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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The mechanic


I'm literally having the worst day of my life! I can't believe that my day that started so smoothly and without qualm is going sour so fast. I just got divorced from husband 2 and on a stupid whim- which I thought was superb earlier on, I decided to take a month's rest from work and all the stress I've been through.

My friend and I then paid for a one month vacation of spa rest and relaxation program at a very popular retreat. We split the bills and decided to meet each other at the place; we couldn't come together.

When I drove out this morning, everything seemed fine- until my car broke down and began to give me problems. I'd taken this blasted car for servicing last week; just to avoid problems like this. I tried starting it again; luckily for me, it began to work.
I heaved a sigh of relief and I felt my temper build. This journey was supposed to take for hours! Now I've spent almost 8 hours on the road. I'm sweaty, grimy, hungry and incredibly angry!

I will destroy that auto-mechanic when I get back home. Was this the stupid service I paid for?!.. The thought had not even finished when I began to hear another cranking sound. A fresh wave of anger hit me. Shit. But then, I realized that I was just some few miles from the resort; infact, I'd drove into the town that it's located.

My car began to slow down again.. Then came to a sputtering stop, right in front of an auto shop. Whoa. This auto shop is beautiful. I felt relief fill me and I rushed down from the car. I saw a man leaning against the door and I called out to him.
"Hello, my car has been giving me issues..." He just looked right at me like I didn't exist. I felt my anger rush back like a flood. "Excuse me? Didn't you hear me? Aren't you a worker here?! How many times do I have to ask?! Or isn't this an auto shop anymore?!" I said angrily.

He looked straight at me and replied.."City slicker, carry your proud ass and leave my shop. I'm about closing anyway." Then he turned towards the door and started pulling it shut. I wanted to die. I felt tears of anger build in my eyes.

"Really?! Really?! A bastard like you claimed to service this car for me! Nonsense! All you mechanics do is nonsense! A group of swindling bastards!! Lazy and rude, uncouth too!" I screamed, I can't believe this is happening to me, after all the stress I've been through. I stamped my feet like a little kid in anger. He just looked at me coldly.
"When you're done, you'd leave.

 I have somewhere to get to." He locked up the doors and swung the keys in my face. What a petty move. As he passed by me, I punched his arms in anger. And regretted it. I screamed in pain. It was like I punched brick.

He looked at me, flabbergasted. Then he burst out into a deep laughter. A laughter of ridicule. Then he looked me up and down and walked off. I ran to my car and sat inside. The last vestiges of my control broke and I began laughing.. then crying.
I felt hysterical like a mad woman. What have I done to deserve a day like this? I wondered in pain. I'm very pained, deep to my bones. I regretted driving and I should have just taken public transport. After my brief bout of laugh-tears, I dried my eyes and carried by Mini carryall- thank God I travel light.

I decided to leave the car. I don't give a fuck. This car has betrayed me today. I didn't think twice and I walked a short distance to the main road and hailed a cab. In no time, we got to the resort. I was so angry; I didn't even notice the beauty of the place.
I went to the reception and I was given the keycard to my suite. I took the elevators straight there and I swiped the keys and entered. Fuck it. This place is big. Now I understood why we needed to split the bills and share the suite.

4 people can live here comfortably. I whooped in excitement and ran round the whole place like an immature girl. I felt so happy. Here for a month? Just to rest and get pampered?! I felt insane happiness fill me. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialled my friends number. The line connected.

"Hey girl?! Where are you?! This place is lit. This is a very beautiful one; too perfect to be true. Where are you?!" I said all in one breath.

"I'm sorry dear.." A pause. I felt dread fill me."what do you mean you're sorry? Come now and let's start the enjoyment.." I said. "Um, I won't be able to make it. An emergency came up and I have to fly out with my boss." "What? What do you mean? After all our plans!? Do you expect me to foot the entire bill for this place? What's all this?!" I said disappointed. My day just crashed finally. After all my stress just to get here, now this?
"Calm down dear, it's not all bad. I've called the help desk of the resort to sort things out. Your new roommate will be sent over.." "What?! I'm not sharing this place with anybody but you! Oh my God! You jut killed me. What if the person is unbearable?! Oh fuck it. Forget the money, I'm going back home first thing..."

She cut me off mid tirade.." Relax and enjoy your vacation. You deserve to, moreover you need a new guy to wipe away the memories of your useless ex-husband. For crying out loud you've been divorced for 2 years now! When last have you felt the touch of a man? Use this opportunity to meet a lot of eligible young men and have fun my dear!" I didn't know what to say, then a thought hit me.

"I hope the new person is female?! I can't live with a strange man for a month!.." "For God sake be realistic. It could be any sex. The suite has two different apartment in it. Tho only thing you're sharing is the living room and kitchen." Then are voice lowered conspiratorially,"What if it's a man and he's hot? Oooh, I wish for that for me..." "Shut up. I need no man in my life right now!" I said adamantly, but I couldn't deny the thrill that went through me at the thought.

"The man could as well be ugly, potbellied and with warts!" I said..she laughed and said.."good luck with that.." I stood up when I heard a clicking sound that sounded like the doors opened.."I have to go, seems rommie just arrived. God I hope the person doesn't make me regret this.." I cut the call and padded from my side of the suite- I'd chosen an apartment already.

I got to the living room and saw a familiar back facing me. I felt insane dread rip through me. No no no no no no I chanted in my head, "What in the name of fuck are you doing here?!" I screamed. He turned in shock and I felt pained. It's the mechanic.
"The crazy mechanic that refused to work?! So it's you?! Nooooooo!! There must be a great mistake!!!!" I shrilled. "Somebody should just kill me! I need to die! This is not happening to me!!!!!" I shrilled.

I was shocked. Like what?! I looked at the woman; sorry "banshee" screaming obscenities at me. Is this one mad? Why is she shouting like this? Jesus. I felt headache spear through my head. I can't believe this is what I'd be with for a month. I took two steps and stood right in front of her, and did the first thing that came to my head.
I bent my head and captured her luscious lips.

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