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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The dirtiest revenge 2


Lolade epitomizes beauty and sexiness. I succintly wooed her and bidded my time; although I knew she's hot to trot with me. I deliberately delayed fucking her, I need her complete trust and subservience.

I'm plotting the perfect way to get to her mother and I'm still working it out. I'm going to make sure I turn her world upside down. As it stands now, our marriage was never nullified on any grounds; Adetutu is still married to me, means that lolade is my step daughter. A hot daughter I can't wait to fuck. But I'd make her hunger for me first.


I don't even understand the direction my life is going to. I'm crazy in love with Tade. He's a gentle man to the peak! Only hot touches here and there.. He's not even rushing me for sex at all.. Infact he's been stopping all my advances and making me go crazy with desire.
I decided to take the bull by the horn and seduce him. He's making me go crazy, i can't even bear this anymore. I lied to him about an emergency he needed to help me with and I rented a guest house for the weekend.

He arrived late on Friday night and looked visibly tired. He told me he's a gynaecologist on vacation from lagos and I wondered what he did that's making him so tired. Anyway, i calmed myself and he helped me with what I asked, then we went to sleep. I was actually exhausted.

I woke up with a start and looked around me.. The sun was just starting to rise and I felt so rested. Tade looked so peaceful with the blankets flung to the side of the bed; barely covering his.. My thoughts came to a sliding stop. Is that his dick?

My eyes zoomed further and I unconsciously bent my head towards his groin.. His cock stirred as if in response to my gaze. Fuck it. His morning wood is a sight to behold. I felt my morning wetness set my pussy afire. I had the craziest dream about us and it's just making me go insane with lust.

Fuck morning breath; I don't care. I whipped off the cover and his dick rose to it's mighty glory. I wonder what he's dreaming about, the dick head oozed a bead of precum and I just have to taste it. I bent my head and swallowed the head. Delicious.. Tangy and slightly bitter.

His head filled my mouth and I began to hanker for the rest.. I slid my mouth up and down and heard a groan from above.. Without letting the dick drop from my mouth, I looked up and met his sleep hazy eyes.

He looked confused for a moment and without breaking our eye contact, I swallowed him in one gulp. He almost lurched from the bed and I gripped him firmly.. "Oh yeah.. Take me deeper.." He groaned so sexily.. Fuck, his morning voice is soo sexy.

I laved the head and couldn't bear the pressure mounting in my cunt anymore.. I was using a hand to grip his dick at the base and I slid my other hand straight to my clit. I flicked it once and moaned hard and muffled around his cock.

He suddenly pulled me forward and turned me upside down. A 69. Jeez, I've never tried this before..."aaaarrrggghhh.." I gagged around his dick. This position made him slide deeper into my throat and he's devouring my cunt. Oh my fuck.. This is crazy.. I could hear the slurping sounds of him eating me out and my insides began to tighten.

Just as sudden as the first, he flipped me over and slammed me hard on his dick. He filled me in a thrust; I was so wet and wanting, my pussy didn't offer any resistance. He fucked in and out of me and grabbed my breasts hard. I screamed. He slapped them and told me.."Ride hard on this dick".. He groaned. I felt my eyes water at the sting and more wetness splashed out of me.

"Oooh.. You love it right, you fucking love the way I handle you.." he said. He covered my mouth with one of his hands and used the other to spank my thighs.. I groaned louder and felt myself go crazy.. I've never been this hot to fuck in my life.."gooooodddnessss" i moaned.
He grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me, then slammed me back on his dick..once..twice... "fuck.. I'm coming.." I screamed with tears clouding my view.. He held me tighter and fucked in deeper than ever.."fuuuccckkk" he groaned as he held tight onto me and spurted deep.. My womb swallowing every drop of cum.

We collapsed on the bed and heaved like we just ran a race.. What a ride.. I smiled in satisfaction and grinned sleepy as he pulled me nearer and tucked me in by his sides..hmmm.. He cuddles after sex too..

I think I'm in love.. And I'm not letting him go.. I thought.. I slept off wrapped in the comfort of his arms with cum gently dripping between my lower lips..


I fuck lolade at every opportunity we get.. The girl is mad in the sack. She began to hint at me meeting her mom.. I hesitated at first but then agreed,
We got to their house and I nodded in approval.. Apparently, wale has been keeping tutu well. Their house is beautiful; but not as grand as mine anyway.

I could have kept her in the best way ever and cherish her till the end of her days. I felt anger fill me and the old wound. We entered the house and lolade began gushing in excitement.." My mom will be so happy to see you.. She doesn't like my boyfriend at Abuja and has been pestering me to get someone better..oooh, here she comes." I looked up and stared into Tutu's eyes up close. She looked extremely shocked to see me.. Went almost ghost white.

I smiled fully and stretched my hand forward..."Nice meeting you, ma'am.." I said respectfully. I smiled and winked at her. "Mummy! This is the man I've been telling you about! He's a medical doctor and an aspiring professor.. He's on vacation from lagos..all that you know already.."she said in a gush.

Tutu stood rooted to the spot.


My heart is almost bursting from it's cage. Where did this apparition from my past come from?! This is tade williams.. The heartthrob from 20 years ago. Oh my God. He looks 30. He doesn't even look near 40 years old. And where did this innate sexiness and confidence swell from!?

