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Monday, 13 March 2017

The Dirtiest Revenge 1


Finally! I'm back. I parked my car and looked outside the windows.. I saw her; looking extremely beautiful- It's like 20 years had not passed. She smiled gleefully and happily, totally oblivious to my watching her. Her curves. Fuck it. Her slightly curvy hips is fully grown now..Wide and shapely. Her waist is just set. Her curly hair bounced- that had always been my weakness. Her shiny teeth made my knees go weak.
She should be 38 years old now. I saw her last when we were 18 years old. She's the drive and burn of everything that I am today. I felt my heart clench at the sight. I love her so bloody much. She's my weakness.

Adetutu was my high school sweetheart. I love her with everything burning in me. We got married at 17years secretly and it was the most joyous day of my life till now. We snuck to Ibadan city and got married at a popular court.
I know she never told anybody about it. The fucking bitch.

We both got admitted; I to the university of lagos to study medicine and she at a college of education near our town at oyo. Since nobody knew of our marriage, I had no grounds of taking her along and I promised to always be her man and she almost killed herself from tears and pain before I left for school. The crazy woman. I was secured because we were married.

Little did I know it was all fake drama. I always sent her letters, words of comfort and money all the time and we usually communicate alot. She told me all about her endeavours in school and our love was hot. I refused to fall whims to the suggestion of my friends to get another woman- after all, she won't know. I proudly declared I'm a married man and even flaunted the marriage certificate to all who cared to see.

We sent letters to each other at least once a week and I was firmly convinced that I'm totally in her heart. I didn't suspect her deceit.
After my 100 level, I finally had the chance to go back home. I've missed my wife intensely. I couldn't wait to get back to her and consummate our marriage. Yes, we'd not had sex.. We are both virgins, or so I thought. I never told her I was coming and wanted to make it a surprise.

I arrived town and I bought a lot of goodies for her from lagos; I'm from a wealthy family and my father sends a lot of pocket money to me. I got home, enjoyed my meal and rushed out to find her. My parents were surprised at my anxiety to leave home soon after my tedious journey, but I just smiled and told them I won't take long.

I raced to their house and her younger sister rushed to greet me. I noticed she was flustered, but I didn't think it was any thing much. "Kindly call Adetutu my w..." I caught my self in time. I must not mention the wife part. She hesitated and didn't go. This is quite unusual. Everybody knows how close we are. I tried to push my way inside but she she moved to block my way.

I felt anger fill me and I side stepped her. I went straight to Tutu's room and knocked. "Yes?" she asked.."come in.." I moved to enter but her sister rushed to my back and dragged my hands. She looked very distraught.
I began to feel uncomfortable. What's happening? At least I heard her voice; so she's definitely alive. Is she sick? I wondered in fear. My blood began to pump fast and I pushed open the door. I looked back at her sister and she looked at me in defeat.

I entered the room and froze in shock. My wife, my adetutu, laid on the bed, hale and hearty, all smiles..which turned to intense shock and fear the moment she saw me. I saw a flash of emotions race across her eyes. She's heavily pregnant.
Her belly looks so big through the cloth she's wearing. " What are you doing here? How are you? Is school ok?" She jumped up and asked in a maddening rush. I felt anger fill me. I'd never stolen a kiss from this woman, even after I married her. She'd always been chaste, or so I thought.

I never fucked her, just because I didn't want to risk getting her pregnant and alone when I'm off at lagos; and we were still very young. I discussed all this with her and we agreed; she was even grateful at my patience and understanding, many men will not sacrifice their pleasure, she said.

Definitely, she'd had sex and not with me. The evidence is glaring. I stepped into the room and looked at her with such pain and anger. " I was gone for just 10 months and you're pregnant. Barely a year after. Since when have you been having your affair?! Why did you deceive me? Why did you do this to me?" I felt my heart shatter into bits.

She looked at me in shame and whispered.."I was forced to marry wale.. I was caught in a comp..." "Shut up!" I thundered. This was way worse than i thought. Marriage? What is all this?! "You married him?! Knowing fully well we had a court marriage?! That marriage is null and void!" She looked at me defensively.

"Look tade, what is done is done. I'm a married woman now and I've moved on. Kindly move on too. Tear up the court papers or something." I shook my head at her naivety. She doesn't even know we need to divorce proper.

"You're what? 8 months pregnant?! This means you were frolicking barely 2 months after I left. Then why did you keep up the communication? Why? Why did you pretend to me?!" She looked at me coldly and whispered.."I didn't know what to do! I felt so alone! You went off to lagos" she said harshly. It was then I realised what a drastic fool I've been. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I looked down at her belly and felt pain lance through me. This is meant to be my child!

I stood straight and looked down at her. "Your marriage is void. You are still married to me.. And I'd make sure I tell everybody.. Tutu.." I went down on my knees.." I love you. You're still my wife. I'd accept the child as mine. Just elope with me. Let's leave here.. I love you and I'd do anything for you".. I muttered harshly.

She looked at me in shock and then contempt.."Tade. Just go." Wow, even after i was willing to accept another man's child? This bitch led me on! I stood up and gazed at her sternly.."So this is it then tutu?! All the love, attention and our union! Just gone?! And I find out you don't love me?!"

"Tade.. What we had was just a fling. Moreover, I can't maintain a long distance relationship with you.. You know how it is.. Medicine is what? 6 years?" She said. "Tutu! I'd already gotten an apartment for us at lagos! I came to discuss with you about your schooling, If you'd leave the college and come along with me so that you'd try for admission next year. Afterall, you're my wife. I was going to plan a family meeting tonight and tell them about our marriage.." I broke down completely.." I just wanted a year to settle down firmly at lagos and get everything in order.. I came to pick you."

