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Sunday, 5 March 2017


I've got a story for y'all.
This is not a synopsis, for there are a thousand stories hung to each word written.
But don't get smitten either, this is not an attempt to take you to a warm place or have you fall in love with the content.
This rather is the birth of the words of the God sent.
So inhale deep like you're trying to figure out God's scent.
This is the origin, the very first stride.
Brought into a world filled with darkness.
Born a star, a shining light.

Often attempted to be dimmed by the dark lord.
A prime target... Would he be snatched like a wallet.
Would someone intervene, and come to his aid.
Someone to deliver him like a midwife, or a rapper's flow.
From the beginning he has been destined to fly to the heights like the arrow leaving an archer's bow.
Would his trajectory be parabolic or would it continue to defy the laws of gravity.
Would he become a legend, and stories of his greatness be expressed through graffiti.
He being born is not in the literal sense.
Or of the literal process.
What is he even borne of? some may ask.
Bore forth from adversity and recognition of ability.
Brought forth from the depths of creative thinking.
Hopefully he wouldn't grow to be a screw up.
Rather that he might screw nuts.
And that his touch be that of midas, all he contacts must turn gold... no "IFs", "MAYBEs" or "BUTs".
So like that nursery school exercise, he's about to count the apples and connect the dots.
He's 'bouto to do so on a clean slate.
He's 'bouto re-write fate, and re-describe faith.
Not to modify its meaning, but to make it loud in its silence.
As ground breaking as the discoveries of science
So if these are the last days of summer,
Let the beats of maleek berry usher in the birth of the king in spring.

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