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Friday, 31 March 2017

Continue; by Shoogah!

When will all this come along?
Am I in the right? Or am I in the wrong?

The contact flames while lighting up the grass..
Big screen, big shots, Wrapped in a cracked glass..

Move with the flow, stem, stop and Mow..
Scattered quadrants, your squad is slow..


I dream the impossible all the time but the future is mine...

You fight the greatest battles in your mind but fight hardest when you start from behind..

A picture is worth a thousand words but a thousand words may worth a better picture..

But let's continue slowly, we'd get there... We better feature!!...

World people say be wise yo!..  But Who am I?.. Do they realise, No!..

Am a fragment, a piece, an imagination, at a rare unforseen peace...

Am speed, Am light, like future to creative workers am bright..

Am morning, Am night... So why should I bother, if am wrong and you are right!!?

What is it then that i stand for.

A gorilla on his fours?

A guerilla king pin at the fore?

A leper begging for mercy as his body scrapes the floor.

A vulture as i devour.

Am David, what does the D stand for?

Dilemma?, confused at the door.

Or juss mince meat, cut it... cut it at the abattoir.

Being real i'd wanna even every score.

What den are the odds that i will fall.

Would i stand erect, coz i heard it's not the same as standing tall.

Being a baby boy then, does it mean i'd crawl.

Therez you, therez me separated by a wall.

In its absence trust me to take you on a tour.

But first a quick detour.

Moments on moments would highlight the orange that went sour.

Stabbed a million times like jon snow, the sight is gore.

What attracts me then still, the allure?

Self inflicting questions, am i sure?

Put in work, but i hate doing a chore.

Too much of "interesting" then seems like a bore.

So i let myself at every opportunity, a different typa whore.

Let me be, let me breathe... i would tell you what the eyes saw.

But if this is too long to continue, let it be because i caused an eyesore..


I went from the left field and fell deep into the line..

Pull me back, hold my ground, let the insane go right..

Tick tock d clock reigns with a flip flop..

I hope d time wont pass too fast for us to grab?


its all a flood, so let me be drowned in it.

Herez my heart, cut a piece and eat.

That was the initiation welcome to my world of chest burns and heat.

Im so choked sometimes i can't breathe.

Lacked the drive, so many cars yet no fleet.

5 toes on my feet.

But i can't work it out, aint an easy feat.

a child of fire, smokers screaming lit! lit!

Burn 'em all, then grapple with loneliness... shameful deceit.

Burn bridges and click delete!  delete!

A pain too sweet.

My hearts a sitting room with no seat.

All blood and no meat.

No joy profound, forget bout tickling clits.

Please do me a favour.. spurn me over a cliff.

Else i'd come back a white walker... kill and tiff.

Stubborn headed, stance so stiff.

Yet my mind beauty and also coral reefed.

Wear my problems like a shirt nd sleeve.

Jidenna with the classic man shit.

No blood stains, dothraki blood rider no misses just hits.

In d end, was the wait worth it?
The anticipation, time, excitement that brought it...

It was meant to be who?
I wanted it to be you...

I made d sane my pool,
Tool and stood till d play got full..

Watching a drop of tear glisten on ur cheek,
I know,
Invisible as it might seem
You deserve my pain...
And harvest as the pain is ur gain.

I'm just the best of them all.
Stone cold.


I really should join the crew buh the Cunt I knew broke the mew
Pressured to join the crew, thoughts askew
Like waves, it comes
I close my eyes, hold my breathe
I can't continue

Like morning dew, I'm on a fresh start..

Even being silent, I make a lot of noise
I'm remote but I'm still being scouted by islands

A solitary life is a blessing that's been guised
But we can't see it even as it's in front of our eyes

Love does not need a complicated metaphor and most times, nothing needs to be said at all.

My dream is to look at the world through the lenses of Michael Jackson but keep my distance like Marlon Jackson

Call home on a payphone like Maroon 5 and fuck up the black youths like the 5-
O God...what am I saying?

You'd hate my culture but eat my flesh like a vulture,
But it's not torture, it satisfies my pleasure.
And though I'm quick to say it but don't worry about me,

My shoulders are for your tears so don't worry about me,
And if you need to worry about me, don't worry about me.

If it pains, it hurts but pain will be different when it hurts.

❤ The Shoogah Crew✌

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