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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How do you F*ck when High?

We all crave this high; I mean, the dope as fuck ones when we wanna fuck. From a researchers point of view, let's see the actual effects of this drugs on fucking😂, kindly read.. Before you go han fuck something while "high"✌


Booze is probably the most commonly used drug for initiating or enhancing sex. Going by some studies, alcohol may be involved in over half of all sexual interactions in most least among young people—although we don't know if it's always used for inebriation or just social lubrication.
Predictably, stories of sex and alcohol are a dime a dozen. Some anecdotes suggest that casual drinkers get a boost in sexual interest, arousal, or orgasm, while others detail problems with all of those.

It doesn't appear that people actually enjoy sex more [while drunk or buzzed], It's probably just the disinhibiting effect. Their social anxiety that usually comes along approaching a [potential] partner is taken down. Or suggesting a sexual practice that you wouldn't usually suggest, particularly with a novel partner, [is] made easier as well. This means you're more likely to do what you wouldn't have, when sober.
Much of what we experience while drunk is a manifestation of expectations. If we expect to get turned on and fuck, we will likely fulfill that prophecy for ourselves.

A buzz can make it easier to talk about desires freely and openly, or help someone feeling pain due to stress and tension to loosen up and find pleasure.

Alcohol, especially when consumed in large quantifies, dampens not just your inhibitions, but also your long-term decision-making processes, drastically increasing your chance of having unprotected sex. Its impacts on your brain, nervous system, and body can cause erectile dysfunction in men and dulled sensations and delayed, difficult orgasms for men and women. (Some couples actually like this, since it helps them deal with premature busting or similar issues.) The dehydration caused by booze can also make it difficult for a woman to get wet as well, which can turn the other way and make sex more painful.😕

At the most malignant, alcohol plays a huge part in sexual assaults, coercions, and rapes, by inhibiting self-awareness and consent.


Amphetamines are among the few hard narcotics with truly aphrodisiac qualities.
Many accounts of amphetamine sex throw around words like animalistic or invincible😁😁.

Yet some people talk about amphetamines as mere tools that help them stay awake and focused. While others see them as turn offs or attribute their erectile dysfunction to them. It's a dizzying diversity of opinions, but the raw science of stimulants suggests that the vast majority of people popping, snorting, or injecting amphetamines will experience sex heightening highs.

According to Soptaw and Larissa Mooney, also a professor of substance abuse issues at UCLA, amphetamines blast our brains with dopamine, the pleasure chemical, and norepinephrine, a stamina booster, making us feel incredibly positive, energized, and focused. But they also alter the way we make decisions and can lead to an over-emphasis on personal desires and short-term outcomes. The drugs increase our heart rates and blood pleasure, which can enhance physical sensation, yet they also often delay orgasm.

There are slight differences between amphetamines. Coke's effects generally fade within an hour, while meth's can last as long as 11 or 12 hours. But they generally make you feel like a sex god—everything seems amazing and you can have sex longer than usual.
People will have these experiences where they'll just fuck and fuck and fuck, but they won't come.😂

These drugs come with common sexual and non-sexual risks as well. By encouraging rough or marathon sex, they can lead people to push their bodies unto bleeding and chafing.😩
Coupled with a lack of sleep and a decreased assessment of risk, the amphetamine drive to get any sex as quick as possible makes coke-, meth- or pill-sex a great way to contract a disease.


Next to alcohol, pot is probably the second-most-sexually-used narcotic. And just like with booze, stories of blitzed banging are both common and diverse.
Some people describe weed as an aphrodisiac, making them harder, wetter, and more sensitive, or a relaxant, loosening things up. Others call it a downer that depresses their interest in sex. Despite varied tales, studies on cannabis and copulation suggest that the majority of users experience positive effects when pounding on pot.

There're a lot of theories thrown around about the neurochemical adjustments weed makes in our brain to achieve that. But at its core, weed increases sensations, which can augment or dampen sex drives, depending on our mental states and environments when blazing.
As anyone who's had a bad high can attest, weed can also magnify fear and depression, and cause paranoia. This might wind up putting you off of sex, or distracting you from a sexual impulse. It's also worth noting that some studies correlate chronic usage with decreased fertility and erectile dysfunction, which can make for a shitty time for everyone.

Well, all this doesn't change the fact that fucking when high is A+. All those one😒up is story.😂
Thanks for reading✌

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