He doesn't look like the gangly youth I left Wale for. Then he was bespectacled and hit with a wave of acne. Now, he's the hottest man I've seen in a long while. I remembered the way I broke his heart and I felt shame fill me. Jesus. This could have been my husband. Not the lying and cheating potbellied bastard I'm married to.

"Mommy, get to know Tade better.. Let me go and cook lunch.." lolade said with a full smile.. The love for him radiating off her.. She smiled at him and he squeezed her hands tenderly and gently kissed them. I felt an unfamiliar feeling hit me low in the guts as lolade giggled. She skipped off to the kitchen.

"You?! What are you doing here?! Especially with my daughter.." He smiled and said nothing.. Then a thought hit me. Has he fucked my daughter?! Oh my God. I felt faint.."I hope, I hope you've not touched her?" He laughed and said.."Every where you can imagine.. My dear wife".

My mouth dropped open and I gaped like a fish. "Wife? Wife? What do you mean!?.." I stared in absolute shock.
"We are still married. You never got divorced or annulled your marriage to me..and I never remarried; so I saw no reason to divorce you.." He said. I wheezed. "That means that.."
"Yes..."he interrupted.."It's exactly what you're thinking.. Your daughter is a bastard.. Your marriage to wale is a sham.. .and I'm still your husband in the eyes of the law.." He stood up and advanced towards me. I shifted back until my back hit the wall.

I watched his muscular body approach me.. Hot and beautiful.. Fuck he grew to be so handsome... He got to my front and crowded my space.. "I love fucking your daughter.." he bent his head and whispered into my ears.."she's got the tightest and wettest cunt ever.." My eyes rounded in indignation and I tried to talk..

"shut up. Do not interrupt me.."he grinned.
"You'd do exactly as I say.. I hold all the cards. Any wrong move and I'd expose you. You built your life and family on lies..all these years. Don't even make the mistake of dissuading lolade from me"..he laughed..

"I'm not done with her yet.. I've yet to fuck her anus.." he bit my lobes.."Now you, I need to taste your worn out pussy just once.. And satisfy my craving for it.. I'm sure it won't be as tight and young as that of your daughter.. But you can convince me that old is gold.." he said while chuckling devilishly.

Oh my God. I'm caught in a trap. Of my making.. He's dead serious.. I can't believe I totally disregarded the wedding of my youth.. Now it's back to bite me..literally. He bent his head and kissed me suddenly. I was totally helpless to resist. Aside his threat, I felt the craziest feeling crawl up my spine.. It's been so long I've felt this way.. A man dominating me and taking charge.. Fuck..

My hands wrapped around his neck and I kissed him back.. He grabbed my ass and squeezed hard.. I totally forgot we could get caught.. I fell deep into his kiss and moaned hard. He straightened and dislodged my arms from around his neck..."Hunger for it bitch.. It's coming soon. But this night, it's not gonna be your cunt getting plowed by this dick.."he grabbed my hands and placed them on his full blown erection..

I squeezed hard and felt myself cream from the dirty way he spoke to me. I felt anger fill me at him fucking my daughter instead of me.."oh..." I moaned. He flicked my tightened nipples and bit my neck hard. Then he adjusted himself and went back to sit.

I stood by the wall.. In a cloudy haze.. I can't remember the last time I got a good pounding.

Adetutu went back to sit down like someone sleepy. I laughed in my mind at how easily she fell for my words. Oh fuck, this is entertaining. I can see she needs a thorough plowing in all her holes.

A dark skinned young girl came to serve me drinks. Oh my goodness. A delicious dose of melanin. I wondered who she was. Her bountiful breasts was swinging in my view as she bent to serve me.

"Baby, this is my younger sister..Toke.." The girl looked up shyly and smiled. I felt like I was hit in the solar plexus. She's not as fair nor as pretty as her elder sister and mom, but she has this innate beauty radiating from her.

"Hello sir, I'm Toke.. Your sister in law to be.." She said with a grin. I smiled at her and replied her. She sat beside me and asked me a few medically related questions.. I also asked mine and found out she's just a year younger than lolade.

Yet they are so different. It's like lolade is 5 years older than her with all her worldly knowledge. This girl seems to be quite intelligent though. I engaged her in some hot and debatable topics while wishing I could grab and squeeze her succulent looking breasts.
Adetutu stared at us silently and added nothing to our discussion.. I'm sure she's still reeling from the shock of seeing me in the flesh.. I can't wait to fuck her though. I'd slid a card having my Ibadan address into hands during our rendezvous earlier. I'd warned her to call me before coming; else she might see me plowing into her daughters' cunt.

I was motioned to the dining and I sat between lolade and her mom, while toke sat across from us. We made small talk as we ate and the tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

Three things are happening simultaneously and I'm in the middle of it.. lolade is grabbing my shoulder and chattering on, while while her mom is staring at us jealously.. I have my left hand caressing Tutu's thighs.. I'm trying to finger her pussy on the low key.. And I can feel the heat of her cunt calling my fingers.. And as I'm doing this, I'm sporting a hard on that I wish could be buried deep inside toke.

Things just got interesting.

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