squirmed and he gave me a kiss right on my ass. I giggled. His hands resumed the massage and he worked my back thoroughly. He gently carried me and placed me on the bed, I complained but he was quick to assure me; he's going nowhere.
I was a mess of raging hormones. He poured massage oil onto his large hands and rubbed it together.. Then he went straight for the kill. He rubbed my ass cheeks slowly. I almost died of pleasure.

His hands framed the cheeks perfectly and squeezed them in tandem. Then the pressure began to build. He started squeezing a bit more harder. I almost screamed. Then, I felt a stinging pain.

He slapped the other ass cheek too. I screamed and let loose. He began squeezing me like a mad man. All the while, he was kneeling behind me, and I suddenly felt him pull my cunt lips apart.

I fell dizzy with lust. He stroked me and refused to plunge his fingers in. I groaned in heightened sexual agony. I want him to plunge his fingers into me. I begged him to do it. He just gave me a sadistic chuckle.

I suddenly felt his mouth on me. Fuck it. He's kneeling behind me and eating my cunt out. I shrieked like a shrew and all went hazy..
I woke up in a pool of sweat. I glanced at the AC, it's working alright, but I'm sweating buckets. No, no, no.. I want to continue! I want him eating me like his last meal... I banged my hands on the bed.. I just had an erotic dream again. Of the sexy stranger at the hospital. It's been like a blight.

I pulled off the covers and slipped a hand between my legs..I was wet. Crazily wet. I rubbed my fingers on my clit and moaned in agitation.. I need some goddamn relief!! This can't continue this way. I've been dreaming of him for 2 months now.

I have dreams of him petting me, taking care of me.. Fucking me.. Both hard and slow.. the worse thing is that it feels so real. Incredibly real. It's like my dreams are nother reality i don't want to wake from.

I can't get him off my mind.. I even ignore other guys and I haven't fucked any other person since that day. Sometimes i wonder if I'm mad. He's definitely enjoying pussies and I'm here craving for him. I don't even know his name!

Am i being hypnotized? What sort of man is this? I feel my heart race at thoughts of him. I see his face in my minds eye, and the way he spoke to me without speaking.
I stood up and paced my bedroom.. What is going on with me? What has my life become? Pining for a Man I can never have? He's taken! Probably married by now.. But then, I can't get over his electric grey eyes.. And the way they pierced me.

I felt incredibly silly and laid back down on my bed. I considered self servicing-but I'd only get more horny. With a heavy heart wishing he's mine, I hoped to see him once again. Just once again.

Segun Okoya

I felt hope fill me. Vanessa is like a lighting torch in my life and I hope to make her my wife as soon as possible. I paused my work and my mind drifted again to her. My hands itched to call her again and ask about how her day is going, but she's definitely going to complain.. I'd called her twice already.

I folded my hands behind my back. And relaxed.. I imagined having a little girl with nessa's blond pigtails and my silver coloured eyes. Joy filled my heart.
I'm an engineer and I own a construction company that I built from nothing. I came from a very poor family; had a father who loved us and a very abusive mother. She uses anything as an excuse to whack I and my brothers around.

My father died a lot early in our live and I guess it drove mom off the deep end. You see, she loved my father alot and married him against the wishes of her rich family. She's half Irish with a touch of French and a dash of Armenia. Came from a long line of aristocrats.

Somewhere in that long line of mix and ancestry came the grey coloured eyes. She was a grey eyed beauty, fierce and proud. Anyway, marrying a common black labourer was nothing she expected. She imagined love would cocoon her from the harsh realities of poverty.
Anyway, after my dad died in a fatal accident, she hit the deep end. Started drinking heavily with the few dimes he'd saved and blamed us for his death.

Life became harrowing and we all ran away from the trailer shack we called home on a cold, snowy night. We never looked back. Doing odd jobs and avoiding the foster system; so we won't get separated, we pooled our income together and I was nominated to get an education among the 3 of us. They claimed I was the most intelligent.

Suffice to say, I graduated Egregia Cum Laude. They worked as lackeys to finance my education. I began the construction business and made sure my elder brothers have an early retirement.

My company is a force to reckon with and I think it's time for marriage. I can live several lifetimes over without having to work; that's how wealthy I am. I've gone through virtually a sea of women and I think I've finally found the person for me; Not the person my looks and money attracts.

A thought suddenly popped into my head. I'd love to surprise nessa tonight.. A candle lit dinner for two.. I dropped the pen i was holding and I stood up. I can afford to leave work anytime, I fucking own it.

I jogged to the underground garage; I don't really like elevators and use it only when i have to. I entered my car and zoomed off. I glanced at the dashboard, it's some few minutes to 4pm.. That'd give us some time to indulge some nasty fucking before we go for that dinner. I smiled in anticipation.

She lived at a little bungalow not far from the suburbs- another thing I love about her. Her house came into view and i grinned.

My grin turned to horror the next moment.

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