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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Let my mind be an open book so you can peruse.
If you claim to love me, and you can't see through me... then it's of what use?
Bore a hole in my heart like a mole.
Reclaim what darkness took, what it stole.
Dissect me into bits.
Feel what i felt.

For every time i said a prayer or i knelt.
Because i was brushed off or declined.
Understand the feeling that comes with the door slammed.
A young lad, pure, innocent and not armed for the trials of the world and its tribulations.
If you had stayed with me, probably i would've thrived in these situations.
Instead i threw it all in the wind, not because i wasn't precautioned.
But rather as a counter reaction for the notions i garnered of the world as i tried to view it pragmatically.
Sadly i took one fall too many.
Atleast i learned that if falling is sin, rising is redemption.
But you know the ills of the world is a
And a man's heart falls after wave on wave of temptation.
A lot is to be said, but you know no one would know the eye of the needle like the thread.
Zero on reported speech, no he said or she said.
So if you can catch my gaze, leap for it like Degea making a save.
Because the eyes are the window of the soul.
Look in deep and understand me whole.
Talk a stroll through my mind, walk to and fro.
See the seen, and have your face glued to the screen.
What's a man worth without a queen.
One who understands page to page.
One to help him grow age to age.

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