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Monday, 27 March 2017

The Step Mom 2

Part 2

I looked on in shock. Fucking hell. I'm never a violent person.. I dragged his arm and pulled him to a corner; away from Simeon's ear shot.. "who the bloody fuck are you to judge me??! I met your father after i left london!" Jeez. What a cluster fuck my life has become.

He held his cheek and his face suddenly crumpled. He fell to his knees "But I love you! I loved you.. and you left me!.. I had to come back when I saw your pictures! I can't believe the only love of my entire life left me. Just like that. I want you back! And I'm going to have you, come what may!" He said vehemently and stood up, suddenly crowding my personal space.

"I want you. I'm not leaving this place, ever- as far as you're here. We're going to be together. I miss you so bloody much.." He bent his head and began kissing my shoulder.. I became wet instantly. A puddle. God, harry is my weakness. I could do nothing but moan like a bitch in heat.

"Harry, lydia? Where are you?!" Simeon called. I jerked from the sexual trance harry wove around me and rushed out.. "Yes, there you are.. Harry's twin brother is around.." I felt relief fill me. Any distraction just to get away from harry. I looked back at him and he winked evilly. He put his hand on his hardened crotch and squeezed..while holding my gaze with his eyes.

I felt a pure bolt of lust hit me at that crude gesture. Fuck it. I quickly turned my face forward and went to the main door; along with everybody.. And almost died of a cardiac arrest.

Damien was dragging his bags in. I stood, rooted in insane shock. I wanted to die. Wait. Overload. Overload on my system. All. In. One. Night. I felt a wave of dizziness hit me and everybody rushed to my side.."Are you okay?.." I regained my balance and mumbled a yes.
Damien gently held my hands and said.."Dad what  marvellous surprise. I didn't know your wife was this beautiful; sorry, I didn't download your wedding pictures.." he trailed off with a full smile.

Twin brother? They looked as different as night and day. Damien was dark an beautiful, while harry is very fair; although with intense masculine features, tall and built. Gorgeous too. They are both beautifully different and you can never guess they are brothers, much less twins. And now I'm trapped between them.

"Lydia, I didn't tell you, but Damien has an architectural firm, just budding but one day going to be great like his fathers'" he smiled.."Well you won't believe that we actually met at the Island where we had our honeymoon, but I didn't want to introduce you to him then, wanted you to meet at home.." He beamed in joy.. "Now my family is complete" He pulled I, sophie, damien, and harry into a big hug.

Harry squeezed my butt and grinned.."Yes dad, fully complete".


I felt my heart slam the moment I downloaded the pictures my father sent me. This is lydia! The woman who broke my heart and disappeared. I packed my bags and rushed home.

I guess she was hesitant because I'm a bit younger than her but then, we could have worked it out. Well, all I want to do now is to fuck her and snatch my woman back. I don't give a fuck whether she's married to my dad. I came back for her, and I'm not leaving.
I spied her discussing heatedly with damien. I felt curiosity fill me and wondered how to get  whiff of what's cooking between them. I retraced my steps and quickly padded outside to the window behind where they are hiding.

"Damien! Fuck it! Why didn't you look at the pictures he sent you!" she whispered harshly., Damien smiled and said.."wow, So I actually destroyed my step mom's pussy on her honeymoon with my dad.." He suppressed a laugh.

"This is so Ironic. I was actually thinking of you all through my journey and wondered at how to get you back..Not knowing you're going to be living with me.." he advanced on her.."Now give me a kiss.."

I broke away in shock. What?! Lydia is fucking Damien too?! This is epic. How would I use this to my advantage..


I felt my pussy clench at Damien's touch. He knows the exact way to handle me. He dragged me into his room and locked the door.."I'm going to fuck you, just the way you love it.."he said with a grin.

He joined me on the bed and pulled off all my clothes. Then he bent his head straight to my cunt. He licked the plump lips and I screamed in agony. Fuck it. He suddenly pulled me up and bent me over in a doggie position.
Then he proceeded to fuck me to hell and back.

That was how it began. I was caught in this fiery triangle!

Harry cornered me and also fucked me that same night, although his was basically love making. It was full of emotions and heart rending. Soft, slow touches and all.. I loved it.

I lost all my inhibitions and became their fuck toy. Any moment in time sophie and simeon are away, I take advantage to fuck either of them.

It didn't take long for Damien to catch I and harry fucking. Then it became twice as fun. They double teamed me, and I enjoyed it. Although, we all are at work during the day, at night, I keep up late nights to fuck them.

I sat on the couch and lounged. I wished with all my heart that Simeon would go upstairs and sleep. All to no avail. I was beginning to lose hope, when I got a text on my phone. My pussy clenched in excitement; I had to attend a function with Simeon for a week in another town. We just had sex once. I that my sexual appetite is intensely voracious. I was angry throughout.

I looked at Simeon and saw him dozing. Shit. I can't wait anymore! I rushed outside and straight into the gardens behind the house. I felt hands grab me and strip off all my clothes.
"Fuck you.. I miss your luscious tits.." Harry moaned.. He grabbed my breast and laved them up. Squeezes and bites making me go crazy. The cool night air bit into my nipples and made them so sensitive.."I missed her sweet nectar.."Damien groaned. He kissed my breasts too and ran a finger down my thighs.

He plunged 2 fingers into my cunt. Then he moved them out, in and out.. I moaned hard. They led me to a bench and placed me in the middle. Then they each grabbed a breast. The attention almost killed me. I moaned hard ... Fingers and touches everywhere.. Bites, licks, then Damien carried me and placed me to sit; on his fucking cock.

His dick slid into me and i moaned hard.. Harry plugged my mouth with his cock. I choked on it. They bounced me between them and I gave off muffled screams. Damien flicked my clit and I came apart, slobbering spit along the dick in my mouth.

At that crucial moment when I felt their dick harden the more and began hosing my throat and cunt with cum, We all heard a clap amidst the panting, slapping sounds, moaning and groaning.

We froze in shock. I felt Ice fill my veins. Simeon clapped again and gave the evilest smile of all.


The end.

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