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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Life ebbs away stealthy as every second counts.
The first death occurs as soon as the heart is filled to the brim with regret.
Then the days are dark and grim.
The odds of recovery are anorexic slim.
Sing me a song, let the hymns of David be on a loop.
Gather 'round, listen and absorb... but be wise this ain't no gossip nor juicy scoop.
If i could do it all from the beginning, i probably wouldn't change none of it.
But that doesn't mean the heart doesn't ponder and question what if?
"What if? "...The question is a weight on my head, hence the pain in my shoulders and neck.
Gone are the days tears accompanied life's lessons
Gone are the days you looked in the eyes of your neighbor and saw another person.
A different entity, entitled to the same breathe you draw.
With the same claws as those in your paw.
I see the finish line, i am just a couple of paces away.
Yet till this moment i wonder... what if adam and eve never let death into the fray.
Would the world spin differently?
Or would the sun shine with a different intensity?
Would Nike, Adidas, Gucci and Fendi become just a bunch of letters because then our skin would be our cloak?.
What then would be the need for currency.
'Coz Currently i see no use, I wouldn't flip a gold coin into the pouch of the angel guarding the pathway, or can I??
It is in this moment that it all flashes before the eyes.
Foregone opportunities, the lows and the highs.
Hence i have come to a realization that the greatest thief of them all is time.
He takes and never gives back, not even a dime.
He commits, but would never be pinned to his crime.
Each "tick-tock" is a moment taken that would never be given back.
Alas! if only time was flexible with the way he ran the show.
Perhaps a man could then have 2 bites of the cherry.
One to taste the waters, the second to cross the waters safely by utilizing information gotten from the first.
It is in this same moment that the illusion of freedom is vivid.
And i ain't even talking 'bout scenes on a DVD.
Freedom appears to be claustrophobic
person, with a 4-walled constraint closing him in.
And don't let me get started on the topic of sin.
So then what is and what really isn't?
And is there such a thing as perfect timing?
Do i say my goodbyes now, or can i afford to do them later?
Do i pour my heart out now in this moment, or hopefully time would relinquish it to me later....
These are not the thoughts of a nigga bouto go off.
These are deep ruminations, deep rumbles in the mind.
Good bye now... or see you later??

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