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Monday, 27 March 2017

The Step Mom


I felt intense happiness fill me..."Yes! Yes! Id marry you!" I screamed. Everyone at the restaurant looked at our table in curiosity, but I couldn't contain my excitement. I'm incredibly happy.

I continued to bounce on the chair like a kid and Simeon just looked on- albeit with a little smile framing his manly lips. We continued discussing and deliberating over the next turn our lives would take.

Now that I'm soon to be Mrs Brown; a lot of changes have to be made. I need to relocate to Simeons' mansion and begin to live the life with him. He's a bit on the older side, like 50years.. And I'm just 35; a widow.

We met at a function and we hit it off immediately. He's also a widow and it's like we have a common ground to relate on. He told me all about himself and I did the same too. Everything was perfect. I couldn't get to meet his 2 children and even my 15 year old daughter loves him too- infact, that was the deal breaker for me.

He soothed my intense heartbreak over the affair I had with a guy some few months back. The guy proposed to me and I had to refuse because he insisted I relocate to london with him. Also, I'm slightly older than him. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I broke his heart, broke mine too and ran away like a coward.

Simeon coaxed me from the depressing months that followed and slowly healed me from the inside out. I gradually fell in love with him and now, here we are.
We finished up dinner and he drove me home. We kissed and necked on the porch like teenagers until my daughter knocked the windows in agitation. I felt embarrassment fill me and Simeon's booming laughter did not help my case. He greeted her and she replied with a laugh.

He smiled at me and gently patted my back goodnight. I smiled fully and it faltered when I met the strict gaze of my daughter.
"Mom, really?" She glared at me.. I laughed and carried her suddenly in a big hug.."simeon proposed to me! He's going to be your new father!" I expected a huge smile from her but her face fell. What? "Darling, but I thought you'd be excited! Why? I thought you liked Simeon! I thought you loved his big house! So what's the problem".. I asked.

"Mom, it's not that. I just feel that we won't be close to each other anymore. He's going to come between us" she said, face crestfallen. I felt relief fill me. Ok, this is just a case of good ol' jealousy.

"Dear," I pulled her closer and hugged her tight.."We are always going to be together hmm? Forget about us separating hmm? Remember I love you immensely.." She looked relieved and then smiled in huge excitement.."so we're going to his house?, so when is the wedding? Can i plan it? Can we..." I tuned her out when she became too much.

The wedding was beautiful and serene. I felt like a young bride all over again. My close friends all rallied around me and made the wedding lovely. My groom looked so handsome and dapper; albeit his slight paunch and the flecks of grey starting to grow at his temples made him look so dignified. I felt love fill me.

My daughter was immensely supportive and made herself totally available to everything I needed. Simeon's kids were not able to make the wedding, but we planned to meet later; they'd fly down to the house ad We'd all meet up after the honeymoon.
Although I enjoyed the honeymoon, it wasn't as fierce as the heat from my first one. All we basically did was talk and gist and our fucks were far and few between; he also didn't have a lot of time - work. I was left to myself to wander all around the little quaint city we chose. That was were I met him.

All handsome and bronzed. Beautiful body, perfect features. He wasn't too tall; just a bit taller than me. We match perfectly. He began to invite me over to the café where he came to complete a business transaction. I'd go over there and we'd talk. I got to know that he's an architect and infact; also travelling back to our city.

We became fast friends and discussed everything under the sun and within two days, he invited me over to his hotel room. He tried seducing me, but I wa hesitant because the chances of us meeting again is very high. I told him my concerns and he waved them off. He said it was just going to be a one time affair and if we meet again, fine. I still didn't capitulate; then he seduced me.

I couldn't resist his touches and fell insanely hard- a sex starved new bride like me. That was how it began to spiral. I'd leave our presidential suite when I see that simeon is busy and I'd sneak to Damien's penthouse. We'd fuck all day long.. Booze and even drugs sometimes to make it more exciting.

I tried out everything new with damien. He ate me up like a starving man every time we meet up. I had the most flaming honeymoon ever; with another man. I didn't want it to end. But then, every sweet thing must end; so they say.

Damien had to leave ahead of me; said he had family matters to attend to and I didn't really want to know anyway. I avoided personal talks with him because i didn't want to form an attachment and develop the wrong feelings.
Especially when I learnt that he's an architect just like my husband. Their Circle is usually tight- infact, he mentioned having a meeting with Simeon's company and as he wanted to elaborate, I cut him off with a kiss.

We had a final night of debauchery; that's just the word for it. He ate my cunt up like a meal.. Fucked me double with a vibrator.. It was crazy. I came like a million bucks. He basically fucked my pussy raw. I was sore throughout that day. I had this little smirk on my lips.. Simeon kept asking me but I just replied with a smile.
A week later, we left our honeymoon spot and travelled back home. I missed damien like crazy- Simeon just thrust into me like 5 times and grunted. I hissed in my mind and rolled away. Although, I love him, I'm not satisfied with the sex.

I packed up all our luggage excitedly; I've missed my daughter so much, she must have been so lonely in that big house with only the housekeeper. I called her to inform her about our return.. Then she told me that Simeon's kids are in the house already.

The car rolled into the garage and sophie screamed in joy. I hugged her with so much happiness and teased her about gaining weight. We all laughed and entered the main house.
In the night, I was making dinner when I heard a voice that sent shock waves rolling through my system. What? I can recognise that voice even in my dreams. I rushed out of the kitchen with my heart pattering hard in my chest.

And ran smack dab into him. Harry. What? He looked at me with a wicked look in his captivating eyes..
"Harry, this is my beautiful wife lydia.. I'm glad you finally decided to come home because of her.." I looked on flabbergasted.. "lydia this is my son harry who ran off to london and refused to come back until I sent him our wedding pictures.." He laughed.. "You basically brought him back.." Simeon pecked my cheek and beamed with happiness.

I gaped on like a fool. Gosh. Harry. He's the guy whose heart I broke! And broke mine along with. I felt intense attraction slam into me.. I stretched my hands forward.."Hello harry.. How yo...u"  I said weakly.
He grinned with the most cockily evil smile ever.."I'm just great.." He took my hands and I felt shock zip through me. Simeon's phone rang and he left us to pick the call.."What are you doing here?!".. "Whao. So you left me for my father? You really aim high bitch.." I felt intense anger fill me at his words.  Who the fuck is he to judge me?! I slapped him.


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