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Sunday, 5 March 2017


It's still early, but I'm already contemplating how i wanna crawl, walk and jump.
I got targets already, and i wanna hit them with aplomb.
Young wild and free, throw caution to the wind and detonate like a nuclear bomb.
Mirinda days, mixing the beefie with the buns.
Throwback to highschool, i already knew i had puns.
Mixing the story telling with a beautifully arranged rhyme scheme.
And i didn't start off alone, i did it with a tight team.
So shoutout to D2, right from JS2 i knew that we were meant 2...

Incinerate the scene, cool 'em off with water sprinkled like we were the viral "salt bae".
You don't even know this but you was among the first ones to set me on this path
Letting me see the beauty of words arranged in rhythmic sequence.
Although my voice failed me, and i couldn't join you to spread the word through my vocal chords.
So, thanks for letting me learn from you, i hail you like you're Jesus and it's palm sunday... baba i dab with my palm fronds.
And now we do it differently and the team is obviously way bigger, our works are way sweeter...big shoutout to team "SHOOGA".
These first steps also included being a jack of all trades.
Me split into different shades, with an
affinity for everything.
I guess i was trying to discover me, heck... Up till this moment i still am.
Sometimes i ask my self in pidgin, "come this your brain ... you steal am? "
Other times i just look back at the shy, introverted me and smile... the good old days.
These days tho, am more of an "in the middle" kinda guy.
Ambiverted, so in between the boundaries i let my spirit glide.
Like the Van gogh painting in 1890, these first steps would forever be indelible.
A period nothing short of remarkable.
The initial brush strokes as the oil kisses the canvass.
A period when the iron was thrust into the flames and beaten into shape.
Moulded into an earthly superman... obviously with no cape.
But still capable of weaving his magic, call him Severus Snape.
"Com'on boy crawl... give it your all.
Now stand... staaannndd...Do it and i'd let you play with the sand.
Good boy.. nicely done... now walk to me...slow steps and comman get candy for free".
These figurative monologue is on a loop in my head.
Just enough motivation for a nigga to get ahead.

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