 I looked into her eyes and saw her lips tremble with tears.. But then, her moment of yearning and vulnerability passed.."Get up tade! Don't make me yearn for what I cannot have. Wale will take care of us. Get out".
I stood up and left. I never told anybody. How time flies.. Now I'm just here staring at her gorgeous face. I settled back in my car and felt deep yearning fill me. I never remarried any body else.

She sat on a lounger and leaned back to rest. Another woman stepped onto the balcony and I took a deep breath of shock. This woman is absolutely beautiful. She looked exactly like Adetutu and even more beautiful. Fuck.

She wore a bikini top and a bum short. Her thighs are smooth and flawless. She gave me an instant erection. I sat up in my chair and took a second, third and fourth look. Oh my fuck. Her hair is straight and she's so svelte. Her hair brushed her neck; so unlike her mother's bouncy waves.

She has piercings on her ears and had a earring in every part of it. She's very beautiful and when she moved to sit beside tutu; it was then I remembered that Tutu existed. She laid on a lounger too and they started chatting. I could hear wisps of their conversations.."Mom, Id like go back to Abuja soon! My fiance is there and Oyo is soo boring".. She said with a pout that made my cock wish her mouth was wrapped around it.

"Shush it there! I've told you that boy is a no good for you.." Tutu said firmly. I zoned off their conversation as I watched the girl. She's so fuckable. She gave me an instant boner. This must be the pregnancy that separated my love and I. Good. I know just what to do. She's as beautiful as I've been informed. They should get ready for a tornado.


I gritted my teeth in frustration. Fuck it. I'm not getting none here! I miss my fiance like fuck! I'm trying my best not to cheat on him and it's making me have a short temper. I can barely tolerate my younger sister who's 18 and annoying. She's become super annoying.
My mom is making this worse.. They're almost making me regret coming to spend my holidays here. I should have just stayed back with femi. My phone rang and I checked the caller ID; Femi. I felt felt an insane rush fill me.

I can't wait for us to be married. He's the epitome of everything I want in a man.. I'd not finished that thought, when a man stepped into my line of view. Gosh. I retracted my thoughts. I can totally cheat on Femi for this man. He's so spic and handsome. His a bit older, maybe 35 years.. He has a tall frame and filled out his attire. He's dressed casually..

He eyes met mine and I felt a zing go through me. Jesus. I'd never felt this before. I swiped the call to ignore and dropped the phone in my basket. Fuck it. This is the hottest man on earth right now as I speak. Yummy. I licked my mental lips.

He passed by me and acted like he didn't even feel that connection. I was shocked. I'm used to men approaching me all the time and I wave them off; and the first time I feel an Instant attraction to one, he pretended I don't exist. I became affronted.. But what can I do?
I pushed my cart and followed him, while enjoying the view of a very tight ass hugging a jean. His back looks so broad and dependable.. I sighed and floated on a cloud. He suddenly stopped and I rammed into him from behind. Oh! I was walking too close.. What a stupid thing I've done!

He turned back and i was hit with an insane masculine scent.. Smelling all manly and musky with a hint of his cologne. Fuck. A man, yummy and even smells good?! I wanted to faint.."Why are you stalking me?" He looked at me so sternly. I snapped back to earth and I'm feeling like a naughty kid who's getting reprimanded by her teacher. I straightened.
"I'm not following you! The mall is crowded so..." I looked around me. Too late I realized that we were in an almost empty part of the mall- The wine aisles. I stuttered to a stop and moved a bit back at his intense look. He didn't say anything, then he burst out laughing.. And he stretched his hand for a shake.

"I'm Olutade Williams.. What's yours?.." I smiled in relief and my heart bounced happily in my chest."I'm Ololade.." i trailed off. He didn't drop my hands and the moment stretched.. He looked deep into my eyes and my knees went weak. What a hottie. Albeit a bit old.
He raised my hands to his lips and kissed it.." You're beautiful and I'd love to get to know you.." He said with a devilish grin. Yes! Yes! Yes! I screamed in my mind! I want to know him, his body, his cock, everything! I surreptitiously glanced down and his zipper and moaned at the bulge there. Fuck it.

What's a sex starve girl to do?! "Is something wrong?.. You made a sound now".. He said.."No, nothing.." I replied. He met my eyes, looked down at his zipper and looked at my eyes again..Oh shit, totally caught.. I smiled wanly in embarrassment and he winked at me. Oh my fuck, I fanned my self.. He's sexiness personified.


Every moment, I'd always regretted marrying wale. He's a cheating whore and doesn't even care if I know it. I felt a shudder of anger fill me. I've endured his shitty behaviour for years, just to cover up for him! No more. I stared at another evidence of his infidelity in my hands. Messages between him and his whores, pictures and even videos!

I felt disgust fill me. I must do something about this nonsense. This charade and parade of disgrace has been going on for too long. "Mom, what are you thinking about again," my younger daughter asked me.." Just your lying whore of a father.." She rolled her eyes and plopped on the seat beside me.."it's not just happening mom..and you know it." She said. "Just deal with it ma.."

I gazed at her.. So young and naive. At her age, I was already carrying her. She's 19 while her sister is 20 years.. So alike, yet so different. She's just like her dad, carefree and so indifferent. I sighed.

This is working out better than I hoped for. My blood is racing in my veins.