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Thursday, 16 March 2017


If you and I are the only people left in this world, would i still disgust you.
You said you trust only a few, but since it's you and I...would you then trust

If it were only you and I, would your mind then be free?
Or to be with you would i still have to pay a fee?
Would i be stuck in a reprieve delaying the inevitable.
Or would i be granted permanent relief... dining with you at the table.
If it were just you and I, what then would be suitable?
I as khal drogo and you my khaleesi?
Or i be the great Poseidon and you be my queen of the seas?
If it were just you and i, would i get to decide the seasons?... and the order with which they come through?
If it were just you and i, would the sounds i hear be the boos of the jeering spirits ... or your mellow toned voice when you call me boo.
Tell me... just between you and i, would i have to swear an oath or keep a vow?
'Coz you can trust that i'd say a prayer for the lord to let me keep you with my head in a low bow.
If it were just you and I, would you tell me secrets of what lies in the realm beyond.
Would you do so before or after you take me there?
Would you kiss my face, part my lips and converse with my tongue?
You and I... under the full moon, would you still make love to me if i were a werewolf and you a vampire.
Would you let us roll on like tyres.
Or would you let it ignite, stoked flames and fires.
Fireflies in the dark... imagine you and i locked forever in Noah's ark.
Would we feast on the animals, or would the taste of my lips be enough satisfaction?
If it were just me and you baby, tell me would we be divided like a fraction, or would you have me removed from your side... from inside like an abortion.
Would i be an abomination, or would we come to a truce and find some sort of correlation?
So if it were just the two of us, i assume we'd be our own relations.
I'd be your brother, father and son... forever looking up to you as you'd be my mother, sister... allow me to care for you like you were my daughter.
If i were the only bachelor in the world, and you the eligible spinster.
Tell me would we have a wedding?, would it be grand?... and would it usher me into a new phase?
'Coz if me meeting you means a transcendence, tell me would the angels be in attendance?
Would they usher me in with a grand entrance?
I know i have a penchant for these things, that's why i carry you around like a pendant.
So if it were only you and i left in this world and you were taken away from me... i'd follow suit swiftly, 'coz from what ever perspective you reading this...
You bet i wouldn't want to be lonely!

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