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Friday, 17 March 2017

Different types of dicks (part 2)

6. A Hooded Dick🌰

This guy has so much freaking foreskin that it’s all a lot to handle. The hardest thing about uncircumcised dicks is that most guys in 9ja are cut; so the odds are that most of the dicks you’ll play with in your lifetime are going to be cut.

Every guy likes something different done to his thing, but you might feel weird when faced with an uncircumcised dick, like "I don’t really know what to do with it. Am I supposed to play with the skin? Do I pull it all the way back?"🍡

 7. A REALLY Sensitive Dick😆😆

 Like I haven’t even taken my panties off yet and you already creamed your pants?

 8. A Mood Stabilizing Dick (Mood maker)😒

 You’re into some guy and he tells you that while he’s really into you he’s got some mood issues and because of the Zoloft, well, he might not have a sex drive for a while / his penis might actually just go limp at any moment during sexual congress. OH OKAY.

 9. A Dick That Is Shorter And Fatter Than It Is Long

 What even is this? A beer can?😂😂😂

 10. A Small-To-Average Dick That Works You Like No One Else, Ever✌💯

 This is the best kind of dick actually, because it’s small and you think the sex isn’t going to be good BUT OH MY GOD.. he takes care of you like no other guy you’ve ever been with ever has.

Just goes to show you it doesn’t matter how big or small you are. What matters is how you work what you’ve got and how you adjust for your shortcomings✌✌✌

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